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Wedding Scam

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What no one knew about LynZ and Jamia... Humorous Frerard set after LynZ and Gerard and Jamia and Frank get married. Most likly this will make you laugh, hopefully... One-shot

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"Was that the last of them?" LynZ asked as soon as they got the last reporter out of the dressing room.
"I think so." Frank said. As soon as the words escaped his lips, Jamia practically tackled LynZ passionately kissing her. Frank smirked before going over to Gerard and giving him a slow sweet kiss.
"I love you." Gerard said quietly to Frank, looping his arm around Frank's waist.
"Love you too." he said smiling.
"Hey girls?" They paused their make out session to look up at Gerard. "I was thinking I might take Frank out for dinner, behave yourselves, 'kay?" They grinned and nodded before going back to their kissing.
"So, where are we headed?" It was Frank and Gerard's three year anniversary today! They had offically been married for three years today. Frank had known Gerard was gonna try and surprise him, so Frank planned his own surprise for Gerard, but right now he was playing the woman in the relationship and letting Gerard 'surprise' him.
"You'll see." Gerard replied grinning devilishly. Frank really loved his husband and was happy with their current plan.
A long time ago, Frank had met, and instantly become good friends with Jamia. Gerard had formed an instant friendship with Mindless Self Indulgance's bassist, LynZ. Rumors quickly spread that everyone was dating each other and much like Gerard's relationship with Bert from The Used, Gerard played it up for everyone, just having fun. Jamia and Frank did the same thing. When Gerard introduced Jamia to LynZ, LynZ was lovestruck, but too confused by the feelings to act on them. She kept it a secret for a long time and eventually told Frank. Frank was under no circumstances to tell Jamia, a month later, during a drunken game of Spin The Bottle LynZ and Jamia's true feelings for each other came out and meanwhile Gerard and Frank had become official fckbuddies. They were left though, with the fact that gay marriage and lesbian marriage was illegal in the US because of homophobic politicans. After consulting with each other Jamia, LynZ, and Gerard devised a plan (Frank however wasn't in on it and thought all he and Gerard would ever be was fckbuddies) to have Gerard marry LynZ, and Frank marry Jamia, but then have them all sneak off to Canada on secret vacations and get secretly married with who they really loved. Gerard would get married to Frank and would get married LynZ to Jamia. Gerard had proposed to Frank, then filled him in on the plan and Frank thought it was genious. Everything went as planned and this way they didn't have reporters and haters swarming them all the time. Plus they could all get legit kids this way!
So now, three years later, they're all as happy as pie and Frank and Gerard had a romantic, candle-lit, vegetarian friendly picnic in the moonlight while LynZ and Jamia (loudly) scr*wed each others brains out in a backstage dressing room. Later that night Frank got all dressed up in some sexy costumes for Gerard and they enjoyed some spicy frerard moment while Frank had Gerard tied to the bed. The next morning LynZ, Gerard, Frank, and Jamia enjoyed breakfast together and then afterward Jamia and LynZ went to a spa getaway for a couple days and Gee and Frankie-boy enjoyed some alone, if you know what I mean. ;)
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