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My Chemical Fort

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Mini Frerard, again.

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NOTE. So It`s been a while since I`ve posted one of these, and I like writng them, so here we go. I was bored (what a shock) couldn`t sleep (again, shocking) so I wrote this. I hope you like it. I`ve got the next chapter of danger days:Bob`s story up, if you read that and six chapters of heaven help us up as well. Again,hope you like this, please let me know if you do
Frank`s pov.
“HI GEE!” I rush over to my dark haired, super pale best friend.
“Hey, Frankie.” He smiles and pulls me in for a hug, ignoring the laughing and eye rolls of the others who were standing behind us along with his younger brother, Mikey. By the “others” I meant Ray and Bob, two of our other friends.
“What do you wanna do today?” Ray asks us, glancing around the Way`s large back garden, as though and idea would just pop out of thin air. Like expected, it didn’t. the only things in the garden was the swing set, slide, sand pit, paddling pool and the three evergreen trees right at the back of the garden.
Bob shrugs; something he knows really annoys Ray, his best friend. Well, they were kinda best friends, not as close as me and Gee, but they were pretty close. Bob had a bad habit of annoying Ray though; and more often than not it wasn’t by accident.
“We could play swing ball!” Mikey squeals happily, wanting to play the game. Gerard and me groan, Mikey always insisted that we played swing ball ever since their mama bought them it last week.
“I wanna make a fort.” Bob smiles smugly, seeing the attention had been directed away from Mikey and onto him.
Ray and Gee tilt their heads to the side, confusion clear on their faces. I knew what it was. I felt rather smug that I knew something that Gee didn’t, and he was older. Mikey who had come to stand next to me was looking up at me, eyes wide and innocent as he asked me a question.
“Frankie, do you know what it is?” he whispers and he looks so sweet that can’t help but tell him.
“Something you build that has walls and you can hide in it and stuff.” I whisper back, still feeling rather proud.
“Ya know-A fort?!” they shake their heads and Bob sighs sadly.
“I know what it is!” Mikey yells happily.
“What then?” Gee asks him, one eyebrow raised, looking as though he highly doubted that Mikey had it right, but wanting to hear him all the same.
“A fort is somethink you build with walls and stuff. You can hide in it too.” He says, smiling proudly, puffing his chest out.
I smile to myself, seeing that everyone was impressed.
“How do we make one?” Ray asks, scratching his head looking around the garden again.
I had an idea.
“I know!” I scream, shocking everyone. (Not because of the noise, they were used to that, but because I had been silent for so long, they were probably scared.
I run over to the red and yellow slide in the middle of the garden and the others follow me.
“We can use sit under there.” I point at the rather large gap underneath the slide which was taller than us. “And get towels to make doorways and stuff.”
Everyone seemed happy with this until Ray pointed something out.
“The gap isn’t big enough for us all to sit under.” He says sadly, glancing from the slide to us and back again.
“The swing!” Gee screams triumphantly. “We can hang towels across the metal bars.”
“Great, then we can have two forts and have a huge battle thing!” Bob smiles as he speaks in an excited, rushed voice.
“Mikey, go ask mama for some old towels, Ray and Bob go find some fabric crayons to decorate with.” As he runs inside we all sort into groups. Ray and Bob were going to have the slide as their fort and Me, Mikey and Gee would have the swing.
“Here are the towels and crayons.” Mikey rushes back over, arms full of old, worn bath towels and multicoloured fabric crayons.
We each take a few towels and crayons each, then race over to either the swing or slide and start decorating.
“That’s cool.” I was glad I was with Gee; he was amazing at drawing and was in the middle of drawing a massive monster type thing in the centre of a white, holey towel. After a few minutes we had finished and started hanging them over the metal bars. (After lifting the swing seat out of the way and putting on the top of the bars) soon we had a fort built and it looked like Bob and Ray did too as we couldn’t see them.
“Fight!” Bob and Ray scream, suddenly jumping out from under the slide, charging towards us.
We ran towards them and began “fighting” with invisible swords, Mikey was "fighting” Bob with Gee and I was trying desperately to defeat Ray on my own, hoping to impress him, though I hadn’t a clue why. I guess it was `cause he was my best friend and good at everything he did. We keep fighting, I “kill” Ray and he falls dramatically to the floor, and then nearly get “Shot” by Bob, but Gee steps in and we “kill” him. The “battle” had lasted ages, and we could hear our mamas calling us, telling us to clear up. We did, grudgingly, wishing we didn’t have to; building forts was much funner than destroying them.
“Good day, boys?” Gee and Mikey`s mama asks us as we all enter the house, arms laden with the remains of our “Forts.”
We all nod eagerly. “Frankie was great, mama-he killed Ray and them help me and Mikey finish off Bob.” She laughs kindly at her eldest son and ruffles his dark hair.
“Gee saved my life!”
“As long as you had a good time.” She says still smiling.
We all nod again-we had had a great time.
“Bob, time to go.” His mama was at the door, along with Ray`s. My two friends reluctantly follow their mamas out and away from the Way`s house, dragging their feet as they went.
“Frankie!” I sigh, my mama was here. I hug Gee`s mama goodbye, then Mikey and Gee.
“Thanks for saving my life, Gee.” I whisper in his ear. He smiles and presses a quick kiss on my cheek, causing our mamas to go “awww.”
“Any time, Frankie.”
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