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"Someone, Anyone"

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One-Shot Frerard. Contains sexual content. ;]

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Just getting this out there, I'm not one of those people that are like, "LETS GET DIRECTLY TO THE SECKS." Hell naw breh. I need some kinda plot in here. So if you are a person that's all like, "SECKSSSS" then skip down a bit. If your someone who likes a good, happy, emotional story, I would reccomend reading the entire thing. And not just the smut. :P Hope ya enjoy :]

"Erm... Frank?" I echoed on the phone.
"Yeah Gee?" I heard his angelic voice respond.
"Ya maybe wanna come over?" I bit my bottom lip.
"Hell yeah man. Be over in a few." The line then, went dead.

I sighed and sat down on my bed, and hugged the blanket tight, pretending it was a human being. I felt safe there. I closed my eyes and whispered, "Hey babe..." But, of course, there was no responce. I sighed again and opened my eyes, only realizing I just called my blanket 'babe.' Fuck. I pushed the blanket away and bit my bottom lip.

For the last month or so, I had just moaning over a thing in my life that couldn't be fixed. I was so lonely, and I needed someone, anyone. I called Frank over to see if he could maybe comfort me. All his life, Frank had girlfriends, even when he was in kindergarden. I need to know how he got what he wants. And Frank was sure in hell not a virgin either. I'm twenty fucking one years old, and I'm a fucking virgin.

I heard a knock from my bedroom door. "Geeeeerrrrraaaarrrd." It was Frank. I sighed and faced the door, sat up and put on a fake smile. "It's open, come on in." I called to him. Frank slowly turned the doorknob and grinned as he walked in. He looked around my room and giggled his highpitched girly laugh. "Your room's messy. As always." He grinned. I smiled back at him and couldn't help but to laugh a bit. He always brightened up my mood.

"Oh man, Gerd, I got this awesome song on my mp3!" He smiled really big. I raised an eyebrow. I knew what was comeing next, he wanted me to hear the music, then borrow the cd from him, and make him feel like he had great taste in music... even though that ALWAYS happens when I listen to his songs. I couldn't help but to smile softly and respond, "Lemme hear it dude. If you picked it, it's gotta sound rad." Frank smiled at me and jumped over a messy pile of clothes on the ground, and ploped down onto my bed to sit with me. We leaned against the wall, our legs hanging off the side of the bed.

Frank grabbed his mp3 out of his pocket, and stuck an earbud in my ear. I didn't even aprove of it, but he did anyways. "Alright, well, just warning you it's a really slow song." He giggled. I nodded and looked up at Frank with a grin plastered to my face. He pressed a few buttons on his mp3 until I heard a few notes comeing from the earbud. Frank immidiatly stopped pressing buttons and listened.

If I had my way, I'd spend everyday right by your side. And If I could stop time, believe me I'd try for you and I.

The lyrics sent chills up my spine.

And each moment your gone, is a moment to long in my mind.

I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes..

So stay right here right now, Cause without you I'm a disaster, and your my happyeverafter.

Here it comes.... The tears. The sniffles. The mourning.

And I need to know your answer, I die everyday that your away from me.

I felt a tear drip down my cheek, falling onto Franks hand, resting cassually on his theigh. Fuck. I couldn't hold it back now, I broke down crying, the lyrics making me wish I had someone to sing this beautiful song to. Frank paused the song and looked over at me. "You okay Gee?" He asked in a highvoice. I shook my head, even though I wanted him not to worry.

"Frank could you maybe..." I looked up, my eyes red from crying. I motioned at the door. He nodded and jumped off the bed instantly, and walked over to the door. Before he walked out, he looked behind over to me and sighed. He could tell something was wrong. He closed the door and stormed into the hallway.

I hugged my blanket tight and closed my eyes, singing the lyrics I heard to it. "Cause without you I'm a disaster...." I sobbed into my blanket. I heard the door crack open but I ignored it. I just kept crying hot mournful tears. I felt the blanket get wet under my face as I cried. I hugged it tighter and sniffled, wishing there was someone, anyone out there for me. I then felt a hot hand touch my theigh and a small, "Gee?" I lied down and faced the wall as Frank did the same, him lying down facing my back, still touching my theigh. "Are you okay?" He said in a small voice. I nodded and wiped away a tear.

"There's something wrong... Please tell me?" He begged. I swallowed hard. "Frankie I'm... I'm so alone..." I sobbed and threw the blanket on the other side of the room. "What are you talking about? You have a brother and loving parents... plus you got me." He took his hand off my theigh. I rolled around to face him, our body's touching front to front on the bed. "I mean... love wise, Frank...." I sighed and opened my eyes to see Frank's face only a few inches away from my own. "Oh..." Is all he could say. I sighed and turned my head the other way. "No one wants me." I stated coldly. It was true.

Frank grabbed my chin and turned my head around to face him, making me look directly into his hazel eyes. "That's not true. Someone out there loves you more than the world, Gerard. Someone out there want to feel your hot, soft, pink lips against their own, right this moment. Someone wants to run their hands through your hair and whisper, 'That's my Gerard.' Someone Out there, just remember Gee, someone needs you in their life, and can't go on with their own if you weren't theirs." Frank bit his bottom lip, a tear escaping from his eye.

I closed my eyes and sighed. "That isn't tr-"
Frank cut me off and blurted out, "I'm that someone."

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I couln't find the right words to explain how I felt. Tingles and sparks were heading up and down my spine, as my brain tried to figure out wether I heard that correctly or not. "Gerard." Frank was crying now, hot tears dripping down his cheeks. "I need you. You keep me going at the hardest times in my life. You keep me happy. If it wasn't for you, I would have commited suicide a long time ago..." Frank swallowed hard and bit his bottom lip.

"Frank I like you... but... as a friend..." I managed to get out. Frank shook his head and shushed me, putting a finger on my lips. "No... I like you." He said.

Just then, I felt something soft and fleshy touch my lips. It tasted so good... better than skittles or coffee. It smelled like caramel and cigaretes. It was... Frank. It was Franks lips. Frank kissed me. I opened my eyes wide in shock but then... I noticed something. This felt so... right. I slowly started to close my eyes and kiss back, loving how he felt, how he tasted, and just... how he was Frank.

He bit my bottom lip, emiting a light moan from myself. He placed his hand back on my theigh, but I was surprised this time. I causiously licked his top lip, and his tounge slipped into my own mouth, causing me to moan. I felt Franks hand move closer to my pants zipper, but I didn't care. I just wanted to savor this moment, even though I wasn't sure I wanted it. As his tounge explored my mouth, one of his hands cupped my ass as the other unzippered my pants. I kicked them off instantly, wondering what Frank would do next.

He took his tounge out of my mouth and pulled away from the kiss, disapointing me a bit. "Do you... want this?" He asked carefully. I wasn't sure. Did I want this? God, he was so caring, asking for my opinion before he tryed anything. I swallowed hard, then nodded a bit. "I... Yes, Frank." I swallowed hard and Frank smirked. "Your wish is my command." He breathed onto my lips.

He kissed me hugrily and rolled on top of me. "You sure?" He asked again and tugged at my shirt. I stuck my arms up and he lifted it above my head, the threw it across the room, right next to the blanket. I smiled. I couldn't help it, I just had to. "I'm sure." I said and pulled him down, tugging at his shirt collar, and kissed him hard against the lips. I felt something hard touch my theigh, and I pulled away from the kiss.

"Your hard." I stated, and smirked a bit. Frankie nodded and bit his bottom lip. I looked down. I was hard as well, my erection almost touching his own. It was quite painful, to tell the truth. "Take your clothes off." I said blankly. Frank nodded and got up off of me. I squeaked, feeling the sudden loss of conection and sparks. Frank ripped his pants off in one swift movement, then his shirt next.

I licked my lips, seeing the shirtless Frank. Was I sure? Fuck yes. Frank ploped down on top of me, still wearing boxers. That made me whimper. He ran his arms up and down my waist, kissing me hungrily and full of need. I cupped his ass, and gasped at what I felt underneath my underwear. Frank grabbed my dick and slowly pumped the length. I was expecting it to feel good, and it did, but it was painfully slow. I bit my bottom lip ande whispered, "Frankie... faster..." Frank nodded and sped it up a bit, circling his thumb over the tip. I tilted my head back and moaned loudly. Frank sucked on my neck as he pumped and circled, causeing me to arch my back up, moaning his name loudly.

"Feel good?" he whispered onto my neck. I thrust a bit into his hand, closeing my eyes tight and tilting my head back more, biting a bit to hard at my bottom lip, causing a small draw of blood to leak out. My breathing was getting heavier by the second, the pleasure overtaking me. I almost didn't hear Frank from the moans emiting from my diaphram, almost like a rhythmic pattern of pleasure making a song of sexual need.

"Fuck yes..." I whimpered and thrust again into his hand as he pumped. He started pumping my length faster, quicker, making me moan his name loudly. "Frankie..." I whimpered in pleasure, closeing my eyes tight, still biting my lip. Frank kissed me hungrily, causeing my to stop biting my lip and bite his own. I whispered into his mouth, "I Think I'm gonna..." And closed my eyes tight, my abdomen tight. Frank nodded and smirked. I screamed his name as I cummed all over his hand, the freeing feeling of wetness in my boxers.

Frank pulled his hand out of my underwear and licked his hand slowly, licking each finger in circles suductivly, sucking on the fingertips. "Ugh... That's gross."I whimpered with a small giggle. He smirked and licked his lips suductivly. "Tastey." he purred and winked.

I thought we were done, but then, Frank wriggled off his boxers and ripped mine off, us bolth naked. I saw his erection and gasped. It was red and throbbing, causeing me to... well, I grabbed it in cuiousity. I had never seen another mans dick. Frankie giggled and slapped my hand away, shaking his head and smirking. I groaned, he was really turning me on.

Frank lied down on top of me, kissing me forcefully. I moaned and cupped his naked ass, kissing back with eyes closed. Frank stroaked me again, but only for a short second, before replacing his hand with his rockhard cock. I groaned in surprise, eyes wide and mouth open.

"Fuck, Frankie, fuck me. Fuck me hard." I groaned and he removed his dick, then thrust back into my prostate. Our moans were mixed with the sound of us groaning each others names. "Scream my name." Frank groaned and thrust hard again, feeling my insides on him. I ignored him, and tilted my head back, groaning. "Say my motherfucking name!" Frank screamed at me with moans. I swallowed hard and groaned, still not taking his command. "I said scream my motherfucking name, bitch!" Frank groaned and thrust into me extremly hard, causeing me to yelp, "Frankie..."

"Louder" he panted, our breaths slowly getting shorter. He slammed into me harder than the last time, causeing me to scream out, "FRANKIE!" I moaned in pain and Frank stopped for a second. "Sorry Gee..." He coughed. "Keep going." I shot him a glare, panting hard and he smirked. He slammed into me harder, makeing me moan like a whore. Our breaths got shorter and my abdomen tightened again. No, I didn't want to, not now. I was having to much pleasure, I didn't want it to end.

I tried my best to keep it in, until I heard Frank whimper, "I think I'm gonna..." And I nodded quickly, moaning in pleasure as he thrust a bit weakly into me. "Me too." I swallowed hard, painfully trying to keep myself from cumming. Frank then screamed, "GAH! FUCK, GEE!" and I felt hot sticky substance fill inside me at the last thrust. I then let myself cum too, the pain finally finished.

Frankie plopped down next to me, panting extremely hard. I looked into his eyes as I tried to regain my breath, astonished at what the fuck I just did. "Holy shit." I panted. I just got fucked by my best friend? Frank smiled and kissed me softly. I hugged him tight around the waist and he grinned. "Gerard... I don't just like you... I love you." Frank whispered softly to me. I kissed him softly on the cheek. "I never thought I would say this... but... I love you too." I said proudly.

I did. I loved Frannk, even though I just realized it. I gave my virginity to my best friend, and I didn't want to leave it there. I had my first kiss with my best friend... and I sure as fuck didn't want it to be the last. "I love you so much, Frank." I kissed him softly.

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