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American Girl Chapter 20

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Dudes! I think I've got my creativeness back:D 2 posts in one day? I spoil you guys!:P Enjoy it:)

"Can I see my sisters?" Zaria whispered to one of the guards who she had learned was named Alex.

"I'd let you sweetie, but I don't know where they are." Alex sighed.

"Could you at least find out if they're okay?" She asked, rocking back and forth; the way she had after Kylan had raped her just 2 hours before.

"I'll try honey."

"Thank you," Zaria said weakly. "Alex? How did you get into this?"

"My father, he's a Mafia Don, he thought a few years here would prepare me for life with the Mafia. Even though I grew up in that enviroment." Alex shrugged. "Why are you here?"

"You mean you haven't been told?"

"'Course not."

"I'm the adoptive daughter of Gerard Way. My real parents were Lauren and Joey Armstrong, they died when I was 5. My Grandma and I witnessed a murder and Kylan doesn't like that we gave evidence against him, he's been after us since."

"People are saying you have information he wants."

"Yeah. Before my Grandma died she told me something, and made me swear that if Kylan or any man that looked like a bad person, ever asked for it; I wasn't to tell them. No matter what."

"Can you tell me?"


"Fair enough, I'm gonna go see what I can find out about your sisters. Stay strong honey." Alex smiled and walked off.

"Well, hey there gorgeous." At the sound of this voice, tears rolled down Zaria's cheeks. "What? You ain't playing today sugar?" Thomas laughed.

"FUCK YOU." Zaria screamed, spitting in his face. "They'll find me! You'll see! They'll be looking for us! All 3 of us! And you're in America now bastard! You'll be sentanced to death row for sure!"

"Uh huh." Thomas laughed, "Sugar," he drawled. "They ain't never gonna find us." He laughed, walking away. "And they don't even want you."

~~The MCR Home.~~

"Could you tell us what the children were wearing Mrs Way?" Asked a female police officer.

"Zaria was wearing a black Green Day top that had 'Awesome as fuck.' written on it, red short shorts, black fishnet tights, a pair of Doc Martin boots and she's recently dyed her hair purple. Bandit was wearing a small Mindless Self Indulgence top, with black skinny jeans and a cute pair of baby converse, and Cherry's outfit was the same only she was wearing a My Chemical Romance top." Alicia said.

"And now a description, you know age height ect." Asked a male officer.

"Certainly, Zaria is 15; she had a lip piercing, bright purple hair, emerald green eyes and is about 5'5. Bandit is 2 and has black hair, I couldn't give you a height though. And Cherry is 1 and has blonde hair, again no height." Alicia shrugged.

"Does Zaria have a criminal record or anything like that?"

"No, but she gave evidence in a trial in Norway at the age of 7 or 8."

"And do you know the verdict of that trial?"

"Yeah, they sick bastards were found not guilty of murder and have been after my fucking daughter since." Lyn-z snapped.

"Your daughter ma'am?" Asked the male officer.

"We adopted Zaria a few months ago." Gerard said, "And Bandit is our biological daughter. It's Zaria that my wife refers to."

"I see. And could you tell us anything about these 'Sick bastards', Mrs. Way?"

"It was Alicia who saw them."

"One man, goes by the name of Thomas Sivertsen; he seems to be like the lead 'hench man.' And he's tall, dark haired, brown eyes, muscular and packs a pretty good punch. The other men were all the same, tall, dark haired but they were wearing sunglasses and suits. In any other situation it would of been funny." Alicia explained.

"But they all work for a higher man called Kylan." Sarah added.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that..." Frank muttered.

"And this Thomas had previously attempted to kidnap Zaria and that was why you'd moved to the 'safe house.'?" Asked the female officer.

"Yes, he approached me whilst I was in the backgarden with Bandit." Gerard said. "Then Zaria came out and they conversed in Norwegian."

"Did you understand what was being said?"

"No, but Alicia might be to tell you?"

"You speak Norwegian?"

"Yeah, Sarah taught me Swedish and from there I learnt Norwegian; it's actually pretty similar."

"Then could you tell us what was said?"

"Yeah, it was 3 months ago so lemme think." Alicia said.

"Of course Ma'am."

"Zaria asked who had sent Thomas here, and he had replied the man you fear most; referring to Kylan. This made Zaria kind of... freeze I guess. You could see the fear in her; then she asked what he, Kylan, wanted and if he would harm her family." Alicia said pausing.


"Thomas had said no, he just wants to know who to target should he require the information she had. Zaria completely flipped at this point demanding to know if he would hurt Bandit and then sent Thomas away with a message for Kylan. Thomas simply nodded and left." Alicia finished.

"Okay... Have you any idea what this information is?"

"None at all..." Everyone replied.

"Very well, we shall keep you informed of our investigation and if you hear from the kidnappers in the meanwhile call us imediately." Smiled the female officer. "Thank you for being so co-operative."

"Any time officers, let me show you out." Sarah said, leaving the family to comfort each other.

~~Kylan's Weird Kidnapping Place~~

"Zaria. You can see your sisters." Came Kylan's cruel voice.

"I can?" She asked, her head snapping up.

"Yeah. Here they are." He said as the two toddlers came running into the room.

"Zar!" They cried, grabbing onto her and hugging her for dear life.

"They'll be staying with you from now on. Little brats are too much work for us." Kylan said. "Here's some food, and nappies and all that shit and there pajarmas and clothes too."

"Thank you.." She mumbled.

"Shut up slut." Kylan laughed, walking out and slamming the door.

"He told us you was deaded." Bandit mumbled. Zaria couldn't help but laugh.

"Deaded? You mean dead baby."

"Yeah..." Bandit said with a yawn. "I don't like it here, ZarZar. Where's Mommy and Daddy?"

"They're on their way honey," Zaria said soothingly, "They're on their way."
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