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Chapter 7

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It was tuesday evening after Heather, Gee, Mikey and Frankie had finished cleaning up the cluttered house,(Frank had managed to spill alcohol on the rug much to Gerards annoyance and Heathers amusement) Mikey offered to drop Heather off at her house.They had skipped school all day, neither Gerard and Mikey's,Heather's or Frankie's parents knew this.
Heather p.o.v
Heather sighed.She had got in 5 minutes ago and went straight into the bathroom getting a shower. When she come out she dried her hair and slipped into her PJ's. Only then did she realise a rather large note taped to her bedroom door with money in it. She pulled open the envelope and the vast amount of notes fell into her lap, cluttered. There was around $200, she was incredibly puzzled. She pulled out the note and to her horror it read...

you don't spend time with your family, you barely even care about us anymore. You didn't call/text/messageanyone as to where you were last night yet none of us worried.We all knew you would be out doing something you know you shouldn't and would come crawling back when you needed something. Well you aren't getting anything from us,all you do is take and never give back.We've given you multiple chances to gain responsibility yet you don't seem to want it and frankly we're not taking it from you anymore. Pack your things and move out of the house by tomorrow.


Heather's eyes were prickling faintly out of anger. MY FAMILY!? They call themselves a respectable family!?! Throwing ME out!? Like I did anything wrong. She searched the house to find it was empty. Fucking cowards. She was furious and frustrated tears were spilling over. She picked up a small china ornament and smashes it in fury on the hardwood floor. She then knelt down on the florr beside it as the memories of where it cam from were flooding back to her. She had bought it for her mom on Mothers day when she had been 7 years old. It was a white unicorn the same as Heather's favourite childhood toy, except this one had rhinestones and diamontes engraved into the china which was now scratched and chipped. 'Good' Heather thought savagely. There was a knock at the front door that made Heather jump, and she quickly wiped away her tears trying to compose herself. It was Mikey. She opened the door to see an incredibly shocked expression on his face. Guess she hadn't composed herself as much as she thought. Mikey pulled her into a tight hugbut it only made her feel worse and she started crying again but he rubbed her back softly in circles makingher feel better.
They sat down on the couch together on the living room couch. Only after she had calmed down a considerable amount did he ask what was wrong. She silently picked up the note , gave it to him, grabbed his hand and softly pulled him up the stairs to her room. Her room was painted black with black carpet to match although you could barely see the walls for the various posters such as Guns N Roses, Misfits, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Flag, Avenged Sevenfold, Kiss, Black Veil Brides and many others. Mikey sat down on the bed and read the note she had passed him. Every word his expression got worse until eventually his handsome face was filled with utmost horror.He once agaion pulled her into a romantic tight hug.
"you're moving in with me and Gerard" he stated his voice strong and determined.
"I think both your parents and Gee would have something to say about that" she tried to laugh nervously but just seemed to hiccup.
He went downstairs to make a few calls, leaving Heather alone staring at her possessions. She got out her lilac suitcase she had used 5 years ago when she last went on holiday with her family. It was dusty and had an old pair of sunglasses in the bottom. She chuckled as she saw they would no longer fit her, and remembered playing in the sun in them. Mikey walked back upstair and Heather glanced up at him hopefully.
"I've explained the situation to my parents and they're more than happy to let you crash as long as you want." He said and added "please" with the puppy-dog-eyed look when he saw her unsure expression. She wanted more than anything to give in to his wishes but she couldn't. Gerard wouldn't want her around and besides..
"Your parents don't know we're dating do they?" she asked
"they do actually. I explained fully. Told them how great you are and that you can either sleep on the couch or in my bed.. I mean we'll sort it out when we come to it." He finished anxiously.
"Mikey" she sighed. "what the hell would i do without you" she snuggled close to him.
"Let's not dwell on it. You have to pack up right? Let's get going. The sooner we get home the better" he said soothingly.
'maybe things won't be so bad anymore. No more family arguments, no more abuse, I'm free. All the bruises will go away like nothing happened' She thought to hereself hopefully. My family have never done anything to help me since I was 12 years old. Why should I even care if they choose to kick me out. She felt like an idiot for getting into such a state earlier. She had gone through so much pain both physical and mental because of her family and things they had done, and here was Mikey making her life worth living...

Mikey p.o.v
"Theres more to this than you're letting on.." Stated Mikey slightly afraid to hear an honest answer.
"my dad... he had.. has a drinking problem. He would.. still does come home and if he's in a bad mood he sort of... takes it out on me." She finished her voice going monotone.
Mikey flinched and tried to keep a straight face but there was both anger and sadness behind those gorgeous hazel eyes. He felt sick. Frank and Heather had more in common than he had ever realised. Heather just continued her actions as though they had been talking about the weather. Mikey was disgusted.
"...And your family know this!?" he choked out.
"What? oh... yeah, its fine. They just sit back and either pretend it isn't happening or say its my own fault for speaking 'out of term' or whatever."
Mikey looked at her. She was strong and beautiful and had been through things he could only imagine but he wanted to protect her from it all. He would never let anything like this happen again. He would stand in front of her and take it himself If that what it eventually came to. He walked over to her and urgently crushed his lips against hers. He needed to show her exactly how he felt, right now. That she meant more to him than anything he could think of and right now she needed to know that.
Heather p.o.v
I watched him stride over towards me putting his large,strong but also delicate hands on my chin and tilting it upwards to face him. A familiar scent overcame my nose and once again carressed my senses. I sighed in pleasure and slipped my tongue into his mouth enjoying the sweet taste and just like history repeating itself he knotted his hands into my black hair and passionately pulled me closer to him, and we were sat like that for 10 minutes before he softly pulled away.
"we should get home as soon as we can" he said soothingly. I nodded agreeing with him and grabbed the remaining clothes that i actually wore from the bottom of my wardrobe and stuffed them in my suitcase....

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