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An oasis fit for uhhhh... King

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Wash and his toy Dinos get their own story. I've been DIEING to write this story, have fun reading.Also this is narratiors pov :)

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Wash was bored scratch that, beyond bored, all the time. He didn't know what to do with himself when Mal, Zoe, and Jayne were out and about doing whatever it was they did for the various people they worked for. He would sit around for hours at a time waiting to execute a complicated getaway, or just orders from Mal to pick themselves and the cargo up. It was a pain really, being the goofy, sensitive man he was, Wash needed entertainment, else the dull boredom of nothingness raged around him.

Kaylie had always been fond of Serenity. From the second she walked on with the dumb sleaze of a mechanic, she had loved her. The ship had always felt warm and friendly to the sweet little Mechanic. But lately, Kaylie had noticed a difference in Serenity, the engine, and the main parts of ship seemed fine. But something appeared to be off, the firefly model which Kaylie loved so dearly lacked something. About a week after the strange "off" feeling, Kaylie was almost certain she knew what was wrong; Serenity was missing life. She had no spark, not like she used to.

It is known very well in any verse the pilot and the mechanic control how a ship feels. How she runs, her "emotions", the way she treats the crew, anything the ship does relies on her crew, and most importantly her pilot and mechanic. Wash did not believe that silly muckety-muck. He was bored not the ship. Kaylie on the other hand, did. So by the time they had landed on a(conveniently placed)planet called Hollanda, Kaylie knew something was up with Wash. "Wash?" Kaylie addressed the short man.

"Yes, is there something I can help with?" Wash really hoped there was something he could help her with.

"Ummmm, there isn't anything popping off the top of my head. But I was wondering," she quickly stopped pondering how to word her question correctly. "Is there anything bothering you?" Wash stopped looking for an apple in the kitchen he was only momentarily residing in.

"Well, I don't know if it's bothering me..." Kaylie gave the short ginger man a look only mother could give a child who was horrible at telling lies. "O-ok, I'm just tired of b-b-b-b-being..." Wash was choking up, he didn't want to tell her he was bored and it was bothering him! It would be too embarrassing.

"Wash, Wash? It's ok you don't have to tell me if it's that bad; I don't need to kno-" Wash cut the Mechanic off by abruptly sitting up, since when had he slumped over?

"No you need to know, and I'm going to be a man about it, and not cry, because I am a man, and men don't cry." Kaylie was a little shocked Wash had said that. She personally thought real men cried. But this was Wash and Wash always was a little off, but in a good way.

"Ok, so what is it?" Wash looked at Kaylie who was now sitting on the counter. "What is what?" Kaylie sighed a little and gave him 'the look'.

"oh yeah the thing that was bothering... Yeah ok, so I'm tired of being mumble" Wash glanced at Kaylie who looked like she hadn't heard him right.

"Being what?" she asked "bored" he whispered, "Wash speak up I can't hear ya like that."

Wash then yelled at no one in particular "BORED!!!!! I AM TIERD OF BEING BORED!!!!!" Kaylie looked like she could have just seen the worst circus act in the world.

"That's it?"

Wash, now red faced, looked over at the now giggling Mechanic. "Yeah that's it." he stated bluntly.

"Well then, I'm gunna fix that." Wash, red face and all, was dumbfounded. How was she going to fix his problem?!?

>>>FF 1hour

Jayne walked into his room grumbling the way he grumbled, all sullen like and angry. Sat on his bed and put away his guns, placing them behind his blanket-tarp thingy. "Stupid son of a gun. Him and all his good for nothin-" Jayne stopped his grumbling as he noticed one of his guns was missing. Not one he particularly liked, but it was still gone. "WHO STOLE MY GOR-" Kaylie walked by his room as he yelled this and just said, "I did" and walked away with a weird burlap sack of some kind.

Jayne climbed up his ladder running after Kaylie. "Well can I have it back?" Kaylie stopped and turned around. Thinking he had won this gun-stealing dispute, he smiled.

"No" was all she said before she kept walking to where ever she was headed. Jayne’s jaw dropped, he ran up to walk by her.

"Now Kaylie, I think you're a sweet girl, but you don't just do this out of nowhere without askin'. Now may I please have my gun back?" Kaylie shook her head and just kept walking. Jayne stopped, confused on why she wouldn't give his gun back.

Kaylie made her way to the cockpit. She hoped Wash liked what Zoey said he would. She quietly knocked on the wall to let him know she was there. Wash swiveled his chair to look at Kaylie. "Oh, hello delusional one come to fix my problem?" the sweet mechanic rolled her eyes at his sarcasm.

"Yes, actually." She smiled as Wash took the sack from her hands as she handed it to him. Dumping the contents on his lap he started to laugh.

"What? Zoey said you liked that sort of thing, not only that but I had to use one of Jayne’s guns to trade for them. The pilot stopped laughing as soon as he heard what Kaylie had risked to get these toys.

"Kaylie?" Wash asked


Wash stood up to give the sweet girl a hug "You are insanely sweet. I promise I will keep these until Jayne finds out this is what you traded his gun for. Then I'm ditching the dinos and taking Zoey with me to run away." Kaylie just smiled.

"I ain't that bad, am I?" Jayne asked from the doorway.

"Yes you are that bad." Wash responded. Jayne walked over to where the toy Dinosaurs had fallen from Washes lap.

"Really? Kaylie why didn't you trade for something better than this?" Jayne, still dumbfounded, asked.

"Because Wash is important to Serenity, and he was bored! So to solve his problem I got him Dinosaur toys on his wife’s advice." Jayne just shook his head and walked out of the room. Kaylie soon followed "have fun!" her smile clearly in her voice.

"Will do." was all Wash said before Mal told him they were ready to go. As Serenity took off, Wash honestly could not wait to play with his Dinos.
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