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Any Time You Want Ch. 9

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Frank's P.O.V (again)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2011-06-24 - Updated: 2011-06-24 - 476 words

Frank's P.O.V:
It was a windy, rainy night.
Nobody seemed to want to stop for me, and I wasn't having any luck with the punters tonight. Basically, I felt like shit. My stomach sank even lower when I heard the familiar laugh not far away from where I was huddled. I didn't even have time to hide myself before he was in front of me.
Alex blinked down at me. I bent my head. Too late. He'd already recognized me. "Frank?" He said. "Frank Iero?" I bit my lip and didn't look up at him. "Oh my God! It is you! My God, you've let yourself go."
"Yeah, well. I didn't have a choice, really, did I?" I replied, forcing myself to look up at him. That horrible Charlie was with him, hanging on his arm and smirking at me.
"Course you did," Alex replied. "I said you could've stayed, didn't I?"
"What. so I could be your little fucktoy?" I shot back, glaring at him. "I think I'm happier here, thanks."
"Oh, don't be like that, Frankie," He bent to stroke my cheek. He looked up at Charlie. "Charl, go buy me a packet of cigarettes, babe."
"Okay, honey," He kissed the top of Alex's head.
Alex turned back to me, smiling cruelly. "You know, you can always come back and live with me and Charl, if you want," He offered. "We've got a proper house now."
"I..." I swallowed. It was a tempting offer. I couldn't stand Alex. I wasn't keen on Charlie either. But it meant a place away from the cold and the wind and the rain. It meant a roof over my head and somewhere comfy to sleep. "Well... what's the catch?"
"Oh, honey. There'd be no catch," He said. "You could have it all rent free, until you got a job. Think about it. You'd get your own little room in the cellar, your own little blanket. Fed once a day if you behave yourself."
"I... I don't understand," I said. "You said... I thought there was no catch..."
"There isn't. C'mon. Charl and I could do with a houseboy," He winked at me.
"No. Fuck you!" I shot back. "Fucking fuck you! I'm not going to be your fucking houseboy. You know, I used to love you, Alex. I used to kiss the fucking ground you walked on. Now I would spit in your fucking direction if you were on fire. Now can you fuck off and let me be?" Alex looked down at me. Then he scoffed.
"Fine. Stay here and rot, then," He said, before turning on his heel and walking away.

I sat up, in a cold sweat. I was gasping for breath. I felt a pair of arms around me suddenly. "Sh, sh, now," Gerard whispered. "It's okay, baby. Go back to sleep."
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