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The End, for now at least

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This is The End, dear reader

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Gerard's POV
We all waited patiently for the announcer to say who the winner was. Mikey had started playing with us again a couple of days after he wrote 'WTTBP' and we played our last show a month after Amber's death.
Eli, Ciarra, and Chanya all stood backstage, also impatiently awaiting the winner. Finally, the announcer came on stage and stood between us and the competition, whose name was never told to me, "And the winner of the California Battle of the Bands is..."
We all clasped hands, except for Bob, who just put his arm on Frank's head. The guy opened the envelope and read the card, "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!"
Frank's POV
When I heard our name, I started jumping up and down, "OHMIGOSH GERARD WE JUST WON!!!"
He hugged me, "YEAH WE DID FRANKIE!"
We all group hugged, thankful for the chance to be great influences. Gerard took the microphone, "We just wanna thank all of you for supporting us through all that we have been through."
Ray's POV
Mikey was handed it next as Eli, Chanya, and Ciarra ran on stage to hug us, "Yeah really. Thank you for all that you have done for us."
I got it next, my arm around Ciarra, "It's been a great experience for us and it's really awesome knowing you think we are awesome. Because I don't think we would think the same without you guys!"
Ciarra's POV
The guys kept passing the microphone back and forth. I looked up at Ray whenever he didn't have it, "So Ray. You have officially won the CBTB. What will happen with you now?"
He hesitated for a second, looking out at the crowd and then back at me, "I'm going to do this," and kissed me. And it was the best kiss I'd had for a long while.
Chanya's POV
Frank ruffled my hair, "I'm gonna buy you Skittles from now on."
My eyes widened and I squeezed him, "THANK YOU FRANK!"
Eli's POV
Gerard finally finished talking and he looked down on me, "Time to start our lives Eli. You ready?"
I sighed, "As ready as I'll ever be." He smiled and bent down to press our lips together.
.... Mikey's POV
I turned away fast enough to not face the many people being affectionate. I didn't mind them, but it still hurt a bit. But I could tell, somewhere out there, Amber was watching us in the CBTB. She was watching me look out into the crowd for her, wishing desperately that she was here, but knowing that it was okay that she wasn't. I knew Amber was up there, watching over us. And knowing she was finally okay was better than anything I could have asked for.
And that dear readers, is how you end Amber Mara's (the author) first fan fiction, "Mikey's Here". Thank you to everyone who read, Eli and Heymi for supporting, Ciarra and Chanya for being the unspoken readers, and to FicWad for just being here so I could write this. I love ya'll to death.
Now please wait for my sequel to "Mikey's Here", TBA because I haven't thought of a title yet.
SO to you, dear readers, farewell for now.......
Amber Mara (the author)
Amber's POV: Yeah Mikey, I know you know. And I love you. Eli, Ciarra, Chanya, Gerard, Frank, and Ray, I love you guys too. And I'll always be watching, everyday Mikey. Everyday.
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