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Another turning point

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Yay! It's summer! Bringing on the Frerard :)

Franks POV
It had been hours now. Gerard had fallen asleep and so i had laid him down on his parents bed and wrapped him in a blanket. I didn't want him waking up in the very place that he had been violated. I returned to his bedroom and changed all of the bed linen, flipping over the mattress and pillows, trying to erase the horrific acts that had taken place. All left to handle was that bitch and her accomplice. And now, let the games begin.

I had not known Eliza long and in honesty, i thought she would be the one for Gee, they always looked relatively happy with eachother although Gee was faking his smile, he never hinted it was false. I walk out into the street and the first thing that catches my eye is her fathers vintage Mustang. 7 Cemetery Drive- Home to the bitch and the unlucky parents that produced a thing such as her. I'm nervous, but it's going to happen. I stride towards the huge oak door with a confidence that's so false yet so strong i'm beginning to believe it. I knock on the door now, no words of what to say have been thought of yet. Suddenly, the door opens. " Oh, hey Iero." Eliza says smiling. How sick is she? "Can i help you?" She adds.
"I'd like to borrow some sugar. Please." I say my plan coming into play now.
"Oh....sure. Come in and i'll get you some." She leads me into the kitchen. I quickly look into the lounge to check her parents are out, to my luck they are.
Her back is turned to me and i lunge at her, pushing her up against the wall. " You bitch!" I hiss at her. " I swear to you, you go near him again and i'll rip your fucking head off, you understand? You're a sick twisted little witch and i promise you this Cutz. You try ANYTHING with him it will be the last thing you're sorry ass ever does. Now do as i say. Where the fuck is that psycho you brought with you earlier?" I snap the last part.
" He deserved it! The fucking fag! He's a filthy, useless, whore!" she screams in my face causing me to grab a handful of hair and pull it.
" You dare talk about him like that! Now where is Isaac?!" I scream back at her as she starts to struggle and yelp. I'm not going to hit her, for now.
I push her to the floor and sprint up the stairs to find him sitting in her room laughing at youtube videos. How does he behave normally after what he just did?
I dive onto him, His chair falling backwards so we both land on the floor with a thud. I start pounding at his face and head, letting all my frustration be released. He's big. He's tall and musclebound but the fact this guy could kill me is not going to stop me from making him pay. I get up and begin forcefully kicking his ribs and stamping on his stomach viciously. It's all so fast i can barely think straight, i'm not giving him the chance to fight back or that will be my life gone as well as Gerards. I pick up a vase from the desk and smash it over his head, the brute passes out just as Eliza comes up the stairs. " You tell anyone about this. I promise you, your life will be better off over." I smile at her. " Catch you later Cutz. I'll look forward to it." I say as she looks on horrified by the war site that was once her bedroom. And feeling some sense of revenge i leave. Just wait until Gerard recovers and the guys find out, then some serious hell will be raised and boy, i can't wait.

Gerards POV
"Stop! Stop!" I scream as he comes closer to me. He's too big to fight off, he's under her control, like a puppet. " Please, please!" I'm crying desperately now. But it's no use, he's going to hurt me. She's laughing wildly and i'm kicking and trying my hardest but he's there and now he's, he's -

" Gerard!" It's frankie, i snap out of it instantly, sitting up and trying not to cry in front of him again. He puts one hand on each of my shoulders. " It's okay now. It's over, they're not coming back for you. It's just me and you now,okay?" He says looking at me closely.
"Uh...Okay." I reluctantly agree. She only lives three doors away, they could come back anytime. They could climb the ivy outside my house and come into my window at night. They could suffocate me or stab me and nobody would ever suspect it was them.
Frankie hugs me and rubs my aching back and suddenly, i feel safe again.
" Fr..Frankie?" I ask. " Can you stay with me tonight?"
He just smiles and runs his fingers through my hair. " I'll always stay with you, Gee." He says.
And i hope he means it, i can't live without him.

Gee and Frankie forever! Haha thankyou so much for all of your reviews and support with this! You all make me so motivated and never fail to make me smile! Lots of love to all of you! If theres any chapters you'd like me to rewrite or a change you'd like me to add i will be more than happy to do that! Lots of love ficwadders! ;) x
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