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hope you love me..

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another suicide letter kinda thing :)

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my friend said she loved my last one and that i should just make a series of just suicide letters.. hapy theam right? lol so basily you get my drift right??? all P!ATD them 2
dear ryan,
right now i just wanted to say sorry i did this to you even though it wasent your fucking body everyone puts that in there suicide letters so i thought to myself... fuck why not just add it in there? i have no idea what to put here die to the fact i already wrote is crappy nonsense one for verything i thought i would make you feel speical and write you one for just you, i remeber you always made me feel special but never ever did anything for yourself now let me get to the reason im doing this maybe the fact that my whole fucking family thinks im the failure.... the band is falling apart at the seems for the fact that im losing contol of voice or that i saw you with that boy... you looked in love the way you laughed with him i knew you loved me but i felt you moved on and i was the loser who did not, you told me that we were seing other people and i should try it to... i dident i was to in love with you to see anything in anyone else your a flawless bitch that can do no wrong what am i? a big huge epic failure but i aint feeling sorry for myself nooo im embracing it thats why im on this bridge about to jump im sorry i dispoint you i love you so fucking much and i fucking hate it.... hope you love me and i hope to go you miss me but that aint gunna hapen is it? no i aint but fuck who give a danm im the one who will feel the great joy of jumping the sensational adreniline rush. my last thought will be of you, your laughing with that boy... why the fuck is he better then me? all i ever fucking wanted was to be with you forever...
hope you love me...
brendon fucking urie xxx
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