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Gerard has another date.

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A/N: Sorry I haven’t really updated the torture fic. Really tired lately. The only reason I’m updating this story is because these chapters were already pre written. So yeah. Hopefully I’ll have more tomorrow… but ya know, schools a bitch. :/

Chapter Three: Addict

It was fortunate this was their day off. That way, Mikey had the entire day to list everything that had been wrong with Frank's actions the night before.

1. Possible charges for battery.
2. The negative publicity this could draw.
3. The publicity they're already having to deal with because of Lindsey.
4. He could have endangered Gerard and himself. What if they had had guns?
5. They weren't in high school and were far too old for drunken fist fights at house parties.

And the list went on. No matter how many times Frank apologized, Mikey would not shut up. Although Frank had to admit he had no real excuse himself. He couldn't actually tell them what happened. How would it sound, if he blurted out "Well they were touching Gerard all over!"? Actually it wouldn't sound terribly strange, however if they were to ask as to why this would bother him so much, he would be unable to provide them with a reason.

Gerard had kept quiet. He almost seemed a little afraid of Frank. Everyone was having such a huge overreaction, Frank felt. So he lost control, so he got into a little scuffle, so what? True, he hadn't had an outburst like that in a while. Yet something just really boiled his blood that night.

He still didn't see the point of getting so frazzled over one little incident.


Frank walked past Gerard's bunk and felt a pang of guilt as he saw that Gerard was applying make-up on his black eye. Frank figured he must have gotten it after he had blacked out. He then noticed Gerard was putting on even more make up then that, eye shadow and what not. He blinked. They didn't have an interview or show that day. Did they?

"Going somewhere?" Frank ventured to ask.

Gerard snapped his head up and stared at him a while before saying, "Yeah, actually."

"With who?" was the first question he asked. He realized "Where to?" would have been a far more appropriate thing to say but he hoped Gerard didn't notice.

Gerard seemed to hesitate before telling him. "A guy."

Frank raised an eyebrow at him. Gerard sighed.

"It’s the guy you punched last night."

Frank's jaw dropped. "What?" he gaped at Gerard, hoping he was joking.

"I agreed to go out with him to distract him from beating you to a bloody pulp after you black out last night!" Gerard argued, shooting him a dirty look. "Besides, we were getting along swell before you came along. He works for a magazine... maybe I can get us a photo shoot."

"How did you even get that black eye?" Frank asked, still in disbelief.

"He punched me while trying to punch Mikey who had tried to punch him." Gerard stated bluntly.

Yikes. Maybe this was more than a little incident. Yet instead of feeling apologetic, Frank only felt angrier.

"Great! So you're going out with some violent douchebag you just met last night!" Frank huffed, crossing his arms.

"You started it. Doesn't that make you the violent douchebag?" Gerard mumbled while putting the final touches on his make-up.

"Gee." Frank scolded, completely ignoring that. "This is the second random guy you've picked up in two days. What are you even trying to do?"

"What's it to you?" Gerard said in an odd tone. This was the first time he looked directly at Frank since the conversation started.

Frank bit his lip. He wanted to go over to Gerard. Give him a hug. Maybe a few kisses. Tell him he just doesn't want him to get hurt. Tell him how much he cared about him. Then again, he also didn't want to give Gerard the wrong impression.

'...or the right one...' the voice in his head suggested.

He couldn’t risk doing anything with Gerard. He still had a wife, after all. He didn't want to do to Jamia what Lindsey did to Gerard. He couldn't deny however what had been surfacing since the divorce started, old feelings for the eldest Way brother.

"Nothing." Frank shook his head.

"Thought so." Gerard said as he grabbed his coat. "I'll see you later."

Just before Gerard was about to leave, Frank called after him. Gerard spun around. Frank couldn't help but notice how good Gerard looked for his date. Frank wanted to just scoop him up and take him to a nice restaurant himself. Frank cleared his throat.

"Seriously, you don't know this guy Gee. So um... be safe yeah?"

"I will Frankie." Gerard smiled at Frank, turned around and left the bus.

Gerard moaned as the man named Alex fingered his anus playfully. He could hear the lubrication making all sorts of squishing noises. Somehow that made him even more aroused. He could feel Alex's cock, hard and erect against his leg, waiting eagerly to penetrate him.

"Such a tight little asshole." Alex purred into his ear.

Alex slid his finger out of Gerard's anus and slapped one of his buttocks with it. He rubbed circles on it with his palm and spanked it again. Gerard let out a small whimper.

Alex then advanced on Gerard, pushing himself upward on his nude body. He let his hardened cock rest at Gerard's opening for a moment. Gerard's breath quickened with anticipation. Slowly, he felt the man slide into him. Gerard let out cries of pleasure that got increasingly louder the more he felt Alex's cock burrow into him.

The thrusting started as Alex gripped at Gerard's sides. Gerard yelled out "Fuck me! FUCK ME!" in his eagerness. And hearing the encouragement, Alex thrust into him even harder. It felt so amazing.

What felt amazing wasn't the physical feeling itself.Although that certainly did help. No, what was amazing about this night and the night before was that Gerard finally felt alive again. Alive like he was with Lindsey. So what if he had to get it from random men he didn't know. It was sort of like back when he was a drug addict. He had always been an addict. True, he did get over the drugs and alcohol.... but he really just exchanged them for cigarettes and coffee. Addiction was addiction, and Gerard had found a brand new one.


Next chapter: Mikey, Frank, and Ray find a whole new reason to be worried.
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