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This is Wrong

by Oceana 3 reviews

Wakka and Rikku are being naughty and got caught red-handed by Auron.

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Auron, Rikku, Wakka - Published: 2006-05-30 - Updated: 2006-05-31 - 215 words - Complete

"This is wrong."

"No it is not. Stop worrying, nothing is going to happen!"

Wakka looked down at the young Al Bhed whose laughter sounded like bells as he held her closer to himself.

Rikku snuggled closer to Wakka so that she could feel him panting and his heart beating furiously just for her.

"Put it in." She said softly as one of her hands grabbed onto his tanned and strong arm tightly.

Wakka sighed, "This is still wrong... we shouldn't be doing this."

"Wakka... please just put it in. There is nothing wrong with it." She pleaded when she saw the doubts in his eyes, there was absolutely no way she was going to let him turn back now.

"Rikku.. I... I don't know why I agreed to in the first place." His breathing grew heavy and she can felt his pulse racing.


"Of course it is wrong."

Both of them jumped upon the deep voice of the legendary guardian. Rikku's face blushed furiously she swore she looked like a cooked crab. Caught red-handed!

Auron frowned as he lifted his huge sword slowly presenting a threat of shaving off both younger guardians' hair, "You think nothing is wrong with putting some tiny explosive machina into my boots, I'll suggest you better think again."
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