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8 - When Every Starfall Brought You To Tears Again

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8 - When Every Starfall Brought You To Tears Again

Finally, after what seemed to be hours but was actually minutes, they carefully pulled away from each other. Hastily, they wiped away any tears that graced their cheeks and smiled slightly.
Mikey reached over and linked arms with Gerard again as he swayed on his feet, trying to keep his tears away.
"Thank you," he whispered again and they just smiled at him.
Gerard and Mikey stood, their arms linked as Frank glanced occasionaly glancing towards the kitchen door. Ray shot him a glance and shook his head slightly.
Moonlight slipped between the curtains as the brothers walked over to the couch and sat down, Ray, Bob, and Frank sitting in the chairs opposite them.
"I just...I'm so sorry."
Bob frowned slightly, "There's nothing to apologize for, Gerard. We understand, you don't need to keep saying sorry."
"But," Gerard stuttered, "I shouldn't have acted that way, E.." He paused for a moment before continuing. "Elena, wouldn't have wanted me to."
Mikey lowered his gaze to the carpet, that suddenly seemed very interesting, and blinked furiosly. Suddenly he let out a soft chuckle.
"Remember the time she made you apologize to that guy in the ice cream shop because you said he looked funny?"
Gerard shook his head slightly as a smile slowly fought it's way across his face.
"I remember when I first met her, I think she thought I was going to try and break into her house but she still invited me in, and she realized I was your friend," Frank smiled at the memory as Bob and Ray burst into laughter. "What about the time she met Ray?" He exclaimed, "She loved his hair so much!"
Ray blushed before saying with a large smile, "Remember the show that she went to?! She was right beside the speakers!"
They nodded fondly at the memory with soft smiles across their faces.
"Mikes," Gerard started, "Do you remember when we accidentaly broke your glasses?" He let out a soft laugh. "She told us to put tape on it and to not tell mom."
Mikey glared playfully at his brother for a second before retorting, " I remember when she was making your Peter Pan outfit."
A blush crawled across the older Way's cheeks as he ducked his head and his friends let out low chuckles.
"Yeah," he said in between quiet laughs before murmuring so only Mikey could hear, "Green tights.."
The younger Way coughed to cover up his laugh and then he abruply stopped and looked at the ground.
"Do you remember the last time we saw her?" Mikey said quietly, his voice suddenly dropping the excitement it had held just seconds before.
"Yeah," Gerard whispered back, "She was so proud of us."
"She told us, she always knew we were bound to be famous some day."
The older Way sighed softly, "She was always right about those things."
"She gave us the first van so we could get to venues," Frank murmered.
Bob fought back a frown when he said, "I never met her."
Frank reached over to him and gently placed a hand on his shoulder, "She would have loved you."
The brothers nodded with soft smiles, it was true. No matter who they were, Elena had loved everybody. It wasn't that she loved anybody less than the other, she just had that much room in her heart to have a special place for everyone. That was one thing they would never forget about her.
She always met them with a grin and hug when they would stop by her house. Always there to listen to whatever bothered them, and gently pushing them in right directions. And she had always told them, that one day, they would change lives.
Now that she was gone, they were lost. Gerard reached over to Mikey and quickly clasped his hands in a tight grip. He squeezed back just as harshly and could help the tears that threatened to flow.
"I miss her," the two spoke quietly in unison as they tightened their grips and blinked away the tears.
They could feel the pain that dwelled within them threaten to burst forward and held tightly, silently telling each other that no matter what happened, they would always have each other.
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