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Stage Presence

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What happens on stage stays on stage.. or does it?

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Gerard’s POV:
Gerard! Gerard! I could hear people calling my name from everywhere, this wasn’t new to me and to be honest it didn’t really bother me. But tonight it seemed ten times louder. I watched Mikey and Bob (Who still had drumsticks in his hand) walk a few steps ahead of me. Sometimes I wondered if Bob slept with those drumsticks I mean he always had them. I was trying to get to the bus because at the moment two things where on my mind coffee and a couple cigarettes. I got to the door and I was then stopped in my tracks it was Ray

Gerard what happened out there?

Nothing? You played great Ray.

Gerard you know what im talking about why did you go all romantic on Frank back there! There was tounge I know there was!

Come on Ray.. It adds stage presence you know that. Lighten up man!

Keep telling yourself that Gee..
He walked away leaving me against the bus taking drag after drag. I didn’t actually know where Frank was but I know he was probably getting eaten alive. Ray was right it wasn’t about ‘’Stage Presence’’ anymore I kissed Frank because I wanted to. I wanted him.. I want him.

Franks POV:
It was a great show. Except for right now I was getting eaten alive! Man like all these chicks where coming up to me! And the rest of the of the boys were out of site. I got off that scene quickly. And there was Gerard blowing smoke in way, raven black hair and emerald eyes. He was mine, all mine. I got closer to him and smiled that’s all I could do. That kiss was amazing I thought to myself.

Hey Frankie… Frankie wow I loved when he called me tht

Um Hey Gee you were great tonight

So where you Iero kiss and all Gee slowly hissed out

Right then I felt smoke slowly creeping the back of my neck, it gave me chills
Frank Iero you taste like skittles; Gerard’s eyes locked with mine but before I could even think he had me. He squeezed me and I loved it! I felt his tongue trace my lip ring and right then we both heard the doorknob to the bus twist. We peeled ourselves off each other. That I hated.
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