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Living Nightmare

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Party Poison is injured while protecting the ones he loves, now it's their turn to protect him.

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Hello all you Junkpunks and Motorbabies!

This fic was written as a challenge over as Wolfbane17 asked anyone interested to take a chappie from their multi-oneshot story ""Five Times Someone Saved Party Poison":" and make it into a multi-chapter story. I couldn't resist the plot to chappie 3 and this is what became of that facsination!


There’s two things Kobra Kid knew for sure; Better Living Industries was a life sucking, color destroying parasite, forcing their black and white policies and artificial happiness on the world through fake smiles and mind-altering pills. Everything that he and his fellow Killjoys and the Zone Runners were fighting so hard against. Bringing back the color and sound to a world that has been deprived for far too long.

Which bring him to the second thing he was sure of; it always amused him to no end when Party Poison got into one of his song writing trances that keeps the redhead locked away in one room or another for hours on end. The only problem with it this time? It was Kobra’s bedroom.

The two had holed themselves up in the younger Killjoy’s room early in the afternoon, Kobra pulling out his bass to play anything and everything that came to mind, and Party finding any spare scrap of paper he could get his hands on and covering every inch in words and phrases that he seemed to snatch straight out of the air itself.

Kobra plucked a few random notes as his brother started mumbling to himself again, stringing a few together that made him nod and store the lick away in the back of his head for later use.

Party’s mumbling suddenly broke through his own musings, causing Kobra to smirk at the words.

“We are, we are, the youth of the nation.”

“Already been done.”

Party’s head snapped up and he glared at Kobra, whose head was still down and fingers sliding across the frets, blatantly avoiding eye contact to keep from laughing.

“Fuck no, there’s no way that’s been done. I just now-”


The tone and tempo of the bass changed as he started to play the parts he remembered to the old song, humming the words under his breath. Party’s eyes widened in recognition before narrowing again in irritation. Kobra could almost see the smoke rising from his brother’s red hair.

“Damn, I thought it sounded-whatever.”

Kobra laughed as he carefully set his bass down and stood, cracking his back before heading to the door. “I’m getting something to drink. Want one?” The mumbling started again as he turned the corner. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“We are the kids from yesterday.”


Kobra was halfway down the short, narrow hallway when he heard what sounded like a small stampede and high giggles rounding the corner. He wasn’t able to move out of the way before a waist high missile slammed into him full force, knocking the air out of his lungs. He was able to keep his footing, but as quickly as the weight was there, it was gone again as Grace ran passed him.

“Hi Kobra! Sorry Kobra! Bye Kobra!”

Spinning around to reprimand the little girl about running in the halls, he barely got out the “Gr-” before he was plowed into once again. The hit got him right between the shoulder blades and sent him sprawling to the floor. “Mother F-”

“Hey Kobra. Sorry Kobra. Bye Kobra.”

He looked up in time to catch Fun Ghoul fly around the corner, which was soon followed by a very high pitched shriek and someone yelling “Gotcha!” in an equally high pitched voice.

Kobra grumbled as he pushed himself off the ground, rubbing his sore chest. “You deserved whatever she just did to you Ghoul!”

“Shut it! She ran into you too!”

“Yeah but she didn’t knock me over and you should know better!”

“Bite me!”

“No thanks. You’d like it too much.”

“Oh fu-OW!”

“Language!” Grace’s voice shrieked after punching Ghoul in what Kobra was guessing would be his side, and two sets of footsteps disappeared further down the hall.

Kobra turned back around the corner and made it to the dining area with no other hassles.

Jet Star was sitting in their usual booth, replacing the batteries in his ray gun. His eyes glanced up long enough to see who entered the room, before looking back to the gun again.

“You were just run over, weren’t you?”

“Damn kids.”

Kobra collapsed onto the seat across from Jet with a grunt, still rubbing his chest slightly and propping his feet up on the booth beside Jet’s thigh. The radio between them hummed quietly with static.

“Party gonna be coming out any time soon?”


Jet gave a grunt that Kobra translated to “figured, sucks to be you cuz he’s in your room”.

The two sat in silence for a few moments, until the static was abruptly replaced with the voice of Dr. Death Defying.

‘Ear to the speaker and petal to the metal all you Junkpunks and Motorbabies in Zone 3. Pigs have been spotted in the area and if you ain’t runnin’ with a pack, you’d better just start runnin’ cuz our favorite Exterminator was leadin’ the troop and he ain’t lookin’ to Party. The Fun is over Kid, hightail it on a Jet to the moon if ya got to. Keep your boots tight and your gun close Zone Runners; I know where I am, do you? Dr D, signin’ off.’

Jet and Kobra’s eyes met as the static once again filled the air, meaning Dr. Death Defying had switched frequencies to send out his message as far into the Zones as he could.

“They must be in our stretch of Zone 3,” Jet murmured, fingering the trigger rest of his gun, “Dr. D’s telling us to move out or we might be spotted.”

Kobra nodded as he stood from the booth.

“You go find Ghoul and Grace, then start hiding all our things. I’ll get Party.”

Jet nodded and followed Kobra down the hallway, continuing down and around the corner as Kobra stopped halfway and opened the door to his room. His hands shook just slightly against the knob, and he clenched his fingers in a fist to try and still the movement.

Party had barely moved an inch it seemed, still hunched over his papers and pen scrawling quickly, writing something down and almost immediately scribbling it out again. His hair fell forward, covering most of his face from Kobra’s view.

“Dracs have been seen in the area.” Party’s movements didn’t falter, but Kobra knew his brother heard, and he knew what would catch his attention. “And Korse was with them.”

Party came to an abrupt standstill. He looked out at his brother through the long strands of red hair over his face, the glare looking evil and predatory. “Where are the others?”

Kobra leaned one shoulder against the door jamb and shrugged the other. “Strippin’ the place down to look uninhabited until we get back. Dr. D said they were headin’ this way through Zone 3."

Party looked back down to this lap and carefully folded up his papers before standing up. He looked around the room for a second before meeting Kobra’s gaze, eyes hard and calculating.

“Get Show Pony to meet us and pick up Grace. We’re going after him.”

The brother’s eyes locked and the room fell quiet as they communicated in a way only they understood.

Kobra slowly nodded. “All right Party, we’ll go.”

Party nodded in return as he exited the room, heading straight across the hall to hide his belongings as his brother did the same.

Kobra carefully picked up his bass, wrapping it in a sheet that had been crumpled next to it at the foot of the bed. Lifting a couple of the worn floor tiles, he gingerly slipped the bass into the hiding place, along with a few other trinkets from around the room before covering the hole again.

Doing one last quick sweep of the room, he grabbed his jacket from the chair Party had been sitting on and made his way to the door just as the redhead leader’s voice filled the air.

“Come on ya slow fuckers! Let’s move!”

Which was quickly followed by a loud shriek of “Language!” from across the building.


More soon!
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