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The Last Show

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It's the final performance of this European Tour. Frerard had been and gone but this crowd, wants to see it back.

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CHAPTER ONE - The last show.

The cheering fans were chanting 'MCR! MCR' as the band completed their traditional star jumps before going on stage.
'Good luck out there,' Gerard said to his band mates as the house lights in Wembley Arena dimmed, 'Our last show of this tour. So let's give it out all, hey?' he carried on, wanting this show to leave the audience buzzing. 
'Deal' Frankie replied, and winked at Gerard. His best friend.

The band squeezed onto the stage. It wasn't a compacted set, but the stage was crowded. As the introductory 'Look Alive Sunshine' began to play through the booming speakers, Frank and Ray took up their guitars, and got ready to rock. Gerard stumbled to the mic, tripping up on the cables trailing over the stage. Frank giggled as Gerard found his balance and blushed. Frank quickly fought off his giggles as the intro was about to end. He fingered his guitars frets, struggling to see in the dark. Once he was happy he had found the right ones, he relaxed. He could just make out Mikey fiddling with his hair and ha to hold back the giggles once again. Mikey was obsessed with his hair, straightening it before every show. Ray was also playing with his hair, fighting to pin his Afro back behind his ears. The intro was ending. Gerard turned and gave every member a cheeky little wink. The chemistry between these men was unique.

The guitars crashed into song as the black curtain fell to the floor, as thousands of screaming fans jumped to the music. Gerard opened his mouth to sing, and when he did, it was beautiful, working in complete harmony with the rest of the band. A sea of people filled the Arena, screaming; crying; devoted to this life saving band. This is what got Frank psyched up to play. He was mesmerised that this many people looked up to him, and his band mates. 

The first song flew by and they smoothy ran into the second. So many kids, as young as ten, were singing their hearts out, as if this moment, right now, was the highlight of their lives; and for many it was. Frank would always recognise this passion between the audience and the performers, but tonight it felt different. Stronger than ever. Frank shut his eyes, and played with his heart and soul, letting the music take over. He loved his job. He loved his band mates. He loved his life.
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