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FrankEnstien (Rewritten completely)

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**Frerard** This is completely rewritten but still kept the original characters :) xoxo

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Frank's POV.

I pulled at the stitches on my arm gently as I looked out of the giant archway of a window in my room. The dead trees scraped against the glass, each branch like fingers, trying to claw their way into the room.
It was four in the afternoon; he would be home from school soon. I couldn't wait. Not that I'd go outside to meet him or anything, that just wasn't possible. He didn't even know I existed. I didn't even know his name, but love him I did. He couldn't ever meet me, not ever never. I wouldn't allow it.

You see, I'm a monster.

Don't laugh, it's true. I'm made of other people's corpses, stitched on to what was left of my body after the car crash. My skin is every shade of green and blue imaginable, all held together by brown and black stitching. My face is still my own, so that I was grateful for to say the least.
Oh. My name is Frank, by the way. Frank Iero. I guess you could say I really do live up to my name. I'm quite literally a Frankenstien's monster.
Three years ago, I was hit by an oncoming truck in the middle of winter. Right outside of this big mansion's iron gates. I was killed instantly, my body completely obliterated in the crash. All I know is I woke up here, like this; patched together by dead body parts that the Professor had grave robbed, and I've been here ever since, lonely and depressed.

That was until the boy moved here. He is gorgeous. He has long, black hair that falls to his shoulders, a small, upturned nose and long eyelashes that frame his smouldering hazel eyes. Yeah, I'm bi. I have been since I was thirteen, but love really doesn't come by so often if you look like me. I don't even know his name, but I bet it's a beautiful name; a name to suit the angel I see everyday.

Someone moved on the pavement outside. It was him! I smiled as I watched him round the corner with his younger brother. The younger was laughing, his bangs swishing back and forth as he giggled, his beanie hat lopsided. His older brother, the one I liked, shook his head and pulled his little brother's beanie hat down over his eyes and glasses. They were both into Goth and 'Emo' stuff, they always wore black clothing, skinnies and Converse. The younger stumbled blindly, trying to force his hat back up. I smiled sadly, if I didn't look so horrific then I knew we would be close friends, and also for the fact I had never had brothers and sisters before, I was an only child, but I have always longed for someone to share my secrets with, smile, laugh and joke with, but my parents never saw the point in having another child; one was enough. I wonder if they have had any more kids since they moved away? I don't even know where they live now, but it would be nice to know how they are getting on.
However I wasn't desperate for my ma and pa to have kids; I had James.
I shuddered at the memories.
No, Frank. That's all behind you, he can't love you anymore; he moved away like everyone else.

All of a sudden the older stopped and stared at my house with interest, they always did that, but none of them dared to enter the garden. I pushed the window open slightly, listening to their voices as I peeked out from behind the tatty old curtain.
The younger spoke first,
"Go on, Gerard. I dare you! Knock the door!"
My heart almost melted; I finally knew his name.
"Gerard." I mumbled, rolling the word around my mouth. Such a beautiful name. It suited him perfectly.
Gerard backed off from the gates,
"No way! I heard that there's a creepy Professor and he has a monster in there that'll eat your heart out!"
My heart sunk; even to my crush I was a vicious monster.
"Coward." Gerard's brother retorted. Gerard bristled,
"Oh yea? If you are so brave why don't you go, hmmm?"
"! I don't have to!" Gerard's sibling ran across the street to their house, slamming the front door shut loudly, the bang echoing through the street. Gerard glanced at the house one last time with his striking hazel eyes. God, I loved him so freakin' much! I watched as he ran off. I wanted to call him back so badly but I just couldn't let him see me. Gerard dissappeared inside his house.

I slumped onto the carpet, dust clouds blossoming as I hit the floor.
Gerard...He probably wasn't bi anyway...I bet he had a girlfriend...Actually, I'd never seen him with a girl so maybe he was?...No Frank...He wouldn't want you anyway, who wants a hideous beast for a boyfriend? An ugly being with mismatched skin and stitches patterning their body wherever the Professor could have got them. Heck, even one of my eyes was a different colour; one the original honeysuckle brown and the other deep emerald with caramel brown lines shredding through it. Well that's what I could remember from the first time I looked at myself; it had ended in me screaming, smashing all the mirrors to fine shards and eventually passing out at the top of the staircase- not good.

I cursed as I realised I'd pulled a stitch too hard. The string slithered out of my skin and my arm toppled to the floor. Great. I sighed and picked it up in my other hand, trotting off down the spiral staircase.
I held out my seperated limb to the Professor and he rolled his eyes,
"Thinking about that boy AGAIN, Frank?" he asked. I nodded sheepishly as he led me to the basement which had been converted into a laboratory. "Why don't you just go and say hello to him? It would save me a lot of thread!" He joked. I laughed sadly.

Gerard could never love a monster like me...or could he?

Okay, so I'm editing and rewriting this story ENTIRELY, don't worry, I have kepy Chelsi, Eva, Maria and Ivy ALL as original characters though. This also means that there will be brand new chapters to fit inbetween other chapters so that they link better. I have NOT changed the plot at all, so it's still the same story. Please R&R everybody!

All my unicorns, rainbows, cookies and skittles,

-Sara xoxo
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