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Mr. Way, I'm sorry to inform you...

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Gerard learns devastating news about his life, his health. Will this destroy everything?

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Hey! I'm starting a second story! I hope you like it :3 xoxoxo

Gerard's POV
I'd been feeling extremely fatigue lately, and not the usual type either. I could barely make it on stage some nights it was horrible.
"Gerard, sweetie please go see a doctor," Lynz would plead every night. I never would. We had finished up the Black Parade Tour and were only doing a few small shows. I was able to get more rest now. She was worrying too much.
But she had reason to worry. She was my wife but I thought I was okay. I really did. But one night on stage changed my mind.
We were performing at a small club, nothing to big, just something for maybe 100 kids. Of course the place was full of energy and we were all enjoying our selves. We were doing what we loved, even if we were in a routine now as 'The Black Parade', it was still worth it every night to go out and see these kids singing along to our songs. It was a beautiful sight.
Frank was beginning of the riff to Thank You For The Venom when I was hit with vertigo. On stage nothing like that happened before. I tried to ignore it but it surged through my body. I was beginning to lose my balance but I tried to ignore it by standing by Frank's mic stand and begin the first verse of the song.
"Sister I'm not much a poet but a criminal!" I sing making the room explode in excitement but I can't continue because I feel it bubbling inside of me. And before I can stop it I was vomiting, my black bangs hanging over my eyes and my whole body was trembling as I was on my knees shaking and throwing up my guts. My vision was becoming blurred more and more as the vomit spilled out of my mouth. The music stopped and I heard screams of horror and sadness and worry. Mikey was the first over to me. I could barely hear him.
"Gerard! Gerard!" he yelled as Frank knelt down with Bob and Ray trying to help me up. But my legs couldn't with hold it. I had lost all my balance and all my strength.
"Mikey! Mikey! What's happening?!" I hear my wife's worried voice as she rushes onto the small stage of the club.
I suddenly feel myself in someone's arms. Still coughing up vomit I tried to open my eyes to see who it was. I was barely able to flutter them open and I look up and see Ray. I also see it's not vomit, it's blood.
Dark red blood spewing from my mouth. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, I didn't have enough strength.
I heard the engine of a car and the crying of Lynz as I finally pasted out feeling completely weak.
Bright lights were what I awoke to. I try to lift my head but I can't, I was still weak. My head was aching and my mouth had a metallic taste. I look to see where I was and I see tubes in my arms and monitors surrounding me.
I turn my head to see if any one was in what I suspected to be a hospital bedroom.
Mikey, Lynz, Ray, Frank, Bob, Alicia, Jamia, Christa. They were all there. I turn my head slightly to the right and see my mom and dad there as well. All of them were silently sleeping with frowns upon their sleeping faces.
"Lynz," I try speaking but it comes out a whisper. She hears me though, as everyone else does. They all awake and surround the bed but at a distance.
"Hello honey," she says kissing my forehead. She hadn't even spoken loud and I still flinched, sound was doing horrible things to my headache.
"Why am I.. what happened?" I ask quietly.
They all just look at me and I see Mikey, my mom, and my dad huddled together, Mikey and my mom crying, my dad trying to be tough holding it in. I was confused.
"Lynz... maybe it's better a doctor explain it to him," Frank says who is holding Jamia's hand.
I was confused. Explain what? What had happened could have been nothing, it could just be something I'd eaten, an allergic reaction.
"Yeah.. it probably is I just..." Lynz starts but begins to cry into Alicia's shoulder.
My head was spinning. I couldn't think straight. Ray and Christa were the quietest along with Bob, but he'd always been quiet.
"Ray, buddy. Thank you," I say trying to work up a smile. If I was able to remember anything I remember him rushing me to the car in his arms.
He looks up from the ground and forces a smile. It became clear to me something horrible had occurred but what could have it possibly be?
Suddenly I feel my mom's lips on my hand and I could hear her soft sobs. "First your grandma, now this. My baby..." she said crying as my dad hovered over her trying to comfort her.
She was talking about grandma. No. It couldn't be that bad. I try to stay focused and I look at Mikey who is standing alone, a hand over his eyes, his chest moving up and down slowly. He was crying, because of me.
"Mikes, come here," I say coughing a bit making everyone look at me to make sure I'm okay.
He walks towards me and lets out a sigh. His eyes are big red puffs and he is trembling. "Hi Big Brother," he says with a tiny smile and his eyes tighten up a bit. He was holding back tears. He looked like a mess, I suspected he was the only one who hadn't gotten sleep all night.
Before I can reply to him a doctor steps into the room with a glum look upon his face.
"Well, I see our patient has awaken. Hello Mr. Way, I'd like to say it's a pleasure to meet you but I rather not under the circumstances," he says to me with a apologetic smile. I try to figure out what circumstances we were under but I couldn't think of it. He continued to speak to me, "I'm Dr. Marquez, head of oncology."
He had said oncology. My mind may have been in a swirl but I was able to understand that. At the word my mom began to cry again and let go of my hand burying herself into my dad's chest. Mikey just covered his face and sighed. Jamia and Frank looked at me with sad faces. Ray and Christa looked down holding hands. I looked at Bob who was sitting near me, his face buried in his hands. Lynz was by my side kissing my hands.
"Well... Dr. Marquez, I'd like to say nice to meet you but I'm not... what's going on?" I ask so quiet Lynz has to repeat it for him. He takes in a sigh and looks me in the eye.
"Before I say anything I just want to say... my son loves your band, you are a huge inspiration to him, he'd be devastated if anything were to happen to any of you," he says giving a genuine smile. I smiled as well and nodded as the guys said thank you for me. He then continued. "But Mr. Way I'm sorry to inform you that after multiple tests, and retests demanded by your wife, that you have... cancer. I'm so sorry," he says sighing and looking down.
The word hit me like a bullet. Cancer. My grandma Elena had died of cancer. Frank had lost someone to cancer. For years out lives have been connected to it but never, never could anyone of us imagine one of us would be hit by it. Never.
My mom's sobs grow louder and tears being to fall down Lynz's face. Alicia grabs her hand squeezing it.
I couldn't believe, I wouldn't.

hope you like so far! And yes, hate me all you want but I gave Gerard cancer! There is more to come, hope you enjoy this one. R&R please :) xoxoxox
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