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Gerard just wants to be noticed

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Gerard dyed his hair red to get noticed, when in actual fact, he gets noticed enough, enough to find love. Is it a bird, a its a Frerard one-shot also news on happiness or misery? R&R x

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A/N:HEYYYYYY GUYYYYYS just to let you know this is just a random short frerad one-shot i made up in like an hour, if only all my work was that quick lol XD anyway i alos want to give my deep apologises that about my "Happiness or Misery?": it's going to take longer than i expected, already is i have just been busy but i have been writing everyday i just want it to be really goof, much better than my last chap, i looked back and it had soo many mistakes i need to edit it, soooooooo sorry for that also :( i will improve my work i willl try real hard :)it amazes me you reviewd so many but i want to thank you a ton, it means so much its just so nice and it give me motivation and is great support and encouragement, without your R&Rs i wouldnte be writing or even aim to improve my work, slow progress though haha i'm just slow :/ well my writing in year 8 O_o baddd to cut it short i couldnt even spell picture lol anyway thank you soooo much your reviews have helped me soo much its nice to have someone believe in me :D soo thank you soo much you , i love you all here have a naked frankie on a cupcake :D pleasee enjoy this random short one-shot and please if you read pleasee R&R, i have had 235 views and only 3 reviews so pleaseeeeeeeee pleassee R&R :)

“Why on earth did you dye your hair red, well--- pink red?” frank questioned Gerard, who was well in a daze, staring into the mirror at his ruby/pinkish freshly dyed hair, gliding his fingers through the strands of seemingly candyfloss as they softly brushed his shoulders.

“Because, my little friend, that way I will be noticed,” was his rational explanation, still gawking at his reflection as he continued to observe his hair in the bathroom light.

“Don’t you even realise that you get noticed enough, you don’t need that ridiculous eye blinding hair colour to be noticed,” Frank announced, scrunching up his nose and blocking the apparent light from his sight as he covered his face with both hands, empathizing on the brightness of Gerard’s new do.

“Ha, yeah right me get noticed?” Gerard sniggered, pointing to himself in disbelieve with a face full of confusion and humour.

“Yes--- you,” Frank replied, his little finger poking at Gerard’s side, trying to regain his attention, misleading him from Gerard’s train of idiotic thoughts that led him to believe that he ‘isn’t noticed’.

“Ha ,By who then?” Gerard snorted.

“B--by me,” Frank revealed , stuttering as he began. Then he pulled Gerard by the arm, yanking his form away from the mirror, his reflection now vanished. Frank turning him away to face him with a swift move of the hand. He then caught Gerard’s neck, hooping his hands around the slick flawless skin that laid soft black baby hairs growing upwards that were not long ago dyed a very vivid blushing rubicund. Then Frank soon enough caught Gerard’s soft plump lips with his, moisturising his own, Franks taste buds dancing widely ,passionately, beautifully, adoringly. All the words that Frank had fanaticised they would be, as the feathery touch was one Frank had longed for, for longer than two years, and just now unexpectedly, had that gut feeling that it was the perfect opportunity to grow some balls and take it.

Unlucky for Frank, Gerard’s reactions weren’t ones that Frank was hoping for, as the melting sensation that Frank had felt was now fading as Gerard was detaching his lips from Franks.

Gerard had now let the kiss part and the two men had now separated, both looking shocked and confused. Gerard’s eyes full of mostly shock and one of which Frank couldn’t quite muster, yet Franks full of regret and every ounce of sadness that small man possess, hurt and upset presented on the poor man’s features, feelings and heart.

“I-I’m soo sorry Gerard –I--I don’t know wha--why I just did that I---” Frank confessed, his words frantic and jumbled as he blurted out his apologies, his hands flaring around mixing in with the worry and regret of what just happned.

Gerard then pressed his artistic slender fingers to Franks rambling mouth, laughing sympathetically.

“Frank, don’t apologise,” he finally spoke, a small smile full of empathy spread on his lips, instead of Franks mouth that Frank was soo hungry for right now, only wishing that’s where they should belong.

“B—but--I” Frank muttered unhappily, feeling as if a dark cloud full of gloom had reached it’s destination hoarding over Frank, pouring down on him, washing away his tamed hair, freshly cleaned clothes and eye liner, but unfortunately not washing away Franks feelings for Gerard that are so strongly imbedded within him.

“Don’t,” Gerard spoke, head down not meeting Franks gaze only resulting to this becoming more and more intense and heart breaking for Frank.

Frank now stuck, dark gloom filled cloud still hovering up above him, only wishing to wash away his regret, or to swallow him whole, take him away from here, just disappear and never remember the embarrassing action he stupidly made, making a fool of himself to his best friend, upset, and rejected by Gerard’s actions. Then, all of a sudden Frank felt a tug on his left hand, gentle familiar fingers wiggling in the palm of his hand and tugging at his guitar strumming fingers, then a pulling of his sleeve soon after. He spun around and saw Gerard pulling him outside.

“What the---”Frank mumbled, utterly confused by the mad red head before him.

“Come on Frank, we can carry on with the kiss outside,” Gerard smiled, “Don’t you want us to get noticed?” he winked at Frank seductively, but sure enough sincerely then grasping Franks hand in his own and leading him outside where the previous kiss was yet to continue ,placing a gigantic smile on Franks lips, and placing him on cloud nine and far away from the depressing grey cloud of doom that followed his every move. Both men now certain, that the kiss would be twice as enhanced as the first.

However, this time, the whole neighbourhood to ‘notice’.

A/N:HEYYYYY :)) i really really hope you liked it, i know it was just a random shor thingy but i couldnt resist but i have plenty more, much better to i have LOAAAAAADDS so keep an eye out haha again pleasee RR this and if you havn't check out my happiness or Misery? the links at teh top and RR oh and my "With those words, set me free [Frikey]": they have donw well....i think lol so yeah please check out my other work it would be reallly nice :) again thank you soo much for your lovely reviews they are soooo nice xx anyway please please if you read pleaseee i really want to know if its worth me writing so pleasee R&R and will be writing soon :))
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