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Stars are falling all for us

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Haha i can't sleep so i'm adding to my frerard because i love my fellow ficwadders endlessly!
3 weeks later

Franks POV
Gerard and Eliza. Geliza they all call it. They've been joined at the hip for three weeks now and it gets harder everyday. I love him more everytime i see him, even if it is only out of the corner of my eye. We've been hanging out together as usual at school. I told Ray and Mikey the reason Gerard ran out that day he came over for dinner was just because i said something that upset about not liking his song lyrics. It was an awful cover i know, but Ray and Mikey believed it and i got my ass kicked for it too. Today there's a barbecue at the Way's house and in honesty i shouldn't be going but again due to Aunt Bett's love of socialising we have to go. No refusals. She'd drag me there even if i was knocking on death's creaky, filthy door. Geliza. It should be Frerard. The stars would be falling all for us.

Mikeys POV
"Burgers?" Dad calls.
"Check." I drearily reply. We've been dong this for hours now, how much food does the guy need.
"Donald, Honey. We have everything." My Mom says kissing him lightly. Since she's been home from her business trip she's been really busy so her days off are always spent with massive gatherings with plenty of family and friends. She likes that sort of thing. Me and Gee hate them. Speaking of Gee that boy has been odd lately. He barely speaks to me anymore. We used to be best friend but now it's like we barely know eachother. He locks himself away in his room to blare music and stare into space most days, after spending time with that THING of his. He has this new girlfriend called Eliza and sure she's polite and seems fairly pleasant but it's clear he doesn't love her and she doesn't seem genuine enough for mikey likey, i think he likes Frankie, he just won't tell anyone because he's frightened. If Eliza found out she would possibly murder Frank, she latches onto Gee like a leech. It makes me sick. I'm so thankful i have a real relationship with my girl, my beautiful loving genuine Alicia. :)

Gerards POV
"And you must be Frankie, Hello Dear. Mikey and Gee have told us so much about you." Mom gushed giving Frankie a gentle hug. I'm dressed in the most ridiculously casual smart ensemble i've ever clapped eyes on. Beige Pants? Hello! I do not play Golf! Frankie nods at me as he gently brushes past me trying to look ahead.
" Shall we all go and sit in the Garden then? The Bryar's wll be here shortly i'd imagine and we're also expecting the McCracken's a little later." Mom said smiling at Bett whilst lacing her fingers through my Dads. Loved up couples make me feel dark these days, as if i don't have enough reasons to self loathe. I'd been drinking again and luckily so far, nobody has caught me. The cigarettes were smoked near a window and the drugs were done in my old tree house at the bottom of the Garden. I was the only one that still used it every now and again.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door and in came Eliza with her friend Isaac in tow. Her newly blonde hair was backcombed and she was wearing a dress with Doc Martens. As pretty as she was, Frankie was still mentally tattooed on my heart. " Hey Lize. Hey Isaac" I say giving her a hug and sighing slightly unintentionally.
"Hey Gee! So how do i look?" She asked twirling.
" Nice." I say.
" Erm... Nice? That's all you can say about me. Gerard, i am your girlfriend. You are lucky to be with me, now how do i fucking look?" She raged.
" Absolutely Beautiful. Indescribable." I say enthusiastically, a facade of course.
" Much Better, Babe. Now let's join these suckers in your garden." She said sauntering past me.
I grabbed her forearm. " Hey Lize! No , no they're boring. I was thinking we could spend some alone time until the other guests get here later. Well me you and Isaac of course." I say. For once, my quick thinking had got me somewhere good. I couldn't let Frank see Eliza, I didn't want to hurt him anymore than i already had.
" Well you sure know how to make Eliza happy." She said planting a passionate kiss on my lips.
I lead her up the stairwell, wishing it was Frankie. Again.
We finally reached my room where she pounced on me, pushing me onto my bed before climbing on top of me. " What the- Eliza?!" I cry. What the fuck is she doing? " Eliza, no. Get off me, please." I struggle but she's tying me to my bed frame with rope from her handbag. Why does she have rope in her handbag? " Gee, you have been very very bad." She purred into my ear. biting down on my neck seductively placing duct tape across my chapped lips. " Isaac, you know what to do." She said tumbling off the bed. I shook my head and kicked, trying with all my will to scream out for help, i was greeted with one bone shattering blow to my face. More and more followed. Suddenly,Isaac was sucking on my skin and biting my neck. He was undressing me, he was naked. He wasn't, was he? Tears began to stream down my face as he touched me and then flipped me over with Eliza's assistance. I tried to run, to anywhere but he forcefully pulled me back by my hair. Eliza was laughing all the way through the ordeal. When it was finally over she removed the duct tape. " Teach you to try and use me again. Bet you enjoyed that didn't you? Flthy Emo Faggot." She spat in my face and they left me there. My face bruised and my heart cracked. I couldn't live like this anymore. Abused, worthless and empty.

Franks POV
Eliza and her friend just ran out of the door slamming it. They were holding hands and laughing hysterically. Where was Gee? Something just wasn't right. I decide to look for him. He must still be upstairs. I think that's where he last was anyway. Donna said something about she'd heard him and Eliza trudging up the stairs. She never spoke much about Eliza, she hated her guts of course, she never said anything in front of her or Gee though. She had done her best to make her feel welcome. Donald too. Donna and Donald, cute right!? I pad up the stairs, calling for him. Nothing. Just a bleak silence. "Gee?" I try again. His bedroom door is ajar, i notice and so i cautiously step inside. Horrified at the sight before me. It was gerard. His body battered and bleeding tied to the bed. "Gee!" I rush to his side taking away the tape across his mouth before untying all the ropes. I pull him into my arms holding him, wrapping a blanket around his bare body as he wept, trembling and repeating the word sorry.

They will get their revenge and they will be together! I promise! Thankyou for reading! Eternal Love and squishy hugs! :) x
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