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Chapter 34

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The end - but who wins?

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Gabe Saporta stared expectantly at Beckett, who merely kept smiling in return.

“I have a lot to thank you for, Gabriel. You have succeeded in helping Peter here find his true self, you have returned him to us, you have even helped finish off the last of the hunters. But most of all, you have allowed me to do the one thing I’ve always wanted to do.”
“And what’s that, William?” Saporta smirked, enjoying the praise.
Turning his smile slowly into a cruel and sadistic smirk, Beckett replied: “Why, kill you, of course.”

There was the smallest fraction of a moment in which Saporta had the chance to take in the words and react, but the moment was gone in the blink of an eye. Crashing to the floor, toppled by the unexpected attack, Saporta tried desperately to free himself from the vicious slicing of both Brendon and Pete’s fangs as they tore at any and all exposed flesh. Blood poured from open wounds, neither of them drinking, merely tearing at the flesh to inflict maximum damage. The Coven Leader’s arms grew weaker and he was no longer capable of even trying to fight back and finally his head flopped back to the floor. Weak and exhausted, he stared up at the gloating face of William Beckett now standing over him.

“Perhaps not quite what you expected, Gabriel, but much more than you deserve. You see, now I have your Coven. I have to ask, realistically, how did you really think this was going to end? An important vampire such as I must have a strong Coven to lead and yours my friend is just that. True, it needs work to smarten itself up a bit, but I don’t think too many will resist the new order, do you?”
“Go to Hell, Beckett!” Saporta choked out in little more than a whisper, aware that his death was imminent.
“Ah, but therein lies the problem, my friend. Hell won’t take us!” Beckett laughed as he turned away, stepping back as Brendon drew closer once more. “Finish him off.”

It took only a matter of moments for Brendon to finish the kill. Now standing, his mind obviously relishing the thought of leading part of the Midtown Coven, Brendon seemed almost in a daze. Pete too seemed momentarily thoughtful before finally speaking.

“Wanna play with your new toy?” he beamed. “You said you had plans for him.”
“He’s mine,” Brendon frowned with a possessive glare.

Taking a few steps back, Pete shrugged and gestured with his arms, palms up.

“I’ll just watch,” he suggested pushing himself up onto a table. “You want me to learn, don’t you? Who better to learn from?”

Pete smirked as his words had the desired effect as, once again, Brendon’s personal pride took over.

“You want to learn torture?” Brendon cocked his head appreciatively.
“It’s a skill, I know that,” Pete replied, appealing to Brendon’s ego more and more with each word. “And… I heard what you did to Andrea.” Pete leaned forward hungrily. “Show me.”

Drawing his lips into a cruel smile, Brendon relished the idea of Pete as some sort of protege and nodding his approval, he headed back to where he had left Andy.

“So, Peter,” Beckett began, staring intently at the young vampire. “I don’t know how you managed to trick me that you had turned evil and returned when we were at the mansion. I gave a very thorough search of your mind and found nothing to suggest your intentions. I presume that a similar search would reveal little?”

Pete grimaced at the words before turning a reluctant, yet subservient expression towards Beckett.

“If you need to, Master,” Pete frowned. “I guess I only have myself to blame.”
“You’re happy to submit to a telepathic interrogation?” Beckett raise an eyebrow.
“I wouldn’t go so far as to say happy, Master William, but I understand why you would want to.”
“You humiliated me, Peter,” Beckett warned. “You will have to earn my trust and respect.”
“Yes, Master,” Pete nodded his agreement.
“I find you unexpectedly compliant,” Beckett frowned. “As if, maybe, you’re trying just a little too hard. Don’t think I’m not watching you Peter, you won’t humiliate me again.”
Pete dropped down onto one knee as he spoke. “With respect, Master, I know it seems as though you have no reason to trust me. I’ve caused you to be humiliated twice, both times through leaving the Coven, not to mention the difficulties I’ve caused you as a hunter. I can’t take those things and make them as if they never happened, but I can make up for them. I killed Patrick and Joe. I helped kill Master Saporta. If you let me… I’ll kill Andy too. I want the set. I’ll drain him right in front of you. You’ll see with your own eyes. As much as my old stupid self would have liked to kill you, I would never have even bitten one of the others, never mind kill them! I’m past that now, I see them for what they are! Weak, feeble. Food! Nothing more.”
“Very well, but I will be watching you closely, Peter, mark my words.”
“Yes, Master,” Pete nodded solemnly.

The sounds of scuffling beyond the room drew both their attentions. Turning as Brendon returned dragging Andy with him, his hands secured behind his back, Pete smirked as he caught Andy’s shocked expression.

“Pete?” Andy cried in surprise. “They got you too?”

Pete laughed mockingly. Settling himself on top of a table, Pete drew his right leg up, wrapping his arms around his knee as he hooked his heel on the wooden lip of the table.

“Tell me,” he chuckled. “Do I look like a prisoner?”
Andy paled as he took in the words. “You… You… Human blood? You turned evil even after everything Patrick was doing to help?”
“Help?” Pete laughed again. “He was clueless!”
“Was?” Andy whispered, barely able to think about the significance of the word.
“Yeah, past tense,” Pete grinned. “Very past tense. I staked him. Even as I held him down he was still telling me he could help me! Laughable! I don’t need help. I have everything I could possibly want right here!”

If it were possible, Andy’s voice dropped still further. It may only have been Pete’s heightened vampire hearing that helped him discern that Andy had even spoken. By way of a reply, Pete merely ran his tongue across his teeth, his fangs showing, not completely retracted. He chuckled as Andy lowered his head, unable even to look at him. He was alone now.

“So, Bren…” Pete began, only to be interrupted.
“Master Brendon, to you,” Brendon corrected, drawing a mischievous smile from Pete.
“Yes, Master Brendon,” Pete replied irreverently. “So, you were going to torture him?” he prompted, earning a look of pure hatred from Andy in return.
“Watch and learn,” Brendon replied harshly as he threw Andy at his feet.

Immediately Andy’s face was growing darker with a purplish tinge. Somehow, Brendon was using his powers to suffocate him without even touching him. Pete was not impressed.

“What are you afraid of?” he mocked.
“I’m not afraid of anything!” Brendon snapped angrily.
“Then why, with three strong vampires in the room, do you have one human wearing handcuffs?” Pete responded in a scathing tone. “I got to ask again - what are you afraid of?”
“You want to see him fight back?” Brendon scowled. “What’s the point, he can’t win!”
“Of course he can’t! But he’ll still try, that’s half the fun, surely?”
“Brendon,” Beckett nodded. “Release the hunter, we need some sport.”

Andy turned a fierce expression to each of them causing Pete to burst out laughing.

“Ah, if looks could kill, eh, Andy? But they don’t. We do.”

Andy turned his eyes back to Pete. There had been something about the way he said ‘We do’ that made him briefly wonder if he meant ‘we’ as in he and Andy. It seemed he was merely clutching at straws, overly hopeful. As he saw Pete laugh once more, he closed his mind to the idea. Anger welled up inside him as Brendon stepped closer to release him from his handcuffs. Now standing in front of him, Andy’s back almost pressed against the wall, Brendon spoke.

“Well, Andy, what have you got?” he mocked. “I don’t see that there’s much point in this exercise. I can kill you any time I want. What could you possibly do to threaten me?”

Reaching behind his back whilst masking his thoughts, Andy pulled a Holy Water soaked stake from the previously unnoticed holster at the small of his back, hidden by his jacket, and swinging his arm back, jammed the spike into Brendon’s side. Feeling the sudden weakness and pain in Brendon, Beckett’s eyes widened in surprise, but before he had the chance to take even one step forward to come to his aid, Pete had spun on his heels and had slammed a foot into Beckett’s chest, propelling him backwards onto the same long sharp length of wood already occupied by the long-dead form of Spencer. Beckett gasped in shock, taking in possibly the first breath he had bothered to inhale in decades, as the splintered wood tore through his abdomen. Blood poured from the gaping wound and he found himself only able to hang limply, supported by the spiked wooden beam. Blood bubbled into his throat as he tried hard to use his powers to free himself. Each time Beckett’s levitational skills would begin to lift him from the oversized stake, Pete would kick him back down with increasing venom.

Near the wall, Brendon barely registered his former master’s predicament. Clutching the stake with sizzling hands, he looked up into Andy’s shining eyes, another stake already clutched in his fingers. A faint smile fleetingly crossed Brendon’s lips at the inevitability of what he knew would happen. Closing his eyes, he barely felt the stake plunging into his heart, before dropping silent and unmoving to the floor.

“No!” Beckett’s voice, barely audible now, registered the severed link with his favourite, but he was in no position to save even himself from the relentless kicking of the incensed Pete.
“That’s for Joe, you bastard!” Andy screamed.
Turning sharply, Pete’s eyes widened at the sight of his livid friend. “Joe’s alive, Andy,” he reassured him before resuming his continuing battle to keep Beckett firmly impaled.
“So am I,” Patrick added as he and Joe entered the room, delighted to see the carnage and their hated enemies dead or dying.
“I… I… meant Andrea, really,” Andy stammered.

Joe offered a faint smile of appreciation as they all gathered in front of Beckett, now unable even to try to raise himself due to phenomenal blood loss.

“Pete?” Joe began. “You’ve waited two years.”
“No,” Pete shook his head, offering a long spike of wood to Joe. “He only took my life, he took your reason for living. This one’s yours.”

It seemed to Joe that Pete was making too much of a sacrifice. His whole vampire life had been geared up to revenge. It seemed wrong to him that he should snatch that away from him, but Pete was already pressing the stake into his hands.

“Do it.”

For years of bitter torment for them all. For Pete’s life, for Patrick’s, for Andy’s shock at losing a friend to greed and what he could gain from serving a vampire and of course, for his beloved Andrea, Joe plunged the stake with venom and deadly accuracy into Beckett’s heart. Finally, all four of them watched with exhausted relief as the vampire leader hung limply, the last of his blood draining away.

It was as if no one knew what to say for a few moments before, finally, Pete broke the ice.

“I’m sorry about biting you, Joe.”
“It’s okay,” Joe replied, at last able to tear his eyes away from Beckett’s body, satisfied that this time he was truly dead. “Patrick explained why you had to.”
“Not completely,” Patrick added. “There’s one thing I didn’t mention.”
“What?” Joe frowned, tensing slightly.
“We had to be sure that Beckett believed I’d killed you,” Pete began to explain. “I had to smell of human blood, but a simple bite wouldn’t have been enough.”
“You…” Joe didn’t want to ask.
“No,” Pete replied firmly. “I didn’t kill. Patrick finally worked out the blood to adrenaline ratio to replicate the taste of real blood.”
“You mean, as if someone was scared?” Andy clarified.
“Yeah,” Pete nodded almost ashamed to admit it.
“So what does that mean?” Joe asked.
“I drank it before meeting Saporta,” Pete continued. “It satisfied my craving. It meant I could bite you and not want to drain you.”
“You mean there was a risk?” Joe cried turning to Patrick, who shrunk back at the suddenness of his almost accusatory question.
Patrick shrugged. “Tiny,” he gestured with his finger and thumb a small distance apart.
“But, Joe, it worked!” Pete enthused. “He found it! I’m not turning evil and my bloodlust is back under control!”

Joe and Andy stared back, smiles forming as the full meaning of that one simple statement hit them. They were back, they were a team and finally, they had won what had seemed a never-ending war. It had taken its toll on all of them. None of them would never be the same people again, but they were together and they were determined that that would never change.

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