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My Chemical Tattoos

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Similar to my other mini Frerard oneshots, only told as they are older.

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NOTE. Had this idea for a while and I just decided to type it last night when I couldn`t sleep. I know it isn`t quite the same as my others, but it DOES mention some of them if you look closely. Hope you like it, oh and I have an audition thing open at the minute for some new stories and a sequel to one I finsihed the other day if anyone is interested.
Frank`s pov.
“Wake up!” I groan and roll over, shielding my eyes from the bright light and my ears from the noise.
“Is he dead? If he is I want-“
“Shut up Mikes.” Don`t get me wrong, I loved my two best friends, Gerard and his little (well, not really anymore) brother Mikey, but sometimes, especially early mornings I just wished the would shut up.
“Happy Birthday Frankie!” Happy birth-Oh shit! How could I forget! I jump up and pull myself up off of the makeshift camp bed that was in Gerard`s room and get to my feet, ignoring the laughs of the two brothers.
“Well, that got you up.”Mikey says amused, tossing me a present that was wrapped in black and red paper.
“Thanks Mikes.” He rolls his eyes and exits the room, saying something about leaving the happy couple alone. Gerard throws something at his back, a pillow, but misses and Mikey laughs.
I put the present down on the bed, trying my damndest not to look around the room, searching for Gerard’s present. He`d been dropping hints for weeks without really giving anything away, something that was really starting to bug me.
“Looking for you gift Wittle Fwankie?” he asks, huge grin on his face. I can`t help but smile, remembering all those years ago when he would jokingly mispronounce my name. I remember long summer days just hanging out in the garden, the time we built a giant fort, and the party the Ways, who had always been like my extended family, had thrown celebrating Halloween and my birthday. We sure did have some good times when we were younger.
“Noooo…” I try not to look or sound guilty, but he already knew.
“Sure, ya ain`t.” he stands up and stretches, heading over to his closet. I follow him, wondering what he was doing. He picks out some clothes-a pair of old, ripped jeans and an old band tee that I had got him from a concert last year.
“Get ready, then you`ll get your gift, kay?” I just nod, excited to see what it was.

Gerard`s pov.
I really hoped that Frankie liked his gift. He`d been on about it for years, so I really hope d that he-oh who was I kidding? It was Frankie. I know he`d like it, he just would. I hoped.
I`d been saving up for ages, reminding me of the time we threw the Halloween/birthday party when I was kid and saved up all my pocket money for his gifts. Even when we were little kids we`d still been best friends, and we still were, even now. We sure had great fun when we were little kids, and we still did, but people sometimes looked at us differently know, I didn`t like it. I think they thought…stuff, ya know? Stuff that wasn`t true. Last week this old woman glared at us when she saw us in star bucks getting a coffee, and a lot of the kids at school thought we were together and picked on us, even though we weren’t. It sucked.
“C`mon Frankie, get you jacket, time to go.” He looks at me for a second before doing as he was told and follows me out of the front door.
“Where are we going?” He asks, almost shaking with excitement as I open the car door for him and get in the drives side and start the engine.
Deciding to keep it a surprise, I just shrug. “Somewhere.”
“So, Gee, I`m old enough to do a ton of stuff now.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Like I can…” his face screwed up in concentration thinking of what he wanted to do first seeing as he was now of legal age to do so. “I can ge a tattoo!” He tells me excitedly and I have to bite back a laugh and try desperately to keep a straight face.
“We`re here.” I park the car in a spot as near as I can get to where we were going and get out.
“Erm, Gee, what are we doing here?” He asks, pointing to the buildings that included take outs and a small restaurant.
“You`ll see.” I smile to myself, knowing that soon Frankie would be really happy and that it would be down to me.
We walk for a few minutes and come to a smallish, yet tidy and very highly praised (I`d done my research, my Frankie wasn`t getting his first tattoo at some illegal, unhygienic dump)
As soon as he saw where we were headed his eyes lit up and his look of confusion was instantly changed to one of the biggest grins I`ve ever seen. Hen as soon as it had appeared it vanished.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him worriedly, had he changed his mind about wanting one?
“I don`t have any money on me.” I roll my eyes; did he honestly think he had to pay for his birthday gift?
I pull out my wallet and chuck it over to him.”Happy birthday.”
“Gee, I…I can`t.” I knew he wanted too.
“Yes you can. It`s easy, go in, get a fucking tattoo done and pay with my money. Simple.” I smile at him.
I smile. “No problem, you’ve always wanted a tattoo, remember?”
He smiles, remembering and nods. “Yeah, remember the first time we met in school and I had covered my arms with drawings?”
“Erm, Gee?” He asks uncertainly.
“Can... can you come in with me and wait?”
“Well, I was going to wait in the car.” I bite my lip, I hadn’t thought he`d want me to go I with him, he knew I was terrified of needles and anything that resembles them.
“Please, what if it hurts or I get scared. Please?” Damn you Frank, you know I can`t resist the puppy dog face.
“Fine.” I muttered and follow him inside, cursing his name and my stupid fear.

“Thank you Gee. The best present I ever gotten.” It was later that day, and we were both curled up on the couch together, watching the new saw movie. It sucked, to put it kindly.
Frank goes to rest his head on my shoulder, something we often did but stopped wincing slightly.
“You okay?” I ask, feeling worried and a little guilty seeing as I had paid for him to have the stupid thing done.
“Yeah, just hurts a little.” He mumbles. “Totally worth it though.”
I roll my eyes, only he would think going through pain and risking infection would be worth it. I had to admit though; the scorpion did look pretty cool though. But weather it was worth the pain and needles I personally wasn’t sure. I had felt so ill sitting there, watching him as he had got it done. I actually was sick when I had gotten home.
Frank, however didn’t seem to feel the same.
“I love it Gee!” He tells me happily taking a handful of popcorn from the bowl on the table. “I can`t wait to get another one! “
I just nod, and am about to say something when what he said registers in my brain. He wanted another one?!
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