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Takes place after Ultimate X-men 60. A new force with power similar to the Phoenix begins to manifest in Scott, leading to a confrontation with forces the likes of which the X-men have never faced ...

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Eternal Flame
Chapter 10: Resolution


Warlord Xin had been vanquished. His evil shadow army would torment the world no more. Slayer and the X-men had fought hard to stop him, but now that he was gone they were left with much a more powerful force to deal with. And all points considered Warlord Xin was by far less dangerous.

"Okay, Slayer...You've proven yourself to us so far. So how the hell do we deal with this?" asked Iceman as they stood before the hovering entities of Horus and Phoenix.

"I think...It's a bit more complicated than that, X-men," said Slayer, his all seeing eye glowing a brilliant yellow as he stood fixated on what he was seeing.

"Great! Well, it was nice knowing you guys," muttered Dazzler.

Then, a new voice echoed through the chamber. Professor Charles Xavier had seen the reentry of Horus and Phoenix through the atmosphere and he had sensed the great shift in their being. And in order to aid his students, he had Warren fly him into the temple with Kitty riding on his back. But even at this late stage, it was unclear whether or not he could have much of an impact now.

"X-men! Fall back!" he ordered as Warren set him and his chair down, "I repeat, fall back! I must make telepathic contact with both of them!"

"Don't gotta tell us twice!" said Logan as everybody stepped back behind the Professor.

However, before Xavier could send out a single mental probe, Slayer picked up something that explained pretty much everything.

"Wait! Professor, don't do it! Don't send any probes!" he said, holding up his hand as he took a step closer to the two hovering entities.

"What?! Are you high?!" exclaimed Kitty, "We've got to stop those things! You said it yourself! They'll kill us all!"

"No...It's okay, X-men. Things are different. I see that now," said the mutant warrior as he stood where the altar once was, "There's no need for conflict. It's already been resolved, hasn't it?"

The two entities smiled kindly upon their fellow divine figure. They were still holding hands, hovering in the air and glowing with the majestic flames of cosmic power. To the rest of the X-men, it was a sign of danger. But to Slayer, it was the exact opposite.

"Indeed it has, Slayer...Embodiment of Yoshinto. I, along with Phoenix, have found what we've been seeking for so long. And after eons of desolation, we are finally whole."

The X-men stood dazed by the strange words that emulated from the possessed body of Scott Summers, yet they remained apprehensive about this force.

"Professor..." began Piotr, not knowing if they should take action.

"Stay back, Colossus," ordered Xavier, signaling the team to stay put, "Let's see what our new friend can do."

Referring to Slayer as a 'friend' came as quite a shock, but after having fought alongside him against Warlord Xin, they saw him in a new light. He wasn't some run of the mill mutant vigilante...Not by a long shot. And if he could put this matter to rest once and for all, then in their minds he would prove himself worthy of earning the title of 'friend.'

"The power of Horus and Phoenix are finally balanced in both the mortal and immortal realm," said Slayer as he stood with a respectful poise, "So where does that leave you now? Where does it all go from here?"

The Phoenix was the first to answer as she looked back down at the mutant warrior with a great deal of gratitude and appreciation for the deeds he had done on this day.

"From here, both Horus and I shall return to our rightful place in the cosmos. We have a lot of wrongs to correct and for too long now we've been working under the guise of chaos. But through these mortal forms, we have found a means to bridge the gap between harmony and malice. Through the emotions of human beings...The hate, the joy, the sorrow, and especially...The love...Both Horus and I can finally be at peace."

Such words were a welcomed change from the turmoil they had dealt with earlier and to know that a power that was capable of turning them all into cosmic dust was finally at peace...Well, that would definitely help them sleep easier at night.

Yet still, there was one burning question...One question that hung so strongly over the young team of mutants standing before the two holy birds.

"But...What about Scott and Jean?" asked Ororo with a worried tone, "What's going to happen to them?"

Horus turned and smiled at the team that his mortal vessel bore so much love for. He could see their concern, for they wanted their friend and leader back. And after what they had learned about him, it was unclear whether or not that was even possible.

"Scott Summers is a part of me...Always has been, always will be. But as much a part of me he's become, he is still a separate consciousness. He is still a mortal and I am an immortal...Therefore, neither of us can ever truly exist as one being."

"Yes, the same applies to me and Jean Grey. We aren't so much two pieces of the same whole as two wholes of the same aura. As the Phoenix, she wielded a power all but incomprehensible to the human mind. And as Jean Grey, I experienced the highs and lows of her consciousness. Mortal and immortal, we find our balance together so that the power which we wield is not used incorrectly."

"In other words, it was a matter of having the power all along and simply learning how to use it," said Slayer as he pieced together the puzzle, "That's why you manifested in this world, isn't it? That's why Scott Summers and Jean Grey were the predetermined vessels. They embodied the passion, strength, and emotions that were necessary to control this power while tapping it to its full potential. And because of how they were linked through a bond, the power of Horus and Phoenix came to complement each other like Yin and Yang."

"Precisely, Slayer. And now that we are at peace, we can move on. Scott Summers has given me everything I've ever wanted and as a token of my gratitude, I with to return him to the life he so loves."

"Yes, I feel as though Jean Grey deserves such happiness as well. She has proven to be a fine embodiment. But her place is here. Mine is in the cosmos with Horus."

"And that's where I come in," said Slayer, his eye now glowing a bright golden glow as he put the last piece of the puzzle together, "That's why I had that vision. That's why I was brought into this mess. My all seeing eye can show you the way to live both separately and as one. Like my own embodiment of an immortal entity, you wish to mimic the balance between that which is mortal and that which is divine."

Horus and Phoenix couldn't help but smile at the young warrior. Yoshinto couldn't have picked a better vessel to manifest in. With everything they had had experienced, they knew that the only way to truly be at peace was to let their mortal embodiments go and allow them to live as Yoshinto had allowed Jack to live. And even in a universe so full of chaos and conflict, the two immortal birds of creation and destruction took comfort in the knowledge that their power was in the hands of two truly special mortals.

"Yoshinto has chosen his vessel well. And it appears that I was correct in reaching out to both you and Scott Summers."

"Thank you, Horus. It was a great honor to be a part of this," said Slayer with a respectful bow.

"The honor was all ours, my friend. Thank you for saving my love."

"My pleasure, Phoenix," said Jack with a smile, "So are you two ready? Are you sure you want to do this?"

Horus and Phoenix simply exchanged loving looks, giving one another's hand a tight squeeze as they prepared for the final step. Their mortal vessels had proven to be more than they ever could have hoped for, but now it was time to let them live. However, they knew full well that just because they were separate...It didn't mean they weren't a part of each other.

"I am ready, Slayer. Please...Finish that which you started. Show us the way."

"In that case, look into my all seeing eye," said Slayer, the symbols on his hands glowing brightly as his body was engulfed in a halo of light, "Look into the eye that sees no lies and learn for yourself the truth that you seek. Let my power and my vision guide you...For that which was joined must now be separate. Yet for all eternity, may the great powers of the cosmos forever be a part of these two special souls."

Suddenly, the temple shook once more as the X-men took a step back while Slayer did his thing. The light of the fire along with the power of Slayer's eye became too bright to stare at directly. The X-men were forced shield their eyes as they waited anxiously to see what the fate of their friends would be.

Then, in a deafening cry of joy and jubilation, Horus and Phoenix parted from the bodies of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, a wave of embers rushing out of them like a torrent of fire. The loud cries of the two young lovers were heard through the mayhem as the immortal consciousness separated from their mortal embodiments, leaving their mortal forms that they so coveted.

And when it was all over, the bodies of Scott and Jean went limp as they fell to the hard floor, allowing Horus and Phoenix to finally take their fiery bird form as balanced entities.


With one final stroke of magic, Slayer finished the job and let out an exhausting grunt that would finally complete that which had been set into motion so long ago.

"Errrrrahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he yelled, his body fully surrounded by the light and power of such unabated force.

When it was all done, the mutant warrior fell to his knees in a fit of exhaustion, but when he saw the two unconscious bodies of Scott Summers and Jean Grey lying on the floor while the two holy birds flew freely in the sky above, he managed to smile at the final completion of an age old task.

"Forever separate, yet forever one. Phoenix and Jean Grey...Horus and Scott Summers...At long last, the power is at peace."

While the two birds were flying overhead alongside one another, their fires and embers mixing in a show of affection and love, the X-men were quickly drawn to their friends.

"Scott! Jean!" exclaimed Kurt as he teleported to their sides while the others surrounded them.

"Are...Are they going to be okay?" asked Warren anxiously, still not believing what he had just seen.

Ororo bent down to feel around their necks for a pulse and upon finding one, she let out a deep sigh of relief.

"They'll be fine," she said with a smile, "They're just tired."

"I'll bet!" said Bobby with a laugh, "So I guess this means we won't be blown into cosmic dust?"

"For now, I think we're safe from that fate, Robert," said Professor Xavier as he looked down at his two unconscious students with a smile.

Back over with Slayer, who was still reeling from the energy he had exerted, he was surprised to see a hand extended to him. But what was even more surprising to him was seeing just who the hand belonged to.

"You put on quite a show, bub," said Wolverine with a wolfish grin.

Jack laughed as he accepted Logan's gesture and took his hand and helped himself up.

"You're not so bad yourself, Logan," he replied, "Does this mean you still want a rematch?"

"After what we just went through? You're crazier than I thought!" said Logan in a humored tone, "But for now, we'll call it even. You're a hell of a fighter, Slayer. And after what you just did, I think we can call a truce...For now."

"Coming from you, that's all I need to hear, Logan," said Jack as he caught his breath and drew his attention to the sky.

The others followed Jack's lead as Scott and Jean's well being was confirmed. And as they all looked up at the sky, a great sense of awe fell over them. This time, it wasn't one that brought them fear, apprehension, or uncertainty. This time, it was one of happiness, for the ordeal was finally over. And as a reward, they were blessed with a truly magnificent sight in the skies above them...A sight which they wouldn't soon forget.

"Wow..." said Colossus as he and the others became fixated on the brilliant light show that Horus and Phoenix were putting on for them, "What is happening, comrade Slayer?"

"Oh they're just celebrating," he said casually in response, his all seeing eye glowing as confirmation of what he was witnessing.

"But are zhey going to be okay? Is zhere a chance zhat zhey might one day become unbalanced again?" asked Kurt.

"There's always a chance, I'm afraid," said Slayer with a slight sigh, "But as long as they remember what they have experienced at the hands of their mortal vessels, I think they'll be just fine. Remember, Scott and Jean are always going to be a part of these things. And because of that, I think Horus and Phoenix will have everything they need to be at peace."

Slayer's words were comforting as the X-men watched their immortal friends ascend into the sky. At long last, they could return to the cosmos. And as the two immortal birds let out cries of joy, ecstasy, and love...They filled the air with a shower of golden sparks, bathing the area around the temple in a warm glow of splendor that few other forces short of the divine could muster.

"So what are they doing now?" asked Bobby.

"Just saying goodbye, that's all," said the mutant warrior with a smile, "I may know much about sentiments from cosmic forces, but I think we have their eternal gratitude."

"Meh, whatever keeps us breathing," said Dazzler as she snuck in close to her boyfriend, wanting to take in this moment just as much as the others.

Up in the skies above, Horus and Phoenix were about to make their final ascent into the cosmos. However, before they departed, they sent their new friends one last message.

"Thank you Slayer. Thank you X-men. From the depths of our eternal flames...Thank you."


After a truly exhausting day facing cosmic entities and shadow demon generals, the X-men returned to institute in a tired heap. Slayer went with them to help ensure that Scott and Jean were okay. And aside from immense exhaustion, they were just fine.

When they got back, the two tired lovers were placed in the infirmary so they could rest up. The others stayed in the lower levels for a while as well, tending to the wounds they had suffered during the fight. For the most part they were minor and Slayer did what he could to lend a hand, giving them potions and elixirs that would help them heal.

Eventually, the need for rest overshadowed the need for healing and most of the Xavier residents retreated to their rooms. Only Logan, Ororo, Piotr, and the Professor remained down in the lower levels with Slayer as they worked to patch up some loose ends.

"I think that's the last of them," said Ororo with a tired yawn, "Bobby's probably going to be out for three days straight, Kitty's going to be talking to that boyfriend of hers all night, Kurt's back in his lair healing himself with his movies, and Warren and Ali aren't getting up off the couch anytime soon."

"You look kind of tired yourself, Ro," commented Logan with a grin, "You should probably turn in too."

"Believe me, comrade...We all should," groaned Colossus, stretching his oversized arms, "What about you, Jack? Would you like to stick around for a while and rest up?"

"I appreciate the offer, Pete. But I'm afraid I have to get going," said Slayer, who seemed to be the only one not reeling from exhaustion.

"Oh, so soon?" said Ororo with a disappointed gaze, "You come in and do all this with us and now you're just going to up and leave?"

"I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be," said Slayer with a sigh, "The life of a warrior isn't easy and the only way I can continue doing what I do is to remain in the shadows."

It was disheartening, but given what they had learned from this man it was hardly surprising. He had his cause and they had theirs. And even though they had gotten off to a pretty rocky start, he had proven himself as a true warrior of honor. And in the eyes of Charles Xavier, that was more than enough to make him a friend.

"That's a shame, Jack," said the Professor, casting the mutant warrior a respectful glance, "It truly has been a pleasure working with you."

"Yeah, aside from the ass kicking ya gave us earlier," muttered Logan under his breath.

Xavier chose to ignore that, although Jack did get a laugh out of it.

"But still, you've proven your honor to me, Slayer. And should you ever need a place of shelter then my institute is always open to you."

"Thank you Professor Xavier," said the mutant warrior with a smile as he shook his hand, "It has been one's honor to fight by the side of your students. And should you ever find yourself facing another entity of unspeakable darkness...Well, you know who to call."

"We'll keep that in mind, bub," said Logan with a wolfish grin, "Just don't let it go to your head."

"Oh come now, Logan," said Ororo, rolling her eyes in amusement, "Are you AWLAYS going to hold a grudge?"

"If I didn't, it just wouldn't be me, darlin'."

"Yes, I'm sure," sighed Piotr.

Although Jack didn't have much of a sense of humor, he had to admit that these people were kind of fun to be around. He rarely got a chance to work with others in his line of work. That and his seeming inability to communicate with someone outside the realm of combat didn't make it any easier.

But after fighting alongside this team of misfit mutants, he found a new sense of respect for these people. Sure, they were obnoxious, sloppy, and downright weird at times. But they had a cause that they fought for and truly believed in. And that alone made them an honorable bunch in his book.

"So I guess this is goodbye?" said the Professor, giving Slayer one last approving glance.

"Yeah, I guess so," he said with a sigh, "I've done a few quick checks on Scott and Jean and I think they'll be just fine. Just make sure they get plenty of rest."

"Don't worry. They will be in the best of care. When should we check on them again?"

Taking another look into the sealed room where the two lovers were resting, Jack was struck with yet another vision. Only this time, it was a vision that brought a smile to his face, for it seemed as though Scott Summers and Jean Grey would do most of the healing on their own.

"Uh...I think you should just leave them be for tonight...And maybe for the first half of the morning as well," he said with a strange undertone in his voice.

"The morning?" scoffed Logan, "Why in the hell would they have to..."

However, the Professor had picked up on the subtext of Slayer's words and cast him a slight grin in response to let him know that he understood.

"Very well then, Jack. I understand."

"Yeah, I thought so," said Slayer with a humored grin, choosing to keep what he had just seen to himself, "Just be sure to tell them I said goodbye after they wake up."

"We will," said Piotr with a smile as he extended his hand as a token of camaraderie.

Slayer accepted the Russian born mutant's gesture. He did the same for the others as well, extending a token of peace and friendship. It felt strange for him since he had never been much for friends. But after spending so many years in desolation, it was nice knowing that he had allies in his fight against the forces of darkness.

"So I guess we'll see you around?" said Ororo, giving the young man a friendly hug after having saved her friends and helping her overcome her childhood fear.

"That's uncertain at best," said Slayer in his ever ambiguous tone, "The world is a complicated place, X-men. Nothing is ever absolute. Nothing is ever black and white. There is always a chance that this could be the last time we meet. Yet at the same time, there is always a chance that our paths will cross again. And should that day come, I look forward to seeing you all again."

"As will we, Slayer," said the Professor with a peaceful gesture.

"Yeah, but next time ya barge in here, try and make it a little less messy, will ya?" added Logan, always the suspicious one.

"I'll keep that in mind, Logan," said Slayer with a slight laugh as the then prepared to make his leave, "Until the day we meet again, I bid you farewell X-men. Never stop dreaming Professor...Never stop hoping. You all have the power. It's just a matter of how you use it. Remember that, and you'll all be fine. Oh, and Storm? Keep this guy out of trouble, will you?"

"Oh don't worry, Jack," said Ororo with a grin as she latched onto Logan's arm, much to his annoyance/amusement, "I promise you that Wolverine will be in good hands!"

Taking her words to heart, Slayer gave his new friends one last smile as he cast the spell that would once again take him to the shadows where he belonged. And as quickly as he came, the mutant warrior known as Slayer began to disappear in a haze of purple mist.

"I'm sure he is. Once more, it has been a pleasure X-men. And as a warrior and a friend, it has been one's honor to fight by your side."

With one final wave goodbye from Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Storm, and Colossus...The mutant warrior vanished. But even though he was leaving, at least now they could finally call each other friends.


While Slayer was making his final goodbyes and the rest of the X-men were finally turning in, the two embodiments of Horus and Phoenix remained awake. They were so tired and drained from their ordeal, yet despite this they still had enough energy to snuggle up to one another in a show of passion, love, and relief.

Scott Summers and Jean Grey knew that they were always going to be linked...Not just to Phoenix and Horus, but also to each other as well. After what they had just experienced, they now more certain than ever that they were meant to be.

They shared a bond that was literally out of this world and to express that bond, they celebrated by making love together on through the night. It was slow, passionate, and fervent...Fueled by the emotions and feelings that had formed from the experience of becoming immortal deities together...An experience they would never forget.

"Jean..." moaned Scott as he held his lover's naked body in his arms as he tenderly made love to her, "So much...Love you...So much."

"Oh Scott..." she cried, holding onto him with all her might as she felt her entire being consumed with the joys and ecstasies of love and passion, "I love you too. From the end of the universe and back...I love you."

Then, in a final show of the power they still bore, their bodies glowed together in a soft golden flame, showing that they were and forever would be Horus and Phoenix at heart.

The link between them was solid. The connection they shared was unbreakable. And they knew that somewhere out in the vast distances of space, two immortal entities that they would forever be a part of were looking back down on them...And smiling.

The End.


AN: Well, there you have it! The power of the cosmos is finally at peace and the X-men have a new ally to turn to whenever the forces of darkness rear their ugly heads! I know this was a lot shorter than some of the other stories I've done, but I think I was due to make something that was short, sweet, and to the point. Overall, I'm very happy with how this turned out. I think it's a good start for my first Ultimate fic.

But what do you think? How did you all like my story? And what did you think of my OC, Slayer? Please tell me! Just because it's over, that doesn't mean that the reviews have to stop! So please! I urge you all to REVIEW this fic! It's my first Ultimate fic and I'm really eager to know what you all think! Please post your comments on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email! I don't care which one you do as long as you REVIEW!

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