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How it all began

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Just a little story of how it all began

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Out in the garden, carefully crouched down the little boy started to watch the worms. He loved the way they wriggled around but knew he’d best not touch them as his mum’s friends were due to come over and the little boy had to look his best. He left the worm and got on his tricycle. He pedalled faster and faster feeling the wind blow through his hair. He was whizzing around the garden without a care in the world when his tricycle suddenly tipped and he fell off onto the harsh concrete. He sat there, stunned before he began to cry.
“Hey son it’s OK come here” said a tall man running out to him
This wasn’t just any tall man. This was the little boy’s daddy. He was carried inside and placed on a tall stool so that his dad could thoroughly inspect his knees and hands. After he cleaned up a little bit of blood, put on some anti septic (this made the little boy cling to his daddy and whimper) and put a plaster on his cut knees, the little boy’s daddy then went and got him a lollypop for being so brave. He also pulled out his guitar and sat down.

The little boy sat there in his shorts, shirt, suspenders and bow tie, swinging his legs and sucking on his lollypop. “Now son I want you to listen to this” his dad said before carefully playing his guitar. When he was done playing the little boy clapped his sticky hands with delight. “That’s my boy eh?” the dad said proudly. “Maybe one day you’ll look back on this day and remember this moment”

The dad watched his boy grow over the years. The boy was now a man and sat in front of a camera and audience and interviewer.
“So what’s the first musical memory you have?”
“My dad playing here comes the sun when I was about 3. It was the main reason for my love of music and the reason why I’m here today”
The dad watched this and his eyes swelled with pride. He never realised the impact that one day had on his son.
“Thank you Brendon Urie for taking your time to answer our questions”
“No problem”
Brendon’s dad sniffed with pride as he watched his baby grow into a man with such a passion for music.
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