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This deafening silence means nothing to no one but me

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I'm getting addicted to writing! Haha you're all making me very happy and you give me the boost to write so thankyou! :) x

Franks POV
Wow. He was slender, quite tall. 5"7 maybe? He had flawless porcelain skin and jet black hair. He was like one of those princes you hear about in fairy tales. His wide sparkling emerald eyes were drawing me in. I wanted to know him. Wait, nobody knows i'm bisexual, not even family. And someone like him? He's probably straight. Regardless of his sexuality i highly doubt he's single. Somebody probably saw him and snapped him up, and i don't blame them either. She probably had Black Hair, she was probably tall and had rose red lips. She was probably a guitar player. A bass player maybe? I can see him dating someone like that. All i knew was, he was absolutely gorgeous and to my dismay he would never want a wreckage like me.

Gerards POV
Mikey and I stood waiting for the new student to arrive. We had only been there about ten minutes when Mikey began to get impatient. The kid drinks way too much coffee for his frame! It affects him badly too! Caffeine Rush with Mikey? You need energy to handle that. He started to play air guitar right outside the head's office, headbanging, strumming the invisible strings with all his might. "Mikes, calm down. What if a teacher sees you? That would be awkward." I say trying to make him stop. Mikey getting caught not behaving like the model student he is is his worst nightmare, but he was not going to stop for anybody. After many failed attempts i was getting desperate and so i took a few strides back and lunged at Mikey, rugby tackling him to the floor. He landed with a "Owww! Fuck!" And i was laughing at his childish facial expression when we were interrupted by a certain bushy haired friend of ours. "Uhmmm Guys?" Ray asked looking slightly concerned. Before i could explain to him my attention was being pulled elsewhere. Next to Ray was a boy with black hair and the most gorgeous pair of hazel eyes i had ever seen. You can tell a lot about someone from their eyes. In his eyes i saw torment, pain, angst yet they were lighted with something else, passion, kindness, talent and beauty. And my, was he beautiful. He was cute too! He had a very petite frame which made me want to protect him, to cuddle him maybe. I was falling again, wasn't I? Already i was falling and i hadn't even spoken to him yet. I've never experienced this before, he's a heart attack in black hair dye.

Franks POV
The boys got up off the floor. I'm not too sure why they were there or what they were doing but they certainly looked as though they had fun! "Uh, Hi Hi i'm mikey!" The blonde boy stood up and straightened his blazer holding out one hand to me. "Hey, I'm Frank. Frank Iero. But you can call me Frankie if you prefer." I say taking his hand and smiling. A silence overtook the four of us for a few seconds, Mikey saving us by starting up a conversation. "Oh i'm sorry! Frank this is my brother Gerard. Mikey Way and Gerard Gay." He smiled smugly, the gorgeous boy next to him blushing furiously before glaring at Mikey. " Gerard Gay?" i ask.
"Yes, Mr Gee here. I call him Gee, all of us at home do. Well whenever he does something to annoy or upset me which is pretty much all of the time, i call him Gerard Gay mainly because it does his head in but also because he's about as straight as a roundabout." Mikey smiled simply.Oh my gosh! He's gay! I could jump into the sky and sing hallelujah for the rest of my life, this has made me so crazily happy. Oh yes, no chance of a relationship with him. I'd be lucky just to have an acquaintanceship with someone like him.

"Mikey!" Gerard gasped, clearly he was intending to kill him the second they were alone together. I could tell they adored each other really though, they just had this vibe. This connection. Brotherly love exists after all i guess.
"Oh, that's cool. Don't worry, Frank's not homophobic." Ray says, killing any awkwardness or embarrassment. I smile at the two brothers. Then realizing i hadn't actually said hello to the green eyed angel in front of me. " Um, Hey Gerard." I manage to say. How i'm actually able to speak right now, i don't know and i can't really say i care either. His lips quiver as he's about to respond, the tension build up inside me as i await his reply- BBBBBBRIIIIINNGGGGGGGGGG! The first bell of the day sounds,making me kick myself for not making conversation sooner. " Erm, come on Frank. I'll take you to registration. This is your new timetable." Mikey says to me, reluctant to force his gaze away from his brother.

Gerards POV
Today had been a drag. I had barely seen Mikey or Frank. Frank had a meeting with the head over break. I think it was an introduction type thing, the head likes to be described as welcoming and thoughtful and a welcome meeting? That was pretty thoguhtful if you ask me and during lunch both Mikey and Frank had a Gym detention for being late by three minutes. Yes, Mrs Reiss is a bitch. I had missed Frank like crazy. I didn't even know him but i wanted to know him. I wanted to be his friend at least. When Mikey told him i was gay he looked surprised, he looked cute surprised, although he always looked cute. I hope he'll still be friends with me despite my sexuality. Ray did say he isn't homophobic, i sure hope not.

"Gee's got a crush! Gee wants to hug him! He wants to kiss him! He's gonna marry him! He's gonna love him! He's gonna have his children." Mikey sang hitting me with his schoolbag as we trekked our way home.
"What the fuck? I'm a guy, since when was i able to carry and give birth to other humans?" I laughed at him.
"Shut up! That's not the point! You're ruining my song!" He chuckled before carrying on with what he calls the crush anthem of joy. He sings it to practically everyone, even Mom and Dad when they kiss before they go to work.
" And just for the record, i do not have a crush on Frank Iero."
"Oh yeah? I didn't say you had a crush on Frank genius, i was just singing my song but now i know who you do love!" He laughed.
I mentally facepalmed myself for being so stupid.

Aww i hope this chapter was okay! I'm planning on bringing Bob, Christa, Alicia and possibly Andy Six in to this at some point, just to mix things up a little bit! Thanks for reading! :) x
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