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To Hear the Song

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Sometimes, if you know the right places to listen, you can still hear the fae.

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Sometimes, if you know the right places to listen, you can still hear the fae.

You can't go tromping about, you understand. You have to learn stillness. It's a proven fact, however, that most humans had the stillness bred out of them generations ago.

Not very encouraging, is it?

But try looking around sometime. Most people are always moving, doing things. Even the ones that look like they're being still have those little things in their ears, whatchacallems, that pipe in music. Never a dull moment, huh?

But that's the price of all that excitement. You stop noticing things. Can't see what's right in front of you if it's not blinking and playing something catchy at you.

When you hear the fae singing, they don't sound like... Oh, what's her name? That woman, the blond one, that everyone likes to listen to? Nevermind, doesn't matter.

Anyway, they don't sound like that. The sound just like natural things, most times. You'll hear birdsong, or water flowing, and you'll forget it. Just normal stuff, right?

But listen... And listen real careful now, 'cause this is important... The way you can tell the fae are singing is because it's too natural. The birdsong's just a little too musical, the water sounds like every description of a stream you ever read in a book... You see what I'm getting at?

...Of course you don't. You wouldn't be able to sit still long enough to tell the difference between a brook that babbles and one that only mutters. No use trying to explain it.

You'll find out soon enough. Or maybe you won't. Tried to warn you, anyway.

Because when you listen underneath the noise that's there, and you hear what they're really singing...

But I'm just a stupid old man, now aren't I?

Just be wary. Make your noise, if you must. Stomp around. But if you're to go invading their places with your noise... Be careful of the stillness. There are still some that can fall into it, accidental-like. And in those places? After you've gone and spread your human noise all over? Be careful. That's all I'm saying.

What? Sorry, can't hear so good anymore. Well, you see, my ears... Wait! Wait, damnit!

He sighs, and pushes the iron nails in a little further. The boy will learn, one way or another. And if things go badly, well... He has more nails. Always plenty of nails.
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