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Adrenaline Danger

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Gathering a KillJoy army isn't an easy task but neither is getting them trained. Just another day in the life of a Faboulous KillJoy.

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“You are to listen to her,” he almost growls. “She’s the boss right now. I don’t care that she looks 18, you will listen to her instructions if you wanna stay here.”

I smile at the red head, tugging at the bandanna tied around my wrist. I smile down at the ground, looking up after a few moments.

“Thank you for that Party Poison, what a lovely introduction.” I say, and the groups of about thirty teenagers whisper quietly. I look at the ceiling as they laugh. Once they stop I snap my head up and look at them, hoping my eyes, which are a blood red color, scare the fuck out of them

“Holy shit!” a kid with black hair exclaims.

“She’s got weird ass eyes,” another says, and I grab his arm.

“Scary aren’t they?” I question, and close my eyes for a second allowing them to cool down. I open my eyes after a brief pause, and the boy flips shit again, “Freaky right?”

“Did your eyes just turn blue? They were friggin’ red a minute ago!” he says.

I nod at him silently, pushing him back into the group, “They heat up and cool down. You’ll get used to it.”

“Now,” I continue once the group is quiet again, “You all are now new recruits. We will work you to your breaking point and further here. I’m probably younger than some of you, but, as you heard Party say earlier, you will respect me or I will make your life hell. You all are brave, and I know how hard it is to find us, let alone make it here. So, here is what this place is,” I look around, surveying the group. Noticing I still have their attention I continue with my speech. “This place is the only one of its kind, it’s like school, but different.”

I laugh a bit as some of the recruits groan, as does Party Poison, who stands next to me on my right, with Fun Ghoul picking his nails on my left. I nudge him in the leg with the toe of my combat boot, and he snaps to attention, leaving behind his spaced out look.

“You will train here. Physically, we will work you. Mentally, we will work you. Emotionally, you will work yourselves. We will teach you what it means to be a KillJoy and you will learn how to survive out there. It will not be easy, and it may not always be fun. But after this you will be able to survive.”

Party speaks up for his part of the speech. “Yes, before you ask, we do have rules! They are here to protect you, and the rest of us. We are a family, not crazy people. You will listen to these rules, and if you don’t, you will be put before the Killjoys for punishment. Those can mean a slap on the wrist, cooking duty, or even expulsion from the school. I’m sure most of you aren’t new to expulsion and punishment.” He continues as Fun ghoul laughs. It’s his turn.

“These are your basics.” Fun says, and points to his right, the heads of the newbie’s all turn towards where he points. “Those are your living quarters. The makeshift houses are for upper classmen and them only. Get in there by invitation only, gotta work for it!” He says brightly, dropping his hand.

“Party Poison and Fun Ghoul, you’re needed to teach in Block B,” a voice cracks over the PA system. I smile.

Turning towards the source of the noise I call back, “They’re on their way Dr. D!”

A chuckle comes over the PA again. Party goes to leave, and I give him a kiss on the cheek, as I do with Ghoul.

“Here are your major landmarks and buildings,” I say handing out a map of the facility. Once everyone has one I point out the back door. “Those are the Blocks. A is for weapons training. B for your talents, once you get them, C for storage, D is for physical training in case of rain. E and the rest are labeled with their names. Those are for storage, overflow housing, and me and the rest of your teachers personal quarters, and a few other classes you will take.” I say and they all nod their understanding, their eyes glued to the paper.

I sit on the ground, motioning for them to do so as well. They scramble to sit. I laugh a bit, and stretch my legs out in front of me; at least they are all good at taking direction. “Speaking of the personal quarters, this brings me to an important rule. No sleeping with any of us. Sorry kiddies, but it’s unfair to grow a personal attachment to any of us. They are pretty tempting, I know. Another rule, use KillJoy names only. Any questions so far?” I ask.

A boy in the back stands, “What if we don’t have one yet?”

“You don’t have a name yet?” I ask confused, everyone has a name. “How many of you don’t have names?” I ask, and about ten hands go up. This is by far the weirdest thing I’ve come across in a while. “You ten come see me later; I’ll help you with names.”

“What’s your name?” a girl with red flames as hair questions.

“Adrenaline Danger,” I reply not really wanting to go into the back story of how I got the name, “Another question?” I ask, seeing a hand go up.

The girl who raised it coughs, and then speaks, her voice is high and squeaky and breaks in a few places like she hasn’t used it in a while, “Why do your eyes do that?” she asks.

Shit, I didn’t wanna go into this. How the fuck am I gonna get out of explaining why when I get excited or angry my eyes turn blood red.

“That’s a story for after orientation,” a male voice says, saving me, as the body that produced the voice settles down next to me. “How you doing Adrenaline?” he asks me, and I smile.

“This is Kobra Kid,” I announce.

Kobra gives the new recruits a nod of his head before he rests it on my shoulder. They all smile like three year olds getting a piece of candy and a few girls giggle nervously.

"Long day?" I question him in a hushed voice.

"You have no clue. I'm sending Party out for duty tonight."

“Rule number 1,” I say, continuing on, making sure I have their attention. “Always be ready for training. Rule 2, keep this, and all sheets of paper I give you with you at all times.”

As I continue listing rules I hand out a sheet that has all the rules typed up this way no one can say they’ve forgotten.

They all scan the page, reading quickly. Then tuck the rules wherever they will fit.

I smile at a blonde with purple streaks, “What’s your name?”

Her eyes, grey like slate, look straight into mine which I’m sure are red again, “I don’t have a name,” she says, “not yet.”

I smile at her, realizing she’s younger than the rest, “You’re not very old are you? What, thirteen, fourteen?” I question and she nods again.

“I’m thirteen.”

“Your name is going to need to be original then."

I continue my orientation, pulling myself to my feet before helping Kobra Kid up. He starts walking, as do I. The group scrambles to get to their feet, trying to catch up with us. I walk in the middle of the herd, which has formed a circle around Kobra and me.

“You all have a talent, be it artistic or otherwise,” I explain as Kobra goes for my hand but I bat it away. “We will be watching you throughout the training period to figure out what your talent will be. We eat in our camps unless otherwise told them you will eat in the dining hall.”

“So, if you don’t have a mask, you’ll have to make one, or use one of our spares and find a way to personalize it,” I say as we walk praying for Party to show up out of the blue and take over. It’s not that I don’t like orientation it’s just they all ask so many questions and I’m not allowed to answer any of them truthfully. Well, not most of them.

The boy from before, the one I pulled from the crowd falls in step next to me, “You said you’d tell us about your eyes.”

I breathe a sigh, “Damn you, Kobra.”

He shrugs before leaving my side. I’m now stuck explaining why I have weird eyes. Where the hell is Party when I need him?

“Look, BLI, those bastards, they captured me a while back; when this thing first started. I was their lab rat. They pretty much wanted me to be a high tech KillJoy killer. I was given a new everything. All day it was chemicals and pills and sleep. I didn’t know what was going on. Then one day there was a raid or something and I got away. Ever since I’ve been able to do weird shit with my eyes; they heat and cool depending on my mood. Once I got out I just kept running. Party and his crew of KillJoys picked me up. I’ve lived with them ever since.” I don’t even leave time for this story to sink in I just go straight onto the next topic. “Alright, group that needs names come with me, the rest of you can go with Kobra Kid to get dinner.”

I lead my group of about ten towards a small garage with a table set up in it. Taking my seat I wait for the rest to follow suit before I begin speaking.

“You, purple streaks, you’re first.” I say, “Any ideas for a name? Anything specific you like?”

“I have a birthmark?” She says, pulling down the neck of her jacket to reveal a spider shaped mark on her shoulder. “Maybe we could make something with that?”

“I’ll come back to you. These aren’t to be taken lightly. These are what you’re stuck with, so be happy with them.”

I turn to a boy with hair that’s black with orange licking the bottom as well as a long orange streak in his bangs which are hanging over his turquoise blue eyes, “You’re name? Any ideas?”

He moves his bangs out of his eyes and looks at me, “I like burning things.”

I nod thinking for a second, “Burning Extermination…how does that sound?”

“Sick!” he says as I point him towards where Kobra took the other newbie’s for dinner.

I turn to the next girl; this one has simple brown hair with a few strips of green here and there, “Same questions.”

“Danger Heart,” she says.

I raise an eyebrow hoping for her to explain. When she doesn’t I wave towards where I sent the boy off to and move on; I’ll let her have her secrets.

This leaves me with eight. My stomach grumbles and I pray for the rest to have at least some idea of what they want their name to be.

I turn to a girl with bubble gum pink hair, freshly died from what I can tell. She has a purple jacket on and in truth looks like she should be in a candy store.

“Candy Dagger,” she says, and I give her a curious look. So far everyone who’s chosen their own names have come up with very interesting ones, “Sounds cool.”

I nod before sending her off to eat.

A boy with black eyes and straight black hair that looks like Ghouls speaks up, “Can I be Black Frequency?”

I nod. He leaves, as does a girl with brown hair and green eyes, who picks Sun Dancer as her name. I turn to a pair of twins. One has red and orange hair that looks like the sun, the other has natural black. The one with black hair speaks up first.

“Ghost Girl” she says, with a nervous smile. I nod, and her sister speaks, “Fox Fire.” she suggests and I nod.

“I like those. You may leave.” I say, and they run out of the room.

Three people stare back at me, two boys and purple streaks. A redhead, natural from what I can see, speaks next.

“Static Monster,” he says. “I ran a pirate radio until the Dracs shut it down. Now it just plays static. I plan on starting it up again if I can.”

With a nod I let him go eat. The last two stare at me until one gets up and leaves without telling me what he chose as a name.

“I’m gonna pick Crash Queen.” The blonde says, “I chose it cause on my way here I managed to crash twelve cars.

I laugh remembering how terrible I was at driving when I first started.
She moves to leave, but I stop her.

“Stay,” I instruct, and she sits.

The blonde and I sit in silence. Eventually, I speak, once I’ve found a nice way to put things.

“You are so young.” I say. “I was your age when I started fighting. I’ve seen and done horrible things. Things you shouldn’t have to do at your age. You can still leave. I’m giving you the option.” I say. I know none of the other KillJoys will want to train her.

“Look, I made it here on my own. No help. I ran and didn’t stop. I can run, I can fight, and I’m a fair shot.” She says, looking slightly smug.

I can tell that no matter what kind of front she puts up she’s shaking in her boots, they all are.

“Look, I respect that. Just know that when we have hand to hand training, your gonna get beaten pretty badly and there’s nothing I can do to stop that. You sure you’re okay with that?” She shrugs.

I laugh and smile. “Then you can stay. I’ll help you with the next part of orientation….”

“It’s time for you to go eat. Tell the newbie group to meet me at Block U.” I say and she gives me a worried look as she pushes herself from the table, walking for the door. “Just do it please…actually, do me two favors?” I ask her and she turns as she strides for the door. “One, find a girl named Motor Baby, she’s your age. Hard to miss, really short purple hair; she’ll befriend you. Stay with her, she’ll keep you from getting into too much trouble. Two, find Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. Tell Ghoul that he’s to make the upper classmen meet us in the same Block only the top ones though. He’ll know who to get where. Also, eat, and get the newbie’s to the block. It’s change time.”

I smile slyly before heading to my block to change. It’s getting hot and the day is still young.
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