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Shut up and kiss me will you?

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Haha frerard makes me happy! :)

Franks POV
He kissed me, he had fallen for me? "Gee, I do love you. It's crazy because it's been barely a day but i've never wanted anything like this." I said meaning every word. He wasn't going to like the next part. " But i'm supposed to be a christian, a strict one at that. Homosexuality is a sin. Bett and Jesse? They would kick me out, they would never approve. I've been a big enough disappointment as it is." I said cupping his cheek because i couldn't resist this any longer. His face had held a small adorable smile but now it had dropped. His face blank and empty. " I understand." He said as he got off the bed and went downstairs. Mikey and Ray arrived back just as he had disappeared. " What happened?" Mikey cried in shock. " Frank, Gerard, Mikey......huh?" Ray asked enjoying a cupcake a little more than he should.

Mikeys POV
Dinner was awkward. The table had been layed out so Frank would sit next to Gerard but Gerard quickly traded places with Ray making him sit the other side of the table and diagonal from Frank. It was as though he didn't want to be around him all of a sudden? His eyes were cold, red and his cheeks were swollen. It didn't take a genius to work out he had been crying but i didn't say anything i just patted his shoulder as we tucked into our meal. Soon after, Gerard left for home without me or Dad. " Gee. hang on we'll leave in a about an hour or so, son." Dad had tried to reason with my brother. He simply shook his head, his wisps of hair flying across his face. " It's ok Dad. I'm tired. I'll meet you back when you get in, take as long as you like. Thankyou for the dinner Bett and Jesse. Goodnight everyone." He said finally before leaving, gently shutting the door behind him.

The next Day

Franks POV
I woke up feeling fragile. The sky was somehow still black just like when i had fallen asleep. Glancing at the clock on my nightstand i saw that it was only 4am i had only managed 2 full hours of sleep. My religion was important to me, and i knew that some people wouldn't mind it. They had adapted to homosexual relationships and were accepting. I hoped that God would still love me, although he may not fully approve. But what if i went to Hell? What if Bett hated me? She was the closest thing to my mother that was left in this lonely, cold world. I knew what i had to do now. I hauled myself up out of bed and lowered myself from the window, i gently dropped to the floor scraping my knees on the gravel outside. " Shit" I mutter seeing Bett's light flick on. She glances outside as i hide in the rose bush, she'd murder me personally if she saw i'd snuck out. She stared out a few seconds longer before shaking her head with a confused expression etched on her face and turning her light off. I then took off as fast as i could. I'd never been to the Way Household but i knew they lived on the last house on the left of Cemetery Drive. Ray always mocked them because of it, called them the halloweeners because their home resembled a horror movie. After fifteen minutes of flat out sprinting and almost being run over twice i was finally at their house. I looked up seeing a red bedroom with its light still on, a Black Flag poster was on the wall. That's typical Gerard, i thought to myself throwing stones up to the window. The beauty of Belleville came to the window topless, exposing his bare milky white chest. How could he be this gorgeous? He smiled at me softly and within seconds he was at the front door. " Come in Frank. You must be cold, what on earth possessed you to come at this time? You could've got hurt." He said concerned laying a hand upon my shoulder. " Shut up and kiss me will you." I say pulling him into me. His mouth soft and tasting sweet, his scent of coffee and stale cigarettes. My hands enterwine with his and we stand there kissing for what feels like hours, but it's not long enough. He looks right at me, his eyes filled with regret before dropping his head down to the floor. " Frank, I have a Girlfriend." He said. I honestly wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.

Gerards POV
" Frank, i have a girlfriend." He looked heartbroken which caused mine to shatter into shards of broken glass, Bulletproof heart? Not any more.
" But Gee," He almost begged. " You''" Frank asked the most feared question of all.
" I know Frank, but i'm trying to shake off the male attraction.I can fit in this way, and she's an amazing person-" I try to reason, thinking of my girlfriend who lived three doors down from me.
" Gee, you can't help what you are, this will never work. I'm willing to risk my family for you. Please, i was wrong earlier. I don't care, i only want you." Frank was starting to cry hard now.
" Frank, i'm sorry. For earlier and for everything now, maybe my decision won't work and i'll regret it all later, but i have to try. It's not fair that you should sacrifice everything for someone like me. You've lost enough. I could never be what you need." I say as i feel my eyes begin to grow moist too.
" Whats her name?" He breathes out still sobbing quietly.
" Eliza." I say, and i wish i could say it with half the passion i feel for Frank.

Aww poor Frankie! Thankyou for reading and all your reviews lovelys! The only hope for me is you! :) x
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