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The Aftermath Of A Hotel Night

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Joncer# Spencer and Jon have trouble finding words to explain their feelings, while Brendon and Ryan seem incapable of keeping their hands off each other.

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Spencer twitched an awkward smile as his eyes caught sight of the man before him. Bass in hand and balancing skillfully on the edge of the stage, Jon began an improvised beat; unaware of his being watched. He paused to compose the next line in his head and scratched it in thought, before continuing to play. His legs swung immaturely over the edge of the stage as he sat and kicked the wooden platform occasionally. Suddenly- or so it seemed to Spencer- Jon lifted his head, ceased the playing and whistled.

“Spence, come help me figure this out would you?” He called across the room.

Spencer, who had been leaning against the walls and watching the stage, jumped a little; his eyes flickering in shock of his being called upon. Before moving towards it, he sighed. He twirled drumsticks in his hand, in an attempt to keep busy- keep his mind occupied. He counted to three in his head before speaking. What sounded was a croak of a sentence, but good enough for Jon.

“What’s up?” Spencer asked and Jon cocked his head to the side; noticing Spencer’s odd behavior. He looked around at the empty stage room; the room in which every single sound was echoed, every movement exaggerated and every breath important. Brendon called it the room where magic begins; people from all different backgrounds unite together as one giant ball of sweat and passion- the way it should be.

“I can’t figure out how to go from here.” Jon admitted and proceeded to demonstrate. Spencer nodded his head; appreciating the music, until the last string was stuck. Jon lifted his hands in an explanatory way and waited for guidance. He looked up, spotting a stain near a spot light and exhaled loudly, in exasperation. Spencer’s hand reached out to take the bass from his friend’s grasp and leant it against the stage. He pushed his hands against the stage floor and used it to hoist himself up onto it.

The two mirrored each other’s seating habits.

Spencer’s eyes dragged up and down a side view of Jon; tracing the outline of his face and head. He blushed slightly and stuttered.

“You need a break.” He muttered shyly.

“What I need is-” Jon began, but was interrupted by the accidental brushing of fingers together. His mouth opened and his eyebrows furrowed together, as he looked down at his hands. Spencer stared in horror at his hands- being the one who’d shifted for comforts sake only and ended up placing two of his fingers over Jon’s.

Neither moved away from each other- if anything they moved closer; their head simultaneously tilting downward in embarrassment. Jon licked his lips in an attempt to articulate the words that were forming in his head.

“What I need is a drink.” He quaked, hesitantly freeing his hand from under Spencer’s clammy fingers. He jumped to his feet and made for the door slowly; making sure not to lose the drummer of his band.

When the two emerged from the vast hall, they were greeted by the remains of their band; two flushed and messy looking guys, who had, inevitably, just had sex. Spencer rolled his eyes at Ryan and Ryan returned it with a smug grin. Brendon too was grinning and pulling the corners of his shirt from under his jeans; attempting to shake of suspicion. He, then, reached for Ryan’s hand, which clasped it lovingly as the four entered the second dressing room.

There were plenty of beers in the fridge and enough space for all to have a sofa each, but Ryan lay down with Brendon and the two began to smooch. Jon faked a gagging sound to gain their attention and Spencer laughed at it, reaching for the bottle of beer that Jon was handing out to him.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered to Jon, as the couple on the sofa turned into each other again and giggled. Spencer knew they would be distracted for a while, so talking about private matters was easy. “I’m just- I’m scared.”

Jon blew air into the neck of his bottle; making a whistling sound. He jerked his head towards the door to hint at exiting and Spencer followed his lead.

Once outside, the two found an awkward silence waiting for them. Jon tried to break the tension by humming but Spencer remained still; staring into the bottle of beer that he was gripping with all his might.

“I’m sorry it happened.” He whimpered.

“Really?!” Jon almost shouted. He was surprised that Spencer was regretting it because he certainly wasn’t. In fact, if anything, he’d been remembering it fondly for the past week. He’d enjoyed replaying the scene in his head every night before he fell asleep; his wildest dreams had finally came true and he held onto the memory like a security blanket. He also knew, however, that Spencer was fragile. He’d been hurt before and the effects seemed permanent.

“I don’t want you to be sorry it happened.” He managed; staring straight at Spencer’s hands and keeping his own by his sides. Spencer’s eyes screwed tightly together in sudden aggression and he raised his head sharply.

“What do you want?” He demanded and Jon stepped forward; smiling.

“You.” He said in a clear, crisp voice that penetrated the still air and awkwardness that had built up between them. Stepping forward into Spencer’s space, he tipped his head forward so his lips could find Spencer’s. They were beginning to feel like a comfortable home for Jon; he felt welcome in Spencer’s mouth and rarely wanted to be away from it. He curled his fingers of his free hand around Spencer’s waist and kissed harsher, forcing Spencer back against the door of the dressing room. His back made a thudding sound against it and the rest of the band jumped up from their sofa and marched towards the door.

Jon, who had foreseen the sound drawing attention to them, tore himself away from his newly claimed home and stepped back.

“This isn’t over.” Spencer muttered in a flirtatious tone and Jon believed him, because they’d wound up in hotel rooms before plenty of times. Granted, things had never gone so far as to rank highly with Ryan and Brendon’s adventures, but the last time they’d been together, they’d gone further than ever before; all the way.

Spencer winked at Jon before slipping into the room behind him.
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