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My Chemical Wedding

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So, another mini Frerard.

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Gerard`s pov
It was a relaxing, quiet day in late summer. Me and Mikey were playing in the back garden, enjoying our last few days of freedom before we had to return to school.
“Gee! Gee!” Little Frankie comes racing towards me, destroying the peaceful quietness.
I look up from where I was lying on the grass, pale feat dangling over the edge of the blue paddling pool where Mikey was happily splashing about.
“Hey Frankie.” I smile lazily at him before closing my eyes, going back to basking in the weak golden rays of sunshine.
“We`ve got school in two days!” He tells me excitedly, sitting on his hands and knees beside me.
“Mmm?” I didn’t mind school, I guess. I enjoyed English and I loved art, almost as much as I loved my best friend. Apart from that I didn’t really like it, sure I got to sit with Frankie, but we weren’t allowed to talk as much and being in a class with so many other kids meant that I had to share him, something I really wasn’t pleased about.
“So, we`re running out of time! Remember what happened the first Saturday of the summer?” Keeping my eyes shut I think back to the day Frank was trying to get me to remember. I think back past the food fights, all the lazy days spent at the pool. Playing pranks on Mikey with him, Ray and Bob.
“Remember?!” he looks at me, eyes wide pleading with me to remember.
It was early Saturday morning, the sun was shining down brightly, casting long golden rays down on the garden. Mama had said we had to wait until after midday to go outside, so we were all inside, boiling in the living room watching re-runs of cartoons. By “We” I meant Mikey, Frank and me. Ray and Bob had both gone off to summer camp for the first two weeks of the holiday, much to Ray`s annoyance. He and Bob didn’t always get along, Bob often teased him lightly about his hair, calling him a “Poodle.” We all knew Ray didn’t really mind though.
“Mama, can we go out and-“
“What`s that?” Mikey asked, pointing to the white piece of clothing in her hands.
“Oh, this?” we all nod at her, desperate to k ow what she was holding. “Well, I was cleaning out my closet and I found my wedding dress.” She tells us, smiling at the fond memories.
“What`s a wedding for?” Frankie asks, face screwed up in confusion. He looked so cute and funny at the same time.,
“A wedding`s where two people who love each other a lot get married.” I tell him, feeling rather proud about knowing something he didn’t.
“That’s right, Gerard.” Mama tells me, patting me on the head. “Now go and play in the garden, your dad`s put the paddling pool up.” The three of us run outside excitedly, glad to be out of the warm house.
After an hour or so of swimming, running around playing tag and Frankie attempting to climb one of the trees, we stopped and sat down in a shady part of the garden, exhausted from running and from the heat.
“Gee?” Frankie asks, taking sip of his apple juice box mama had given us.
“I want to get married.” I told me.
Mikey laughs "You two can`t get married, your too young.”
Frankie blushes, I feel sorry for him and I`m mad at Mikey for saying that.
“Shut up Mikey, course we can!” I run inside without an explanation and come back out a minute later with a bag of Haribo jellies. I open the bag and pull out two rings and hold them up.
“See, we can now.”
“Frank, your mamas here!” he frowns and stands up sighing.
“Gee, I want to get married one day soon.” He tells me, hugging Mikey and then me.
“Before the summers over, Frankie, kay?” He beams up at me, then runs inside to see his mama and go home. I missed him already, but I would keep my promise, I would.
End flashback.
“Do you remember?” Frank asks me again, blushing slightly.
“Yeah.” I smile. “I do.”
I run inside and come back with two jelly rings, thrust them into my little brother’s hands and tell him what to say. Mikey rolls his eyes, but does as he was told,. Smart move, kid.
“Do you Fwankie want to marry Gee?” He nods once, the widest smile `ve ever seen forming on his face.
“Kay, do you Gee want to marry Fwankie?” I nod.
“Yes.” Frankie squeezes my hand and gives us the two rings.
“Yay!” he screams as soon as the ring is on his finger.
I giggle and hug him tightly.
“C`mon, let’s go swim in the pool.” Mikey drags us both over to the paddling pool and we all jump in and start splashing each other wildly.
“Boys, dinner!” Mama shouts us.
“So, what have you all done today?” she asks us, placing three plates of pizza on the table in front of us.
Mikey shrugs. “Not much.”
“Me and Gee got married!” Frank tells her excitedly, holding my hand up o he can see the ring.
Mama smiles, clearly trying to refrain from laughing. I`m confused, what was so funny.
“We did!” I tell her, grabbing Frankie`s hand so she can see his ring.
“I believe you, now eat.” She walks away, shaking her head still trying not to laugh.
“Bye, Gee.” Frank hugs me, and Mikey, walking out of the door with his mama. It was late, the sky outside was black and we were all yawning, it had been an eventful day.
“Bye, Frankie. Love you.” He smiles.
“Love you two.”
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