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Emotional Yoyo

by MarkPoa 2 reviews

Poem on changing feelings

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Drama - Published: 2006-05-31 - Updated: 2006-05-31 - 139 words - Complete

Emotional Yoyo

Fingers snapping,
Unburdened heart singing.
Listening to the beat
On headphones, feeling complete.
Suddenly noticing, couples kissing,
Holding hands while walking...
Mind starts reminiscing,
Wishing and pleading,
Heart becomes heavy,
Of a best-forgotten memory,
A vision of loveliness,
And everpresent loneliness.

Dark clouds hovering,
Feet burdensome and dragging.
Sounds continue unheard,
Joyful feelings now seem absurd.
Lost in the whys and goodbyes,
Tears in my eyes.
When out of the blue
A friend, real and true,
Greets with a wave and smile,
Converses for a while.
The clouds parlay,
Sneaks in a small light ray.

How silly it seemed,
A short-lived stream
Of thoughts and worries
Of myriad stories...
Feelings of depression,
Volatile emotion.
Easy come, easy go
Like summer snow.
Hear the beat again,
Tap your feet, friend.
Joy, bliss, moods, sadness
Just a little madness.
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