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Surprise. Surprise. Pt 1

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Starts on Christmas day and leads to New Years Eve with a few... surprises.

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This one... well just read. And warning, it might get a bit... steamy. You know just a warning. Well, it should be interesting.

Mikey's POV
"Arienane! Robin! Miranda!" Delilah says getting up to hug them.
Arienane squeezes her, clearly missing her best friend as does Robin, but Miranda just stands there looking back at Bob every few seconds. It was funny because Bob was doing the same.
"Why hello there missys!" Frank says hugging each of them after Delilah does. They all look very happy to be in our presence, which puts a smile on my face. I always love making people smile.
"Merry Christmas midget," Robin says as she squeezes him close and handing him something in the palm of his hand.
Frank's face is hilarious. He looks at the item and at Robin then starts stuttering words of thanks. "This-sss I you-uuu ar-r-re am-mazing!!!!!" he screams almost tackling her.
I walk over to take him off her and see what he's holding.
A signed guitar pick used by lead guitarist of the Misfits Dez Cadena! He had also been the former guitarist of Black Flag! He was Frank's idol!
"Robin! Where did you get this???" I ask starring at it with admiration.
She shrugged and zipped her lips. Then she handed me something amazing. A signed copy of Infinity on High, singed by each member. I wanted to cry. "ROBIN I LOVE YOU!" I screamed just how Frank had done.
"Hahaha don't just thank me, thank Ray, Gerard, Delilah, Arienane, and Miranda. We all pitched in to get you two stuff that would be precious to you," she said as I look around to the people who cared so much about me they'd get me something so precious to me.
For the first time in a long time I realized how loved I was.
Robin's POV
I'm glad Mikey and Frank liked their gifts. They deserve them.
Bob's POV
Who ever the hell these girls were, well I like them. One in specific though.
Arienane's POV
I thought Mikey and Frank were going to cry, but they didn't. One can only hope for a good fangirl moment from two teen boys. As I sat there with my best friends and Delilah's new friends, who were like her family now, it hit me of how much I missed her. We hardly had time for each other anymore, but some how she managed to put me in her life all the time. She'd text me every second of every day, even when she was with the guys. I was so grateful for that. She even told me everything she was feeling still. She told me about Gerard and Frank. About the band or whatever it would become. She told me how school was going. She didn't keep anything from me. But... I felt selfish. I felt like I was making her stay apart of my life when so much was going for her. I felt guilty, and I'd told her this before and she'd deny it each time but I still felt it.
I knew I'd soon have to let her go; that is if she let me.
"So guys, what is planned for your Christmas day?" I ask trying to distract myself.
"Not much, sit inside, watch a few horror movies, throw Frank out the window, usual stuff," Ray replies with a laugh.
"And I thought I had a sick humor!" Frank said still staring at the guitar pick intently like it was a billion bucks.
"You do, that was nothing compared to what you do!" Bob says laughing and then looking at Miranda who was talking to Mikey about the album.
Shit. It clicked in my head! I had seen this cool dude staring at her when we walked in. He liked her!! And I had a feeling she liked him too.... interesting!
"He's got a point Frank, you are twisted," Delilah said who was lying on Gerard's lap.
I still found it creepy to see my best friend like that. She was all lovely and dovey with Gerard, some guy she's only known for 5 months. It was just weird to see her like that in general. He wasn't even her boyfriend he was just... Gerard.
Miranda's POV
Bob was... hot. I liked him. But he was quiet. He hardly spoke unless it was to make fun of Frank. I never had been interested in any one but Bob just seemed like a quiet person I'd love to know... that and he was good looking. Which was weird because I never really checked out guys. Ever.
Taking a look around I see how happy everyone is. Especially Delilah. I see that just being with these guys she was happy. It was great to see that. She deserved happiness.
But didn't we all?
Ray's POV
After a few hours all the girls left. They all hugged us bye, even Bob. Bob didn't seem to want to let go of Miranda though. It made me laugh because I was the only one who saw it. Once they left we went back to our normal routine. Except Mikey and Frank who were still super happy.
I sat down next to Delilah and decided I needed to talk to her. Gerard had gone on a coffee run with Bob.
"Delilah, lets go into the room, I need to talk with you," I say walking towards Gerard's room, Delilah following me close behind.
"Yes brother?" she asked sitting on the finally put together bed.
I sigh not knowing how to say it but finally just coming out with it. "Delilah, you can't pretend that you don't love one of them, I see it every day. But one day it's Gerard and then the next it's Frank. You need to tell me right now, who do you have... loving feelings for?" I ask her looking her in the eyes.
Delilah's POV
Shit. I hadn't expected this. The only problem with Ray's question was that I couldn't decide. I knew that Gerard was everything I asked for but even after so many months there things he was keeping from me. With Frank there were no secrets. None at all. And I loved that. But I couldn't tell him just yet who I really loved, because I myself didn't know.
"Frank, I love Frank," I replied hoping that in the end that wouldn't come to bite me in the ass.
Ray's POV
No. Frank. I mean, that was good for her sake since he was the right age... but Gerard. He loved her, like he'd love no one before. It was just horrible... but maybe it was best for her being with someone your age. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
"Hey guys Gee and Bob are back they brought coffee! THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!" Mikey says through the door.
Delilah smiles trying to stop herself from crying as if she made a mistake but she's strong and walks out. I follow right behind her.
"Hear ye, hear ye! We brought thy wonderful people coffee!" Gerard says smiling at Delilah and I as he hands us our overly expensive coffee.
Delilah takes her's and walks over to Frank who has calmed his excitement over his guitar pick and lets Delilah sit next to him lying her head on his shoulder. Gerard looks at them and then away, as if he is confident that she will choose him in the end...
If only he knew.
For the next few days Delilah was quiet. She didn't talk to us as much and she even spent a few days away from us. But she did promise to be there for New Year's Eve.
Strangely enough Gerard nor Frank asked what was going on. It was Bob and Mikey who did.
"Ray, is everything all right with Delilah?" Mikey asked the afternoon before New Year's Eve when Gerard took Frank out with to get Delilah a proper birthday gift, since her birthday was coming up.
"Yeah, what's up with the little one?" Bob asked who had since grown attached to her.
I couldn't tell them the truth, I couldn't tell them that Delilah told me she loved Frank and that she was probably not even sure of herself. I just couldn't. Delilah was like my little sister and I did not want to break her trust. So for the first time ever, I lied to Mikey.
"She probably just misses her mom, this is the first year she hasn't been home for Christmas to be with her daughter, it's probably getting to her," I lie to two of my closest friends.
They look at me for a second then just nod and walk to the living room to watch TV. That was the bad part about living in an apartment, no matter what room you were in you were near the people you lived with.
The next day Delilah told us she'd be over at around 8 o' clock and that she was going to spend a few hours with her girls. We all just said okay, kind of emotionless. We prepare ourselves for the New Year with getting some apple cider (for Mikey and Frank's sake) and a few streamers and whistles.
At around 7:30 Delilah gets here and greets us all surprisingly happy. She hugs me the longest nestling her head against my chest. I hold her tight hoping all is well. Once we all got nice and comfy we started watching one of the funniest "scary" movies ever. Scream. And as much as we hated it, well we couldn't help but love it. Sitting down on the ground next to Mikey I was surprised to see Frank lying his head on Bob's lap; Delilah was with Gerard which did seem weird to me since she had said she loved Frank.
Gerard's POV
I couldn't take it anymore. I know I had made the deal with Frank and I wanted to keep it... but after 5 long months I just couldn't take it, I needed her. Having her rest herself in between my legs didn't help any either. She'd always do that when it was just she and I but tonight, well all my pent up lust and frustration was out of control. I just wanted to take her in my arms and have her. But I couldn't. Unless... I found a way to escape the guys...
That's when it clicked. I could get away from them... but I had to wait for the perfect timing. As we sat there watching a very lame but strangely entertaining movie Delilah kept squirming and each time her arm brushed my leg I got chills, even though I had pants on. Finally, the movie had finished and it was the perfect time to steal her away.
"Hey guys, I need to give Delilah something and I need to talk to her, we'll be right back. Start the next Scream movie I already know how it starts," I say as I get Delilah off me and we head towards my room.
Once in I close the door and she heads for the bed to sit down and I turn to see her. She was so beautiful. I didn't care what any one else thought or saw when they looked at her, because to me she was perfect.
"What did you need to talk about-" I cut her off before she can finish by pushing her down onto the bed and kissing her.
Delilah's POV
I couldn't believe what was happening, it wasn't supposed to happen.
But I let it. I let him push me down on the bed. I let him kiss me roughly. I let him lie on top of me. I let him take my sweater off in a quick fashion. I couldn't stop him if I wanted to.
He was moving so quickly and my heart was racing. But I felt at peace. Everything felt... amazing. There was no world around us. It was just Gerard and myself.
His body was on top of mine, radiating heat and rubbing upon mine. I'd never kissed a boy before, and now I was on a bed with a boy, a man, 3 years older than me, on top of me passionatley moving his lips over mind.
I could taste his breath in my mouth as his tongue separated my lips. I allowed all of this to happen. I let his body rub against mine in a fast manner giving me the chills, making my body lust for him in a way I'd never felt before. He was years ahead but he had revealed to me before he had never got physical with a girl before. But now I couldn't believe that.
His hands begin tracing up and down the side of thighs. I wanted him. That's all I knew. I knew we weren't supposed to be doing this, especially when our friends were a mere 5 yards from us but I didn't care. I just wanted the moment to last forever.
But it needed to stop.
"Ger-oh-Gerard, this-sss needs to stop.... what if... if .... someone walks in...?" I say his lips still over mind.
"Shh Delilah, I love you, that's all that matters. I really love you, I want to be with you, forever," he says kissing my neck making me melt and shiver at the same.
I listened to him, not protesting someone for the first time in my life.
I wanted his lips back on mine as much as I wanted them on my neck but I pulled his face back up to mine making him kiss me roughly again. His lips were so soft and warm. Slimey with saliva but it that made it all the better.
I was in control of him now and I rolled him over me on top of him. He has his fingers tangeled in my hair and I did too. I held onto his hair making him moan in between our kisses. We both knew it wasn't going further than this, but all of this was enough.
Gerard got back in control before I could even protest lying on top of me now kissing me softly, signaling we had to return though I could feel neither of us wanted to.
Mikey's POV
Gerard and Delilah had just left to the bedroom when I realized I hadn't asked either of them if they wanted me to make them a root beer float since all of us were having one.
I walk over to my brother's room and open the door slightly walking in.
"Hey do you guys-" I stop there in my tracks. My brother, 17 year old Gerard Way, was lying atop my new best friend, 14 year old Delilah Castro, passionately kissing hear and moaning. Both of them.
Before I could see anymore, and before they could see me, I close the door quietly and sit by the door, in shock of what I just saw.
to be continued.... duh.

HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS! Sorry if the "passionate" scene is bad. I'm not good when it comes to stuff like that. Anyways R&R please, tell me what you thought of this chapter and prepare for the continued part tomorrow! Hope you liked! xoxox
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