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Chapter 13: Child in Mystic Sun

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A half daemon boy, haunted by his violent past and mocked by his empty future... When his past comes to destroy his dreams, can Kagome save him before his soul dies inside. Alternate Universe.

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Chapter 13: Child in Mystic Sun

by: ellyse the silent

Love is good
and love is kind
love is drunk
love is blind
love is good
and love is mine
love is wrong all the time.

-Smashing Pumpkins




I walked home alone after school. I hadn't looked for Sango though I had seen her a few times. Inu-Yasha was gone when I came out of the nurse's office and the loneliness of having nobody to talk to was setting in. Should I go look for him? Should I call her? She might still want to be my friend.

As I rounded the corner to go down to the library which was past the Kendo Dojo, I saw Inu-Yasha and two of the other kendo students. They looked angry, pushing his shoulders (though he didn't move, or even flinch). He just stood there listening to them say whatever it was they were yelling in his face with a bland expression. I hung back in the shadows of the building I had just come around, watching silently.

Finally the two seemed to have said their piece and stalked off, in the opposite direction of the library. Inu-Yasha didn't move for a moment but then he turned and looked at me.

I ran across the street towards him. "Hi."

"Hi," he replied softly.

"Are your friends mad at you?" I asked turning to watch the two other boys walk away.

"What friends?" His voice, always so chocolaty, swept over me.

"Those boys I saw you talking with, aren't they your friends?" I nodded towards the disappearing boys. When he turned to walk away I followed, walking beside him.

He shook his head, his white hair swinging back and forth. "I don't have any friends." He didn't sound happy, he sounded accepting and a little lonely.

"None?" I couldn't believe it.

"They are from Kendo Club," He slanted his golden eyes in my direction.

"Which is relevant... how?" I had to trot to keep up with Inu's long legged strides. He looked back at me and immediately slowed down.

"Thanks," I said, making a vague motion with my hand, "You walk fast."

His lips curved up a little, something close to a smile. "Want to get something to eat?"

My eyes widened, was he actually asking me to hang out with him? "Sure, where do you want to go?"

"I know a good spot over a few streets," He shot another look at me. "Will your mom be ok with you and me... you know..."

I shrugged, "I go out with my friends after school all the time." I watched him, wondering if he would react the being called my friend.

His expression didn't change though I couldn't see his eyes. "Oh... come on then," he said.

I wondered after all the time we had spent together last Saturday if he was suddenly going to pretend that it didn't matter. He kept avoiding my eyes and I wondered what it meant. I wanted to be his friend; I wanted it so badly I was shocked at myself.

There was that weird instinct feeling again... I swallowed hard and tried not to look at Inu-Yasha's face. I wished he would talk to me. He led me down a little side street to a little tea house nestled between a dojo and a clothing store. The sign was in Japanese and said: The Way of Seven Pillars.

"My treat," He rumbled as he pushed the door open and held it for me. The interior was dim and there was no restaurant filler music only the sound of water gently falling over rocks.

As soon as we stepped inside a petite woman in a kimono came running up to us. "Table for two, yes?"

"Hai." Inu-Yasha nodded and motioned for me to come stand next to him. When I stepped to his side he wrapped one of his huge hands around my elbow and propelled me after the lady. My body lit on fire, starting with the arm he touched.

The Japanese lady led us to a small table next to a koi pond and fountain. "I'll give you a few minuets, yes?" She had a friendly smile.

"Thanks, Tanoshimi-san," Inu-Yasha took the menus offered us.

"Your welcome, Shiro-san," she said in a cute Japanese accent. She smiled at me and disappeared into the back with her elegantly styled hair waving behind her.

Inu-Yasha handed me one of the menus but made no move to open his, "Kendo club is highly competitive." I stared at him stupidly for a moment before realizing that he was referring to our conversation out on the sidewalk.

"So you can't all be friends?"

"Something like that." He still didn't open his menu, devoting his whole attention to me. His gaze caressed my face like a physical touch.

"I guess archery is different then... because you are on a team."

He nodded, "Especially true for me."

"Why?" I leaned forward eagerly.

"I'm a challenger for the district Kendo championship title. It's a big deal for some people." He shrugged, still staring intently at me.

"Not you?"

He seemed to be debating how much to tell me when -

"Welcome to The Way of Seven Pillars Tea house. Are you ready to order?" A new voice interrupted our conversation.

"Oh... uhm well..." I started to try and stumble through an order when I found myself staring at the boy who had grabbed Sango's ass just a few days ago. "Hey!"

He blinked at me for a moment before his face broke into a smile. "You are one of Lady Sango's friends."

His smile was infectious, although it reminded me of a little boy who had just found a new play thing. "Yes, I am Kagome."

"Nice to meet you, Kagome-san. I am Miroku."

"Nice to meet you too, Miroku-san."

Inu-Yasha shifted in his chair drawing Moroku's attention to him. "We will have an order of Dragon Rolls and some green tea, please." He said the please through clenched teeth, like it hurt him to say it.

Miroku glanced at him before turning back to flash me a grin. "And for you?"

"We'll share." Inu-Yasha snapped.

"Alright." Miroku smiled at me again and held out his hand for the menus. It had a strange purple glove-like thing secured to his middle finger with a rosary wrapped around it. I handed him my menu mindlessly, staring at his wrist. When I looked at Inu-Yasha he seemed to be waiting for me to say something.

"I'm glad you saved me."

He blinked. "From...?"

"Making an idiot out of myself. Since you come here often it seems you know what's best on the menu." I smiled at him.

Some of the tension went out of his shoulders. "So... Did you work things out with your friend?" Inu-Yasha asked staring into my eyes.

I blushed, "I kind of told her to leave me alone for a while."

He cocked his head, some of his hair falling over his shoulder. I leaned forward and reached out to touch it. It reminded me of silk the way it shined. He flinched. "What?" He seemed to almost growl.

I pretended not to notice. "Do you dye your hair?" I asked as I pulled more over his shoulder.

He looked at me strangely, "No, it hereditary, from my father."

I ran my fingers through it, and just as I thought, it did felt like silk. It slid through my fingers so lightly it tickled and soothed at the same time. "Wow, that's cool."

"Whatever." he shrugged.

I was about to ask about his father when Miroku walked over with our Dragon Rolls.

"For the lovely lady..." He said, smiling at me and completely ignoring Inu-Yasha.

I smiled at him. "Thanks Miroku-san."

He gave me a mock solute and turned away.

I looked at the lightly browned rolls hungrily. Inu-Yasha didn't move and I realized he was waiting for my lead. I reached over eagerly and pulled one onto my plate. Inu-Yasha followed suit and did the same.

"Yum," I said, biting into a wrap. "Hot!" I gasped dropping the roll onto the plate.

Inu-Yasha smiled a little. "Animal, blow on it first."

I stuck my tongue out at him and then took his advice. "I really like these!"

"So what else do you like?" Inu-Yasha asked after a pause, stuffing half a Dragon roll in his mouth. I stared at him. He looked up, licking a piece of lettuce off his lips.


"Was that... interest? And you are being really nice. Are you okay?"

"Keh. I'm fine." Inu-Yasha glared at me. "Why?"

I shrugged. "Everyone says that you are really mean."

"I let you come to my house the other night didn't I?" He snapped harshly. When I recoiled he closed his eyes and I watched in fascination as his taunt jaw muscles relaxed. When he opened his eyes, they were calm pools of amber. He stared at me a moment before continuing in a gentler voice, "Why do they say that?"

"Well... you aren't exactly the friendliest person." I mumbled.

Inu-Yasha looked at me thoughtfully for a moment. "Maybe people just aren't very friendly to me."

"Maybe they can tell you're keeping secrets." I said.

His eyes widened and he stuttered, "W-w-what s-s-secrets." His face turned crimson then deathly pale in a matter of seconds.

I realized that the stutter wasn't just nervousness, but an actual speech problem that just happen to appear.

He stood up abruptly. "S-s-sorry, I-I need to go t-to the b-bathroom," He said softly and then fled toward the back of the restaurant. I stared after him, wondering if he would come back.



I stared at my reflection in the mirror, hating what I saw. My face was deathly pale and I looked sick. I hadn't had a problem with my stutter for years. Suddenly, out of no where, I start stuttering again. Kagome... I was going to have to go back out there and I wasn't sure what she was going to do now. Laugh at me maybe... Leave? Maybe she was already gone.

I turned on the water and splashed it over my face. I looked up and took a deep breath. "K-k-kagome." I groaned. I was relapsing. "Damn!" I smirked at my reflection; that had come out right. "Just b-breathe."

I paced back and forth on the grimy tiles wondering what the hell I was supposed to do. Well, I couldn't stay in here forever.

Pushing open the swinging bathroom door and walked towards our table. Miroku was standing next to her and they were laughing. I clenched my fists and forced myself to walk towards them. Kagome looked up and smiled at me, a little tentatively I thought.

"Hey! Inu-Yasha-kun." She said.

Miroku turned around and I gave him my signature death glare, the one I usually reserve for my Kendo opponents. He backed away slowly as if he was about to encounter a crazed rabid animal. "See you later, Kagome-san."

"Bye Miroku-san," She answered cheerily. He waved and walked away. I sat down, avoiding her eyes.

"Are you ok?" She asked leaning forward to look at me.

I nodded.

Kagome shifted before speaking. "It's alright Inu-Yasha... My little brother, Souta, had speech problems."

I looked up at her, noting the slip and omission of the honourific, like I even fucking cared. "I b-bet he d-didn't s-s-stutter l-like this." My face got hotter with every word I messed up.

"No, but he lisped a little and couldn't pronounce r's or l's right." Kagome smiled a little. She reached out and touched my hand. I turned it over and she ran her fingertips up and down my palm. Her touch was soothing.

"I h-haven't h-had a problem in a long t-time," I muttered.

Kagome bit her lip. "Just take your time. And... uhm... I'm sorry I said that..."

"It's all right." Emboldened by my progress I continued, "You w-would laugh if I t-told you my s-s-secret." S's were by far the hardest sound for me to make.

"No... I won't." Kagome leaned forward, her hand still playing with mine. She paused after saying no to emphasize her point.

I looked away and then back at her upturned face, shining with happiness. I glanced at our hands. If she didn't care that I stuttered maybe she would understand other things... daemonic things. I pushed the thought away; no one in their right mind would accept the other things.

"I paint."

Kagome's hand tightened in mine. "Can I see?"

I stared at her. She was crazy. First she didn't make fun of me when I stuttered and then she was excited that I painted. Why the hell would she be excited? It's not that exciting.

"What's with you bitch?"

I could have happily cut out my tongue with a dull rusty knife after those words left my mouth. Her mouth dropped open in shock and she looked mad, cheeks tinged pink. Her scent spiked with anger. Way to go Yash! Just fucking shove her away why don't you?

I tightened my hand on hers, knowing that she would try to draw away. "Higurashi! I'm s-s-sorry."

Humans had made the term bitch disrespectful. It really was a term of endearment among the Inu-Youkai. I was slipping, letting myself get too comfortable with her. Her face softened as I stuttered out my apology.

"I'll show you s-some. Maybe tomorrow?"

"Ok..." She murmured as I weaved my fingers though hers, watching her face. Kagome seemed to be softening and her smile proved it.

"Walk you home?" I asked hoping she would say yes. I'm glad I didn't stutter when I said that even if it came out awkward.

She smiled at me. "That would be nice."



"Inu-Yasha?" my mom opened my door and stuck her head in.

"What?" I rolled over. I already knew this was about Kagome.

She came all the way into my room and sat down on one of my chairs. "Where did you go with Kagome?"

I squeezed my eyes shut, "To eat an after school snack." I answered knowing where this was going. I ran my hands through my hair and sat up. "Why?"

"You- you never liked girls before... are you... does she...?" She was trying hard not to just come out and say what she really wanted to say. She doesn't need to act like she's touching a fucking boil when we talk about my daemon half.

"No, she is not a daemon hunter. No, she doesn't know about the ears, fangs, or claws. No, she isn't a whore! Anything else?" I snapped.

"Inu-Yasha!" I could tell she didn't like my tone of voice, but I didn't care.

"Why can't you just accept that maybe she is my friend?" I was angry. "Is it just too weird that someone could actually like me for me?" I stood up, my rage growing. "This is because I am different isn't it! You are worried that she'll find out and hate me and I'll..." What could I do? "...go off in a rage and hurt her! That's it isn't it!" I paced my blood boiling, yet somehow more hurt than I was angry.

"Yash, that's part of it yes- I don't want you hurt by a thoughtless girl." She picked up my sword calmly and handed it to me. I felt my rage dissipate. "But what did you talk about? It's hard to imagine you being in a conversation for more than two minutes with out offending someone." She said it lightly but she was right... again.

I sat down on the edge of my bed and sighed. "She wasn't offended too much. She smells good." I closed my eyes, bringing to mind Kagome's scent. "I... I want to be her friend..."

Kaede sat down next to me and rubbed her small hand across my back. "If you want to have a lasting relationship with her you have to tell her the truth."

I let my head slide down to rest on her shoulder. "I know, I can't though! There isn't any point in it. Just a lot more pain and..." I trailed off annoyed with my own inability to express it into words. "She can't ever find out. She would hate me."

"Yash, I know you feel that way but what is the real problem?"

"I don't want her to know I am different..." I whispered, I couldn't deal with the anger and fear I knew she would feel if she found out my dark secret.

Kaede ran her fingers through my hair soothing me. "The closer you get to her, the closer she comes to finding out." Kaede's voice was soft, I knew she wasn't trying to hurt me but he words stung.

"I know..." I murmured, "But I don't want... I can't stop myself." I didn't even want to try to separate us.

I think I knew that I was falling in love with Kagome then. I think I knew that I should end it now before it was too late and Kagome got hurt by me and my past. I think I knew somewhere in the rational human part of my heart that our relationship was doomed before it even started. Being with her and knowing I was consciously deceiving her about who and what I am was a bittersweet pleasure.

And I couldn't stop, not now.

((A/N: Awww! Fluff! BTW: The Smashing Pumpkins song is: "Shame" from the Adore album I give them all credit so don't sue. ;-) So I finnaly got my ass around to finishing this chapter. Thank you Petpeeves12 ( for cramming this into your schedule and thank you to sono.obake ( for all the nice reviews! You will help me reach my goal!))
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