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My Chemical Tag

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Mini Frerard. A game of tag goes wrong for Frank, but Gerard is there to help.

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NOTE. so, not much to say, hope you like this. The sequel to I don`t love you like I did yesterday is up, so is the 4th chapter of Heaven Help Us if you read/are interested in reading any of them. Danger Days:Bob`s story might be up later too. So, enjoy,
Frank`s pov.
Ha, ha, Gee, ya can`t get me!” Gee, my bestest friend in the whole wide world, reaches out to tag me, but I moved at the last minute, causing him to grab hold of nothing but thin air.
“Ha, ha, Loser!” I didn’t mean it, I loved him, he was Gee, but my mama said I could get a little competitive sometimes.
“Ha, ha, loser, brother!” Mikey laughs, teasing his older brother, dodging out of his way when he went to tag him.
It was a beautiful, sunny day and me and my friends (Gee, Mikey, Ray and Bob) were all busy playing tag (or tig as Bob had called it. You wouldn`t believe the argument we all got into, well maybe you would.)
We were playing in my back garden and I felt really proud `cause we almost always played at Gee and Mikey`s.
“Got ya!” Gee finally succeeds in tagging someone, and I’m glad, I was starting to feel sorry for him, everyone had been kinda cheating a little bit and teasing him a lot.
“Mikey`s it!” We all run as fast as our legs would carry us away from the youngest Way brother, no one of us wanting to be tagged and have to become it.
Everything was fine until about half hour into the game. It started with Ray becoming it, then tagging Bo (who wasn`t very happy) and then him tagging me. Up until then I had only been tagged once, which was less than everyone and was feeling rather pleased with myself. Ray and Bob had complained that I had to be cheating because I was smaller than everyone else so I had shorter legs and couldn’t possibly run as fast. Well, in theory I shouldn’t be able to, but I was the most hyper out of all my friends so I had a lot of energy to burn.
“I`m gonna get you, Gee!” I scream, not really knowing why I had warned him, maybe I just wanted to give him a chance.
“Nu-uh.” He stuck his tongue out, running away from me quickly. I felt an odd twinge in my stomach as I watched my best friend. I knew it was just a game, it still wasn’t nice.
“Frank, over here!” Bob screams, dashing in front of me then away into the “safe den” (the nearest wall of the house.)
“Got ya!” I reach out and tap Gee gently on the shoulder gently, feeling an odd tingle up and down my arm. He turns his head to face me, an odd expression on his pale face. Had he felt whatever it was too?
“I`m it!” He screams after a second or so, reaching towards me. In my haste to get away I trip over my own feet, falling down onto the grass.
“OWW!” I yelp, that hurt.
“Frankie!” Gee instantly sits on the grass with me, asking if I am alright. Mikey and Bob run over, and Ray runs into the house to fetch mama.
“Does this hurt?” He asks, gently prodding my sore, slightly swollen ankle gently as to not hurt me anymore.
“No, yeah-ow.” Tears threatened to spill from my eyes but I wouldn’t let them, I didn’t want him to see me cry like a baby.
“Shhh…It’ll be fine.” He wraps his arms around me, cradling me to his chest. Straight away I feel safe and comforted, loved.
“I’m so, so sorry, Frankie.” He presses a kiss onto the top of forehead, and I smile inwardly. I decided not to smile on the outside, keeping up the “hurt little kid” look, seeing as it meant I got even more attention from Gee.
“Oh, frank.” My mama runs over, bandages and basin full of water to bathe me sore ankle in.
It stung a little as she bathed my swollen ankle, but I kept a brave face as Gee kept telling me what a brave kid I was.
“There, done.” Mama ruffles my hair, something I hated people to do (unless it was Gee of course.)
“Are you better now?” Everyone is staring worriedly at me, faces full of concern.
“Now I am.” I tell Gee and he kisses me again.
“I`m glad,” He smiles for the first time since I fell. We walked back inside the house (well, I limped, supported by Gee) to watch TV.
“Thank you Gee, love you.” He smiles again.
“No prob, Frankie, I don`t know what I’d do if you were rally badly hurt.”
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