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Frank gets a rude wake up call.

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A/N: Sorry I haven't updated the torture fic! I promise I shall soon.

Chapter Seven: Stained

Frank had carried Gerard back to his room afterwards and laid him on the bed. He was still highly rattled from the experience, and was even more so when Gerard taking quite a while to wake up. He examined his injuries, starting with the face and arms that were already exposed. Nothing serious. He lifted Gerard's shirt and examined the area that it covered. The bruises here were a bit more concerning. They were darker and much larger in size. Strangely, a couple of his injuries here looked a bit older.

Frank felt a strong amount of repulsion at the bartender, and whoever might have hurt Gerard. How can you hurt something so damn beautiful? He hated that Gerard's pale white skin was now ailed with such sinister looking marks. Frank had always loved this skin. It was so white, it reminded him of something pure and innocent --- like a lily flower. Even though he knew Gerard was far from innocent. None the less, he certainly didn't deserve to be treated this way.

This is what Frank had been afraid of. This is why he was so nervous about Gerard going out with all these men, he figured. These assholes didn't know how to treat Gerard like Frank did. They didn't know how fragile, or for that matter how amazing he could be. They would never understand.

Frank stared at Gerard's pants, wondering if he should remove them to examine his legs (and other things) as well. Would Gerard be upset at the idea Frank had undressed him that way while he was knocked out? He stared at it for a bit longer before sighing and deciding that he shouldn't. If the injuries everywhere else were merely mediocre, he didn't figure there would be some drastic change on his lower half.

Frank thought to call the guys. Mikey would want to know. Then again, his injuries weren't that serious. Nothing Frank couldn't handle on his own. And they were all having fun at the bar downstairs.

'...and this is the only chance you've had to be alone with him for a while...'

Yeah, it was just too bad it couldn't have happened under more preferred circumstances, Frank thought sulkily as he got in the bed with Gerard. He laid himself down and looked at his long time friend lying next to him. Feeling confident that Gerard wouldn't wake up for a while, Frank gave him a kiss on the forehead. After having tested the waters that way, Frank went ahead and wrapped his arms around Gerard, pulling him close to him. He stroked his hair, inhaling the top of his scalp. Smelled like coconut. He figured if Gerard were to wake up, he was in need of a hug anyway.


Frank had fallen asleep. Once he did, he fell into a world of jumbled dreams, most of them about Gerard. Gee needed him. Yet he didn't understand how to help.

Once he woke up, the first sight he was met with was the fact that Gerard's face was still nuzzled in his chest. This made him smile. He didn't want to leave this position until he had no choice but to. He loved lying with Gerard, just like this. Just like they used to.

Frank's eyes didn't wander anywhere else besides Gerard's face for a long time. When it did, however, they were met with a horrific sight.

There was blood all over the sheets. A giant puddle of red on the white blanket, seeming to originate from Gerard's lower half. Frank panicked. He threw the sheet off of both of them and scrambled to remove Gerard's pants, not thinking of any of his earlier concerns. His friend could be bleeding to death after all.

He yanked Gerard's tight black jeans off to reveal such a bloody mess, he had trouble locating the source of the blood. Finally, he found it. There were gashes on both of his legs, near a very intimate area. Upon closer observation, there was also string all over the place. Broken string. What on earth?

Frank was freaking out. What the hell was this? He knew he had to call Mikey now. He got out his phone and called Mikey's number. After briefing him slightly, Mikey said he'd be right there and hung up before Frank could say much else. Frank knew he'd hurry over there.

Sure enough, Mikey and Ray showed up only moments later. Mikey immediately ran to his brother. Frank saw him pale when he did, not that he could blame him. Everyone in the room was paler than their usual skin color, including Gerard, which was saying something.

However, Mikey acted fast. He directed Frank to get towels and he asked Ray to get him the first aid kit that was in Gerard's room. They used the towels to help stop the bleeding temporarily. Frank was instructed to apply pressure on the injury, although he felt slightly uncomfortable enough touching Gerard in such an intimate area.

Ray nearly ran to Gerard's room, nearly knocking over some people on the way. He went inside and looked at the room around him. Frank hadn't really been able to tell them what had happened, but from the looks of it, there was obviously a fight. Things from the dresser were on the floor. The was half a chair on the ground as well. He looked at the table and saw a pair of handcuffs that had one cuff on the table leg, but the other cuff had nothing in it. It was opened. Whatever had been cuffed to the table had gotten away.

He remembered that they were in an urgent situation and dashed to the bathroom. He grabbed the first aid kid, and found it odd that it was already out. He turned around to bring it back to Mikey and them, when something that caught his eye stopped him dead in his tracks.

There was a little baggie of cocaine just near the sink.


Next chapter: Confrontation.
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