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Right, so erm, not sure how to start this without sounding really idiotic. Too late I guess. Eh, whatever, on to what I wanted to say. Thank you all so, so, so (keep going for about a thousand years!) to the people who said that they like this story and that they want me to carry on with it. I actually kind of expected you to say I should give in, but I don`t have the best self belief at the best of times, so yeah. I WILL carry on writing this seeing as you sais you like this story. I meant to get the third chapter up today, but my Dad was in a good mood today and took me to get my hair cut and dyed then took me shopping for some stuff. I WILL get it up tomorrow at somepoint though, so I hope it is worth the wait.
I honestly can`t thank you guys enough (I KNOW I sound like a saddo with no life. I DO have one, but it is shitty at the moment) I`ve never benn to confident or had much self belief or anything like that, so it means a hell of a lot to me that people actually like something I have written. And here is a short bit from one of the chapters coming up-the wedding chapter. Quick question-Would anyone want to be a guest at the wedding? You probably wouldn`t have a huge part, but I am planning for a lot of people to be there. I also may use you later on, maybe. At the moment I have a few ideas for how this story could go.

"Frankie..." I breathe, too stunned to say anything other than my Finace`s name. He was stunning,absolutely stunning. His dark, perfect hair had benn cut short again, and I had to admit I was a little saddened that I could no longer run my hands through it,I was already missing the soft, silky hair. But I also had to admit that it suited him very well, but I douted any haircut would fail to suit him. Frank was stood there in front of me, anxiously biting his bottom lip, beautiful chocolate eyes full of uncertainty and love. His suit was perfect too, just like he was and I find myself asking yet again how had I had become so lucky. I felt so plain next to Frank, but I had settleed long ago for knowing he was much better in so many ways than I was. Why he had chosen me, why on earth he felt the same way about me as I did about him was a mystery, but I was not complaining.
He gives me a quick, nervous smile, but one full of love and trust. Alicia had told me "it was only natural to be nervous, even I was" I remember when she told me how her eyes had lit up when she giggled at the last part. It was extremly difficult to imagine Alicia nervous. But I knew that for me and Frank we had more to be nervous about than most couples on thir wedding day, we knew we wouldn`t be accepted by everybody, that we would be hated by many, just because we were in love.
"Ready?" I ask in a hushed voice, closing the small distance between us and squeezing his hand. Frank squeezes mine back and smiles again.
"I`m ready."
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