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Chapter 4

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Sam has the "best day ever" and theres a little tribute to "im not okay" thrown in...can you find it? ;)

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this is my favorite chapter yet...enjoy :)

(Cole’s POV)

I sat in health bored out of my effing mind. There wasn’t even a word to describe how bored I was. Ms. Tabbi was telling an endless story about how she got sniffed my a bear when she went camping…woo freaking hoo. She paused, and the entire class looked up. Was she done? Crap. It was only to give the class another one of her creepy smiles that read “one day I’m going to kill you all you just have no idea when.” We all looked down and went back to whatever we were working on; inevitably, anything but Health. When she stopped again, no one even raised their heads as to avoid her creepy stare. Suddenly I heard a voice other than Ms. Tabbi’s drone.

“EhmyGAWD who is that and how can I thank him for stopping that story?” Krista said.

I looked up to see a tall, lanky guy with blondish hair falling over his face. He stood awkwardly on his crazy skinny legs covered by skinny jeans that were probably smaller than the ones my sister wears. He looked around the room through his dark sunglasses, putting his hands in the pockets of his bright red leather jacket. He turned to Ms. Tabbi, saying something quietly, and she pointed to me. I looked at her, confused, but she motioned for me to go over. I walked across the room, hearing nothing but the stark silence of my confused classmates. As I approached the guy, I realized he look freakishly familiar.

“Cole Middling?” he said.
Yep that was it; that proved it to me. He reached up and took off his sunglasses, leaving me face to face with none other than Mikey Way.

“Yep.” I couldn’t keep myself from smiling.
“I am here to congratulate you on your outstanding work…man this is way too rehearsed. They told me to recite this crap but screw this. Congrats man, you got a spot on the tour. That light show was fantastic.”
“No freaking way! This is awesome! Thanks man, I don’t know how I can thank you.” I couldn’t believe it. This could start me having the opportunity to finally make a name for myself.
“It’s no problem you totally deserve it. Although I don’t particularly appreciate you calling me a ‘freaking Way’…” Mikey laughed, and I broke into a smile. I totally set myself up for that one.

(Sam’s POV)

I sat in English class daydreaming about touring with My Chemical Romance in an attempt to block out the mindless babble of Ms. Banks. I was snapped out of my wonderful thoughts of private sound checks and costuming sessions by my teacher’s shrill voice screeching,

“Helloooooo? Saaaaaaaam?” My head snapped up from my desk. She chuckled while the rest of the class snickered.
“What?” I asked, upset that she had disrupted my happy thoughts for something that was probably a ridiculous question about Huckleberry Finn that only she could answer.
“Dear, pull out your book and read the poem on page 356.”
“I thought we didn’t have to bring our books today,” I replied. I looked around and saw that everyone else had their book. How could I have missed that?
“Then you don’t have it?” I shook my head. “Well go and get it then!”

I rushed out of the class room into the hallway, catching a strange smirk from Ms Banks as I left. Just as I reached my locker I heard a loud scream that could only come from one person: Amber. Probably saw a spider. Suddenly, Amber came tearing out of her classroom and, seeing me, she screamed,

“Holy I don’t know what! You’ll never believe this!”
She ran back in the classroom and dragged a person down the hall behind her. All I could make out was a head of cherry red hair and, of course, my first thought was, Looks like Gerard Way’s hair. As she stopped in front of me, I froze. It was Gerard!
“I WON!!!!!”
“No way that’s so great!” I attacked her with a hug, though I was slightly disappointed. I hadn’t won? I mean, maybe Gerard was on his way to English next. It was a group project. But Amber’s camera work and set design could have just impressed them more than my work had. Suddenly I had the realization that GerardfrickinWay was standing watching us freak out. I turned to him and said,

“Hey, I’m Sam.” I held out my hand, and to my disbelief he shook it
“Hey I’m Gerard Way…but I’m guessing you know that,” he said with a smile. Oh god that smile! I quickly gave him a glance up and down, taking it in. He was wearing pale blue almost white skinny jeans, converse, a black t-shirt, and the signature leather jacket. His bright orangey-red hair was freshly cut and hung over his eyes a little bit, just like in the “Planetary(GO!)” music video.
“Wait, Sam Hawthorne?”
“Yeah why?”
“Ummm just open your locker,” he said with a smirk. If any other person had said it that way, I would have accused them of putting a bomb in my locker, but I trusted him. I spun the combination, popped open the door and…
“AHHHHHHHH!” Frank Iero popped out of my locker.
“Congratulations you won!” I was frozen in shock and happiness. Frank giggled,
“You should see your face right now; it’s priceless.” Without knowing what I was doing I attacked Frank with the biggest hug I have ever given. “Can’t…breathe…must get…air,” he said in a muffled voice.
“Oh god I’m sorry!” I reluctantly let go.
“It’s alright,” he said, smiling. He had the cutest crooked smile. His dark hair was ruffled from the hug but I could still tell it was in my favorite style, with long straightened bangs hanging over his eyes. He had on dark gray skinny jeans, red converse, and a black Hurley hoodie. I thought he was biting his lip until I realized that he was playing with his shiny silver lip ring. Yay! I was sad when Frank had stopped wearing it. I couldn’t stop smiling now. I was going to tour with my favorite band for the whole summer…this day couldn’t get any better.

so did you catch the little "im not okay" flashback moment thrown in? i bet you did ;D im a little stuck after this so if anyone has any brilliant ideas pleez contact me and throw them my way (makes pouty begging face) pleeeeeez?
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