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Chapter 2

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lunch drama!

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(Sam’s POV)

The last bell before lunch finally rang, and I hurried out of the Health room towards the cafeteria. I was looking forward to seeing Amber. She had been my best friend since 3rd grade, and we had no classes together. Screw whoever made our class schedules. By lunch we were practically bursting with stuff to say. I walked across the crowded cafeteria, looking for Amber. I finally spotted her short, dark brown hair and its bleach blonde and cherry red highlights. As I walked to my lunch table, I saw Krista and Amber yelling at each other.

“You are such a creepy emo freak!” Krista screeched.
“Yeah well Cam seems to like it!” Amber replied. In Krista's words, that was a burn!

With that, Krista stormed off to the other side of the Wall. The Wall was what I called the stack of books and lunch bags that divided our table into halves. We all used to be close friends, but something had changed over the summer. Tory had turned snobby, and soon had poisoned the minds of Kara and nearly everyone else in our group, save me, Amber, and Krista, or so I thought. I could see that Krista was completely turned now, as she sat down with Tory on her side of the table. I had to imagine that Amber’s comment had cut deep. Cam and Krista hung out a couple times over the summer, and Krista assumed they were together. That was, until, he asked Amber to homecoming at the beginning of the year. Since then, he and Amber were inseparable. All that was left now was me and Amber. I considered us the sane ones as we didn’t worship Justin Bieber or follow the Jonas Brothers on Twitter. I tried to ignore the cold stares from across the Wall and ate my lunch. So much drama.


At lunch the next day, Amber and I walked toward the table with our trays. As we got closer, I saw that our spots had been filled, and the Wall was gone. Two freshmen I didn’t recognize sat in our places, eating quietly.

“Come one,” Amber said. “Let’s sit with Cam.”
We walked over to Cam’s table, but I stopped in shock as I got closer. There is no way I’m sitting there, I thought. There, sitting next to Cam, was Cole. He gave me a funny look as we approached but said nothing as Amber sat down on Cam’s other side, and I across from her.

“Sam, of course you know Cam,” Amber said. He gave a simply nod and a smile, brushing his light brown hair from his green eyes. “That’s Lila and Seth,” she said, in reference to the couple sitting closely together. Lila was petite with long blonde hair tipped in black, and Seth was also short with brown hair that nearly hit his shoulders. “And this is Cole.”
“I know. We’ve met,” I replied a little too quickly. Darn it! I didn’t want to show him how much he bothered me. He looked up and looked a bit confused at the way I snapped. I looked down at my lunch and started eating, afraid to look up.


(Cole’s POV)

What is she doing here? Sam was walking over to my lunch table. She didn’t exactly look happy about it. Cam’s girlfriend was towing her, pulling at her wrist. I tried to ignore it when Amber bounced over and sat next to Cam. Sam sat across from her meaning she was nearly across from me meaning this was the closest we had gotten to each other since we were forced to sit next to each other in homeroom two years ago. Amber did a quick introduction of our table-mates. When she introduced me I was surprised to hear Sam’s reply.

“I know. We’ve met.” She almost sounded angry.

I looked up in shock and gave her a questioning look. Her head snapped down. And she focused on her lunch with interest as if her salad had grown legs and was tap dancing in front of her. I saw a bit of hurt and vulnerability in her eyes. She must have known I was watching her as she let her hair fall over her face. Her auburn locks fell around her face, her side bangs sweeping over her left eye. I saw how insecure she felt and suddenly felt conflicted. Half of me was proud that I had gotten in her head. The other half felt sympathy. I had no idea which half to choose.

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