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Chapter 31

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Brendon tortures Andy

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He was glad it was dark. He knew that with the blinding headache he was currently suffering, any amount of daylight would have been simply unbearable. But as he slowly opened his eyes, the heavy, sticky lids quite literally being forced open, Andy realised at the light chuckle filling his ears that he could find more than light to be unbearable.

“Do you have any idea how long you’ve been unconscious?” an all too familiar voice asked in a light and airy manner.

Andy groaned, partly with pain, partly through a vague awareness of his predicament but mostly with annoyance at the condescension in Brendon’s voice. The smug arrogance had reached a new peak and Andy simply wanted to respond, to do something, anything that would bring his runaway conceit to a grinding halt. But without even being fully aware, Andy knew that there was no way Brendon would have left him with any kind of escape or retaliation route. Brendon was many things - he was arrogant, ambitious, violent and paranoid, but he wasn’t stupid. Andy was a trained hunter, capable of surprising agility and strength and while Brendon didn’t fear him, neither did he underestimate him.

Trying to establish his situation, Andy tried hard to clear his mind of the all-enveloping fog that kept his thoughts and senses dulled but the dark throbbing headache was fighting him all the way and the most he could discern was that he was lying face down on the floor.

“Oh, come on Andy!” Brendon cried impatiently. “You humans really are pathetic!”
“And yet we managed to destroy your Coven,” Andy sniped, aware that the comment would almost certainly only lead to more pain.

Bracing himself for a brutal kick, or worse, Andy tensed his muscles, relaxing only after about thirty seconds when nothing happened. With hindsight, he should have guessed that Brendon would wait, but when the blow finally came, he was ill prepared. Stamping a foot down on Andy’s lower back, just above his right kidney, Brendon snarled a response.

“And now it’s my turn to destroy your little group!”

Watching with pleasure as Andy choked and coughed in his agony, only now realising that his arms were allowed only limited movement. Pushing himself up slowly onto his elbows, Andy could now see the chains holding him to the floor. Fastened around both wrists with a length of roughly three feet on each side, the chains were fastened to a thick metal bracket secured in concrete in the floor. Finally sitting up an flopping back against the wall, Andy stared up at the angry vampire. He had no idea how he appeared to Brendon, but as much as he wanted to hide it, he suspected that he looked exactly how he felt - very scared.

“And so you should be scared, Andy,” Brendon smiled as he spoke. “I have you as… A toy. Something to torture, to enjoy. I can keep you alive for a very long time if I put my mind to it. A very long time. And when I get bored, I’ll kill you. I don’t know which you’d prefer. Of course, all the time you’re alive and suffering, you’ll be clinging to the hope that you can escape me. Well,” Brendon crouched down to be eye to eye with the captured hunter, “if I were you, I’d forget that little notion right now. You’re going nowhere and the only thing you can look forward to is pain, more pain and eventual death and that makes me so very happy I could almost kill you right now.”
“If you think I’m going to give in to your little games, Brendon, you’re mistaken,” Andy snapped bitterly and, he hoped, convincingly.

Brendon laughed, shaking his head lightly; it was infuriating to watch the smooth confidence in his eyes, the arrogance in his smile. Brendon had Andy exactly where he wanted him with no escape in sight and they both knew it.

“My dear Andy,” Brendon reached forward and pushed his fingers gently through Andy’s hair before grabbing a handful at the roots and pulling painfully forward, causing Andy to grimace and his eyes to briefly close. “My games, as you put it, have barely started and believe me, you will give in to them because you have no choice. You are fastened to long enough chains to allow you movement, to let you writhe and struggle in agony, to try to pull away from me,” he smiled again as he pulled tighter on Andy’s hair. “But the truth of the matter is that you can’t get away from me. There is no escape for you, unless you count death. There’s no escape for any of you. We’re in your heads bringing you down slowly but surely. We realised we don’t need a battle to break you. Given the right conditions, you’ll cheerfully break yourselves.”
“What do you mean?” Andy asked hesitantly and stiffly through the pain.
“What do I mean?” Brendon wore an expression of mock pity. “I mean poor Joe tormented by the lovely and newly turned Andrea,” he grinned to see the shock on Andy’s face. “Oh, yes, he’s unaware and believes she’s haunting his every waking moment. He already believes it’s his fault she’s dead and that she blames and despises him for it. It won’t be long now before he loses the will to live. Poor kind, good-hearted Joe. The one who thinks with his heart instead of his head. She’s destroying him slowly but surely and soon enough he’ll take his own life and if he doesn’t, she’ll do it for him.”
“You…!” Andy began only to be quickly interrupted.
“Oh, but don’t you want to know about Pete and Patrick before you do something stupid to make me torture you?”
“What about them?” Andy asked, subdued by concern for his friends.
“Thanks to a certain Coven Leader with a tendency for greed, we’ve struck an uneasy truce. He’s gone to your base with tales of how he plans to overthrow us, but he needs Pete to help him. One catch, he needs him undistracted by bloodlust. Amazingly he’s managed to convince him that he has a way for him to beat his addiction and he appears to have fallen for it. Every last word.”
“Fallen for what?” Andy choked out the words, afraid to hear the reply.
“He’s convinced him that the only way to escape his bloodlust is to sever the link with his original blood source.”

Andy stared up. He knew. Deep inside, he knew exactly what Brendon meant. Perhaps he thought he was wrong, perhaps he just hoped he was, but the broad smile forming on Brendon’s face told him otherwise.

“He’s going to kill Patrick and better yet, he’s going to do it tonight. Its incredible! I really had no idea he was that stupid! It’ll send him over the edge. He’s already slowly turning evil, it’s inevitable. No matter what the source, human blood will drive him evil but this will only speed things along. He’ll be back with us for good this time, or…” Brendon laughed again. “For bad! And maybe I’ll let him kill you too? Maybe?”

Andy could only stare up, speechless and afraid. Targeting them individually, attacking them through their deepest held fears and weaknesses at a time when they were already shaken and struggling with recent events had been a masterstroke. Worst of all, none of them had seen it coming, but all of them were all too likely to fall victim. Andy could only hope that the others wouldn’t walk blindly into the traps set for them.

Releasing his hold and pushing Andy to the floor, Brendon spun on his heels and delivered a violent kick to Andy’s abdomen, sending him crashing back against the wall. Gasping in agony and coughing though the crushing pain as a haze fell down over his eyes, Andy fought the blackness sweeping over him, determined to remain conscious, finally letting out a breath as the pain subsided. Looking up he realised he was alone in the room, Brendon had gone. Reaching behind him to find the source of an unexpected pain in his lower back, Andy smiled the first genuinely happy smile he had managed in a long time. Forcing himself to sit up, he leaned back against the wall; it was time to plan his escape.


Watching for a few moments, almost in a daze of admiration as Joe walked determinedly from his office, his mind fixed on finding Andrea, Patrick frowned. What would happen when he did find her? Would he kill her? How could he? He had loved her, no matter what she had become, he had loved her. No, Patrick Rose urgently to his feet, she was more likely to kill him. She had a distinct advantage - she didn’t care.

Heading for the door, Patrick pulled up sharply as the door swung shut. The moment’s hesitation was enough. He heard the faintest ring of female laughter before his chair was brought crashing down onto his back. The splintered wood fell about him as he dropped like a stone to his knees. Gasping in surprise and pain, Patrick scrambled towards the door only to fall far short, kicked to the floor by unseen feet.

“Master William taught me well, Patrick,” Andrea’s voice rang out in an amused tone with a vicious edge. “I can block you so effectively that you can’t even see me. Did you really think I wouldn’t hear your conversation with Joe? Such a shame you didn’t drink the Holy Water, it wouldn’t have helped you, but it would have been fun to watch you writhing in pain.”

Almost to his knees, Patrick fell once more then two more times in swift succession. Andrea had the upper hand, blocked by her and so unable to see her, Patrick was at a loss to counter her attacks. Patrick was faster and possibly a little stronger than her, but it all went for nothing while she remained effectively invisible.

“Go on,” she cooed. “Call for Joe. Get him in here. I’ll kill him, then you. A prize for Master William. You’re all but destroyed.”

Lunging towards the sound of her voice, Patrick continued to be frustrated at the ease with which she evaded him. Crashing to the floor once more as she brought a fist down on the base of his neck, Patrick’s head was yanked back violently and an impressively sharp blade pressed firmly against his neck, drawing blood at even the slightest pressure.

“They say decapitation will kill a vampire. I’m ready to try,” she laughed. “Are you?”
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