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Amalie's mother.

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Lucius meets Amalie's mother.

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Title: My Amalie: Chapter Six: Amalie's Mother

Author: Lia

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Lucius kills Amalie's mother.

Disclaimer: None needed. It's all mine.

Warning(s): Death, blood.

Note(s): None

It was 1985 when I met Amalie for the first time. She was five years old and I was 131, although I was only 21 when I was made and still retained that appearance. That night the clouds covered the late December moon and no stars showed, not that they would show much in brightly lit New York City anyway. The wind whipped about violently, stirring the fresh white snow and mixing it with the dirty gray stuff that had fallen earlier.

I was hunting that night. Because I had been a vampire for so long, I no longer needed to hunt every night. Once, maybe twice, in a month was enough. On December 27, 1985, I was hunting in the worst of the slums. This was where evil was most likely to lurk. My maker had once told me that it was wrong to take the life of a living thing, no matter how much we needed the blood. Since we had to kill, we must only kill someone who had done wrong.

When I reached the apartment building the stench of evil was overpowering. I let my sixth sense lead me inside and up to the fifth floor to apartment 506. There was evil in there, unspeakable evil. I had no idea what type of evil it was but that hardly mattered.

My victim was a woman, very beautiful with long black hair and green eyes. She was young, maybe twenty, with a strong will to live. She fought me as I opened the artery in her neck. As I drank, I received a jumble of thoughts from her. Most I could barely make out. There were images of her parents, a boy from high school who had left after getting her pregnant, giving birth in the hospital, a man coming after her with a knife, a tiny girl with black hair and big blue eyes.

Horrified at what I was doing, that I was killing a mother and a wonderful one at that, I pushed her away from me. Why, on tonight of all nights, had I not scanned the mind of my victim? Perhaps then I would have noticed that it was not this woman who was evil but her homicidal boyfriend. This was not the first time I had taken an innocent life but the first time a child was involved.

Her pulse was too slow. Even if I took her to the hospital right away she would not have lived. She looked up at me. "I know what you are. Take Amalie," she whispered.

And that was that.
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