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paloma meets new friends

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By Paloma

"Hurry up, Xanat! We'll miss the ferry!" Paloma shouted, running towards the dock, where the ferry was about to leave. She reached the door of the ferry and Xanat followed. The only room on the bottom floor was a small, two person bench at the back of the room.

"I guess we have to sit there." Xanat said. Paloma nodded and walked slowly to the seats. The second they sat down, the ferry backed up and started towards Angel Island.

Xanat and Paloma had been friends since forever. They met in Elementary School and continued on their friendship from there. After graduating from the same high school, Xanat and Paloma bought a condo and moved in together.

"Hey." a voice came from next to Paloma. The ferry was crowded and people were pushed all against each other. Paloma turned her head, her eyes widening as she realized who she was talking too.

"Hey, I'm Paloma." she smiled, holding out her hand for a shake.

"Cameron." the guy replied, shaking her hand.

Paloma pushed a piece of hair behind her ear, shyness completely taking over. "I know." she said.

"Ah, so you've heard of our band." another voice came from next to Cameron. Paloma knew who it was immediately. Nathan Darmody, guitar player of Allstar Weekend.

"I certainly have. You guys are amazing." Paloma smiled, holding out her hand for Nathan. What am I doing? Why do I keep shaking their hands?

"Oh, stop it." Nathan smirked.

Paloma and the rest of Allstar Weekend (Minus Zach, he was home sick with strep) continued talking for the whole ferry ride. If only this ride was longer than 10 minutes…

Before they knew it, they were at the docks on Angel Island. The ferry stopped next to a yacht, about 3 times bigger than the ferry. "Whoa, someone famous must be in there." Paloma said, looking over at the boys and laughing when she realized what she said.

Paloma walked out last with Cameron, Nathan & Michael. "It was really nice talking to you guys." she said, sad that they had to part ways.

"I know. Maybe we'll see you around?" Nathan said, giving Paloma a hug.

"I hope." she said, hugging the rest of them. She watched as the boys went off to greet the people that had walked off the yacht.

This trip was going to be great and Paloma could already tell.
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