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Never Enough

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A peek at the moments leading up to Gerard and Lindsey's wedding. Frerard.

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A/N: Just in case anyone is confused --- this story is based on Lindsey and Gerard's marriage which happened backstage after a show at Projekt Revolution. Frank has mentioned in an interview that it happened when he was taking a nap and he didn't know what just went down until Ray woke him up and told him.

Never Enough

"Oh yeah, right there Frankie!"


Gerard grinned as he felt Frank cum inside him, his pelvis twitching against Gerard's ass. Frank leaned over and gave Gerard a playful kiss on his scalp before removing himself.

It was the last week of the Projekt Revolution tour. Soon they would be going their separate ways. Gerard was to go with his new girlfriend Lindsey on her bands tour, and Frank would be going home to his long time girlfriend Jamia. So Frank and Gerard were doing as much sneaking around as they possibly could, as they knew it would be a while before they got another chance.

Yes, it was cheating. However Gerard had only been dating Lindsey for a bit more than a month, and he's messed around with Frank for years. As for Jamia, well.... there were just some pleasures a woman couldn't fulfill, Frank figured.

Of course, neither of them would admit the fact that they just really weren't ready to let go of each other. Not quite yet.

They both got dressed and Frank sat up on the couch while Gerard laid his head down on his lap. Ray, Matt, Bob and everyone else was out at a party. It was quite surprising that Lindsey had gone without Gee... lately she hadn't let Gerard get more than 5 feet away from her, much to Frank's dismay.

"Still got most of the night alone. What do you wanna do now?" Gerard asked Frank.

Frank grinned down at the boy, "Seconds?"

Gerard chuckled, "I'm too sore Frankie! God damn you're like a rabbit, how much semen can you possibly have?"

Frank laughed and grabbed the remote to turn on the television. "I was only joking. What do you wanna watch?"

"Mmmm South Park should be on, shouldn't it?"

Frank nodded and tuned into Comedy Central. He laid back into the seat and stroked Gerard's hair. Gerard always liked when Frank touched his hair, and Frank loved the feel of it. So soft for so many split ends.

"Hey." Frank said after a while of content silence, "Johnny's having a party tomorrow night to celebrate the end of the tour. You wanna go?"

"Oh... I have something to do with Lindsey tomorrow." Gerard shifted uncomfortably.

"Oh." Was all Frank said. Gerard winced at the disappointment in Frank's voice. He grabbed the hand Frank had been stroking him with and noticed it was tense. Gerard sighed and sat up from Frank's lap. He had to tell him.

"Actually." he said in a serious tone. "I was thinking of proposing to her."

Frank looked at him with a shocked expression. And Gerard doubted it was the "oh my god I'm so happy for you" kind of shocked. Sure enough, he could see the hurt in Frank's eyes a minute later, and it made Gerard feel equally hurt. Stay strong, he told himself. Stand your ground.

"You...." Frank finally spoke. " can't Gee."

Gerard felt anger spark in him. Who was Frank to say that he can or can't do something?

"Why can't I?" Gerard narrowed his eyes.

" would doom us. We already have one girlfriend to worry about but if you get married...."

"You're not going to give up Jamia for me." Gerard said suddenly.

"What does she have anything to do with this?" Frank hissed, seeming angry that Gerard had even said her name.

"I'm tired of being your mistress Frankie! I need a real relationship, not just someone who fucks me and then goes home to someone else!" Gerard crossed his arms.

Frank gaped openly. Was he being serious?

"Is that what you think this is?" Frank asked in disbelief. "Gerard, I love you! You know that! You know I'm always yours whenever you need me! All you have to do is call and even if I am with Jamia, I'll come running! This situation works! If you get married, and she moves in with you, its going to be a lot harder to be able to do that!"

"I need more than that Frankie...I need someone to sleep with me... to be there when I wake up." Gerard said, seeming slightly abashed to be admitting such a thing.

Frank sighed and grabbed Gerard's right hand, holding it with both his hands. He turned Gerard's wrist over and outlined the scars that were there with his fingers.

"You remember when you did these?" Frank asked gently.

"Yes...." Gerard frowned.

"Who was the one who stayed with you for a week without sleeping at all to make sure you were okay?"

"You." Gerard admitted.

"Would someone do that for just a fuck buddy?" Frank inquired, raising an eyebrow at him.

"No, I guess not." Gerard smiled.

"Exactly. Gerard please don't ever think you're just some booty call to me. You're my best friend. And that's a role Jamia could never replace. I love you so so much Gee."

"I love you too Frankie."

"Then please don't do this. Just wait. Just a bit longer."

Gerard seemed to think long and hard about it. His eyes's roved over Frank. Frank sat in silence, patiently waiting for a response. He still held on to Gerard's hand.

"Okay." he smiled, "I won't."

Frank grinned a huge grin and they went back to cuddling. Frank lay on top of Gerard, wrapping his arms around him in an attempt to keep him there forever.


Later that night, Gerard awoke in his bed. He turned and saw that everyone was asleep in their beds --- except Frank. Gerard frowned.

He got up and decided to get a glass of water to drink anyway. His mouth felt a bit dry. He walked over to doorway of the bunks, when he suddenly heard voices. It sounded like Frank's voice. He listened closely before approaching any further.

"....I know... I can't wait to see you too. Yeah, we're definitely going to go there once I get back.... it's going to be fucking great.....Gerard? Oh he'll be fine....No Jam, it's just stage stuff.... it doesn't mean anything.....I'm pretty sure Gee's enjoying it more than I am anyway.... haha yeah....I'll be sure to try it on you the first night I get back....I love you so so much Jamia..."

Gerard didn't need to hear anymore. He went back to his bed and cried quietly, only silencing himself when he heard Frank re enter the room.


After the show the next day, Frank awoke from a nap. He was exhausted and wanted to regain some energy before the party that night. He hoped Gerard would still go. Everyone was pumped. It was going to be one hell of a time.

As he groggily got out of bed and prepared some clothes, the room door opened and Ray walked in. Ray looked surprised to see him when he got there.

"Hey we going to the party now?" Frank asked. He hadn't gotten a chance to check the time.

"Dude....I thought you were down stairs." Ray stared at him wide eyed.

"No, I was taking a nap. Why?" Frank asked, panic slightly arising from the expression on Ray's face."

"We're not going to that party anymore. Gerard and Lindsey just got married."

Ray gave him a strange look before he grabbed something and walked out of the room, leaving Frank standing alone.

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