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A little story that my bff's sis wrote. WARNING: She knows nothing of Cirque Du Freak, so plz, bear that in mind!

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I was in the Hall Of Princes late one day, when Seba came rushing in. "DARREN! DARREN!"


"Your wife," he panted.

"What about her?" I asked?

"The baby."

"What about it?"

"It's coming!" he yelled.

I jumped from my throne and ran to the hospital hall. By the time I reached the hospital hall, Mr. Crepsley was standing outside of a room. He had a very proud look on his face.

"Congrats, Darren," he smiled.

Arra came to his side. "Your baby is very handsome," she giggled.

"I take it I had a boy?" I asked?

"Yes," laughed Mr. Crepsley. "He's the spitting image of you."

I walked in. In there, I saw Harkat, holding my new baby boy. The baby was fussing quite a bit. I hurridly walked over and swooped him up. " turn," breathed Harkat, jokingly.

"Sorry," I said. I noticed that he (the baby) was playing with the fastner to my cloak. "Do you like dat?"

He looked at me. "I... don't... think he...can understand you," said Harkat.

"Babies understand more than we think," I said.

Arra and Mr. Crepsley came in. "Darren is so cute," mused Arra.

"Gee thanks," I said, not knowing why she said that.

"I'm not talking to you! I'm talking to the baby," she snipped.

"Darren?" I asked?

"Yeah, that's what Mick said...'My little Darren'," said Mr. Crepsley.

Little Darren began to fuss. "I'm sorwy," I cooed. "I wasn't paying attention to you, your royal highness."

Mr. Crepsley chuckled. "Well, I guess that wittle Darren needs to be the center of attention," he cooed as he swirled his right index finger over his head.

Little Darren caught Mr. Crepsley's finger and held on to it. With his other hand, he began to smack his hand. "Don't be mean to your uncle Larten," I cooed.

Little Darren smacked me, hard for a 1 hour old, in the chest. "You're feisty," giggled Arra.

Little Darren began to scream. I sat down on a closed coffin and began to rock.


AN: As I said, the person who wrote this is 7 and hasn't ever read the Cirque Du Freak Series. She only knows the names cause me and Donna (her sis) always talk about CDF.
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