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Leave out all the rest

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This is the first chapter of my short story. Linkin park do not appear until chapter 2. I have also added a few extra characters, Leave out all the rest inspired me from the music video. Enjoy :D

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Chapter 1 - Major crisis

"So within 15 years our planet will be entirely out of fuel". The sound of commotion was rising louder. Some people were swearing and blaming others. whilst some were being more sensible and wondering what could be done about it.
"Is there any way we can make more of any of earth's natural rescoures"? said president walst, Head in hands, and a lot of worry detectable in his voice. professor carragher wiped a bead of swept off his face. He pressed a button on the board and the hologram showing a satelite image of earth vanished and the lights in the office immediately. All the people in the office had quieted down to here if Professor Carragher was going to give some good news. He wasn't.
"Unfortunately mr president, there is no natural source on earth that contains any substance required. And even if their was, it woudln't have enough in it to provide the human race for a lifetime". The commotion started again. People got out of their seats and started screaming out of fear that civilisation itself was going to end.
Only the president and Professor carragher seemed to capable to talk this through.
"Quiet"! The president jumped out of heis seat and practically screamed.
"Professor carragher, i'm sure I know the answer to this question, but it still shows a tiny possibility of hope. Is there any way that earth casn get another supply of feul from anywhere, Perhaps some on one of our solar siblings"?
Mr carragher stood in silence for a few moments and thought. Eventually he took off his glasses, wiped his face with his white lab coat and did the same to his glasses. When he put them back on he said.
"Actually... I think...". Professor carragher began typing away at his computer and after several moments a big grin spread across his face. He practially jumped put of his seat and shouted.
"Yes, I've found a solution". Suddenly the atmosphere in the room got better and the president eventually spoke up.
"What have you found professor"?
"A planet! A planet! A planet in the galaxy with nothing but useable fuel under it's surface".
"Are you sure professor"?
"Positive". The president now shared the same smile as the professor.
"Tell me what needs to be done and i'll get it sorted".
"All we need is a cargo ship to carry the crew and the the fuel and to find a qualified, capable team". After a few moments discussion, the president got out of his chair, bid farewell to his colleagues and left the office.
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