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Kiss the Rain

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Rating subject to change. Hakkai and Gojyo 3 years after stopping the revival of Gyumao; their life and times. Blurby for now.

Category: Saiyuki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo - Warnings: [!] [!!] [?] - Published: 2006-05-30 - Updated: 2006-05-31 - 1564 words

Disclaimer: Gojyo and Hakkai and all that surround them belong to Kazuya Minekura with all my thanks for her wonderful works Disclaimer: Gojyo and Hakkai and all that surround them belong to Kazuya Minekura with all my thanks for her wonderful works.

When Gojyo got home that night, the lights were off in his home and he could feel the oppression of the darkness in the forest pressing in about his neck. He was never one to be afraid of the stillness of night, but there was something about it that darkness that early morning that gave him the willies. Something bad was bound to happen; he could feel it as surely as he was breathing.
He unlocked the door and quietly slid inside the darkened living room. He hung up his coat, musing over the effect his boyfriend had been having on him. 'Boyfriend'; he thought chuckling a little to himself, who ever would have thought? Though it wasn't as if his green-eyed angel was just any "boy", because he wasn't. He was everything. Gojyo's everything. The reason he was alive. His soul's light. Gojyo pulled the cold medicine out of his pocket and chuckled to himself, his snotty savior.
He slipped into their room and crept to the bedside illuminated by the small side table lamp. His poor sick lover was pale and though he was asleep his face was troubled with sickness, his perfect eyebrows drawn down and the creases in between made him look older than his 27 youkai years should have shown him to be.
Hakkai coughed, and it rattled deep in his throat, then he rolled over, tossing uneasily. That woke Hakuryu, who had been curled up at Hakkai's head; the little white gentledragon looked up at Gojyo, a slightly startled look on his face.
The red-head laughed shortly, "Some watchdog you are," he said, reaching over and scratching the dragon's neck gently making it coo in happiness. The kappa kneeled slowly on the bed and reached over his lover to put a cool hand to his forehead.
"You still have a fever huh baby?"
Hakkai muttered something unintelligible and groaned slightly.
He kissed the warm cheek, "I have your medicine," he whispered in Hakkai's ear.
"hm," said the youkai, stretching and rolling over to place a bleary green eye on Gojyo, "Who dares enter my domain?" His voice was raspy from coughing; it had also dropped an octave, which Gojyo found irresistible. The sickly congested sound gave him sympathy pains though.
The kappa gave him a peck on the lips, "Relax 'master'. It is only me, your handsome prince and I come bearing..." he pulled the box out from behind his back, "Nyquil and Dayquil...In one box!"
Hakkai sighed happily, "I love drugs."
Gojyo smirked, "It's that bad huh?"
Hakkai leveled him with a flat look, "I'm sick."
Gojyo leaned in and kissed him again, "Of course you are baby. I'll go get you some water to take one of these with."
He shook the box at him and Hakkai grinned.
"How was the mission from Sanzo?" Hakkai asked, trying to make his voice loud enough to be heard over the sound of running water from the kitchen.
"Oh same shit, different day. It sucked to be out there with out you though."
"I did worry about you."
Gojyo came back in the room and sat next to Hakkai with the Nyquil in one hand and glass of water in the other.
"Oh did you? Did you even get out of bed all day?"
"Well I had to go to the bathroom once, but other than that, no, not really."
Hakkai took the medicine and swallowed it, but not without making a face of disgust.
"Are you hungry?"
"Starving," said Hakkai truthfully.
"What do you want?"
Hakkai grinned at him, his real green eye sparkling merrily, "You to stay out of my kitchen."
"I knew how to cook before you came and spoiled me rotten. Tomato soup and grilled cheese it is."
"Gojyo...let me sit out."
"Why? Don't trust me?"
Hakkai smiled, "Hardly, I'd like to keep you company, and besides, like you said, I've been in bed all day."
"Well, in that case, let's go." He picked up the slightly smaller man with ease, blankets and all, causing Hakuryu to flap into the air with an agitated squeek.
"Sorry little guy," said Gojyo, "You want part of my grilled cheese?"
"Kiyuuuu!" said the dragon happily.
"I'll take that as a yes," said the Kappa.
Gojyo set Hakkai down gently at the kitchen table.
"Warm enough?"
Hakkai's smile was droopy, his eyes half-lidded.
"I'm fine Gojyo." He laid his head on the table so he could keep his good eye on his lover, but also rest his heavy head.
Hakuryu rested on the refrigerator, making sure Gojyo did not, in fact, burn down the kitchen.
He studied the hanyou's lanky body and beautiful face in the light of the kitchen. He watched Gojyo's long fingered hands deftly tie up his blood-red tresses. Those hands that had put him together, that held him together. Gojyo had stripped down to his jeans, and Hakkai watched his muscles ripple as he stretched, rolling his head back, working the stress out of his neck.
Then Hakkai's right eye began to burn, he lifted his head to rub it.
"Your eye okay?" asked Gojyo absently, pulling out a pan from a floor-level cupboard, catching Hakkai's motion.
"Mrph," said Hakkai by way of an answer. Gojyo came up to him and nuzzled into Hakkai's neck, kissing it gently.
"Tell me what's wrong baby."
"I'm hungry."
Gojyo laughed and crouched down next to him, "You're hungry so your eye hurts?"
Hakkai couldn't help but grin, his head still bent, "Something like that yes."
"Let me look at it."
"Gojyo I'm fine...."
The hanyou stopped Hakkai's arm from rubbing his eye, making the demon look at him, green to red.
Gojyo got close, "It looks like the plastic's cracked."
Hakkai put his head in his arms, "Oh it just figures."
Gojyo stood, "What are you, whining? You are sick."
Hakkai sniffed miserably, "And you are observant as usual today Gojyo."
"Shut up," said Gojyo, a grin on his face. He went back to making the soup and grilled cheese. "We'll go to Chan'an when you're better and get you a new one, good thing you've been saving some of my winnings huh? Though you'd think after all we've done for 'em, the ungrateful aspects could hook you up for free because it's not like they pay us anything."
The demon coughed hoarsely, then yawned, "I wouldn't presume to tell the three aspects what to do with their money."
That sent Gojyo into a laughing fit, "You mean like all those groceries you bought on that trip?"
Hakkai looked slightly offended, "Those were a necessity and I was not the only one who made the lists."
Gojyo was still laughing as he poured the red soup into the pan, "I suppose the change of clothes halfway through wasn't you either?"
Hakkai buried his face in his hands, "I'm not arguing this with you."
The kappa waved his hands in front of him, "Relax babe, I was just messing with you. My point was, that maybe you should demand something for yourself for once, demand to be taken care of. It couldn't hurt to ask 'em."
Hakkai looked obviously uncomfortable, "You're right."
Gojyo felt a bit like a bastard for even making Hakkai think about it. He knew how much of a martyr his friend was. It was his only religion. Thankfully the demon broke the silence.
"What did Sanzo send you after?"
Gojyo shrugged, buttering the bread, "Oh some necklace, fucking priest had the nerve to yell at me for being late. It's not like he could do it himself."
Hakkai's head came up, "You didn't say that to his face I hope."
Gojyo grinned as he carefully cut cheese and lay it on the bread, "I'd probably be breathing through a hole in my neck if I had, give me a little credit."
"Tact was never your style Gojyo-san."
The kappa laughed, "That's why you're my better half."
Hakkai's laugh turned into a coughing fit. When it finished, he rested his head back on his arms.
"That's what you get for laughing at me."
"How's that soup coming?" said Hakkai, obviously changing the subject as a joke, Gojyo's trained ear caught the humor in his voice.
"Oh I don't know, I think my kappa brain may be too simple to heat soup from a can."
Hakkai laughed, "You said it not me."
Gojyo raised his eyebrows, "Now that's just mean-spirited."
Hakkai laughed, sniffed, and blew his nose.
"That's so attractive."
"Will you stop picking on me?"
Gojyo grinned, "Sorry."
Hakkai laughed shortly, "I wish I believed that. You're a bad liar, you sure you made that money gambling? Sure you don't have some sort of legitimate job that you haven't told me about?"
"Okay, that's it, you starve."
"That's fine," Hakkai yawned, his eyelids suddenly feeling very heavy, "I'll starve."
"Damn right you will King of the Martyrs."
The blanket made Hakkai's elbow slippery and as he began to slide off the edge of the table he heard Gojyo say something, but it seemed muffled and blackness engulfed him as he felt himself falling.

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