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By The Lake

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There is a camp, Camp Wampon, and it has a big lake right by it. By day, kids canoe and paddle boat in it, but there is an old saying about the camp. At night, once everyone is asleep, it comes out of the water for five minuets before going back underwater. The story was told by the campfire, and some boys on the front row heard the story. That group of boys said they were going to prove it that night. So they gathered a group, some to be in canoes, some to be on the side of the lake or on the dock.
They went at midnight, when they thought everyone was asleep. But one girl was up, watching them as they went down the hill to the lake. she followed them as far as the mess hall, so she wouldn't be seen. The half that was going in the canoes got on the black jackets they all had, and got in 5 canoes, 3 per canoe. She was watching all this, thinking of all the nasty ways she could expose them, when they set out. The canoes went to the middle of the lake, where it comes up every night. She looked at her watch, and it said that is was 11:57. They waited.
Then it came up, slowly at first, saw the boys, who were video taping the whole thing, and attacked. There wasn't even time for screaming, because the canoes just disappeared. The girl saw this, and was so shocked, she couldn't speak, couldn't move. She just sat there. Then it attacked the boys on shore. It used the water to pull up some wood, a very big piece so if it was human it couldn't even move it, and hit each boy twice, once on the head, once on the back to push them into the water. Once again, the girl was stunned silent.
Then it came for her. She ran to her cabin at the top of the hill, and got under her bed. It had kept up the pace easy. She hardly had time to scream before it attacked her. She was smashed by the bed.
She woke up screaming while being shaken awake by her parents. They had to take her to the hospital. The hospital couldn't do anything. From that day on, she couldn't even be without light. She cold never live normal again.

Eh. Just eh. This is something I had written years ago, and i just remembered it now. I know, it sucks. Needs more depth and character. Well... I'll fix it in time.
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