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Five Year Old Frank

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Life is so simple for a five year old Frank....

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~~~Narrative POV~~~

"Gewwawwd! Mikey!" A young Frank iero cries, banging impatiently on the door to their bedroom.
Inside the room the Way brothers were hastily scribbling their names onto the Birthday card they'd made themselves.
"Emm... Come in Fwank!" Mikey calls, licking the envelope and sealing it shut. He picked up his red crayon and scrawled Frankie onto the front of the envelope.
The door opened and Frank tumbled in, looking relieved. He crawled up onto the bed and lay his head on Gerard's lap. As soon as they made contact, Gerard felt a tingling up his spine. Frank was his best friend. At that moment in time, at the young age of seven, Gerard had no idea that that tingling meant love.
"Hey Gewwawwd. Hewwo Mikey." Frank lisped, smiling innocently.
"Hi Fwwankie!!" Mikey exclaimed, tucking the card behind him. Mikey Way was four years old and obsessed with unicorns, Star Wars and his older brother.
"Wanna go downstairs and get some ice cream?" Asked Gerard.
"YEAH!" the younger two bellowed. Mikey picked up Sparkles the toy unicorn and trotted down the stairs.
"Piggy back?" Frank asked Gerard with pleading eyes.
"Sure Frank. Piggy back."
Frank leapt off the bed and landed on Gerard's back. Frank was extremely light and Gerard reasonably strong, they made a good team.
The older, brown haired boy, followed his brother down the staircase.
When Gerard reached the kitchen he plonked Frankie down onto the counter beside a tub of ice cream almost the same size as him.
Gerard and Mikey's mom scooped ice cream into three different bowls and the kids got started.
When they finished their mint-choc-chip Mrs Way suggested they head upstairs and get changed into their Hallowe'en costumes. Gerard lead the way up the stairs this time.
He raked around the closet and got out his Harry Potter costume and Mikey's unicorn outfit.
Frank tore off his pants and shirt, replacing them with his Superman outfit.
Tontight was the kids' favourite night of the year. Tonight, was Hallowe'en...
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