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18 - You Die To Get In Again

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Again, all the characters do not belong to me, except for Jeffrey, Rudy, Leon, and Stephen, those characters I made up myself. The various girls are all people who gave me permission to use their names in this. Hope you enjoy, please comment, I would greatly appreciate it.

18 - You Die To Get In Again
Gerard's hands tightened around the coffin and he blinked furiously, attempting to clear the tears that gathered in his eyes. Mikey stood directly behind him, his head tilted towards the ground as his glasses slipped to the edge of his nose. Their cousin Cameron flexed his grip around the handle, trying to keep his tears from streaming down his cheeks.
Across from the older Way, Ray held the handle in a harsh vice, almost seeming like if he let it go, he would let go of all the things that mattered. Behind him Frank's face was covered as his hat tilted forward, blocking his face from view, blocking from judging eyes the crystal droplets that trickled from his eyes. Directly after him was Bob, his expression was an apathetic as he stared in front of him, trying to keep hurtful thoughts from his mind.
Slowly, they stepped forward, their footsteps echoeing through the high walls and stained glass windows. Then the front doors were pulled open and a violent gust of wind blew through the chruch. The vicious pounding of rain reverberated through the building as they neared the open doorway. Suddenly, they were standing in a torrent as they walked through the doors. The harsh droplets pouded them and bounced off the coffin as they took careful steps.
Only when the rain that coated his face in numerous streaks did Gerard cry. This was the only time he would let himself cry. In the rain where each tear was lost in the millions of similar droplets that poured from the sky. Only would he cry in the rain where each woe was immediately wiped from his face by the rain that collided with his face. That was when he cried.
Mikey just stared towards the ground, the rain plastering his hair to his face and leaving splashes against his skin. His tears fell much like the rain around him, and mixed on the cement stairs, becoming lost as soon as it touched the ground. His gaze flickered occasionaly to the coffin and then more tears would collect in his eyes. Immediately he would drop his gaze again.
As they took careful steps down the staircase Gerard stared blankly in front of him, his tears unknowingly flowing down his face in the midst of the raindrops. Flashing behind his eyes was Elena, her final steps in the church replaying in his mind as he feet took another step against his will. He could still see her twirling, almost as if she was still with him.
Slowly, his fingers tightened to the point that his knuckles hurt, but he wasn't paying attention. Then he quietly repeated the words to himself.

What's the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

They took another step. Family, relatives, friends, and unknown people stepped out of the church behind him, their umbrellas held high above their heads. They almost seemed to move in a synchronized motion and they took each step with care. With almost a fluent motion.
There to the left of the coffin, Deseree, Elizabeth, and Lily stepped, Leon, and Rudy standing in front of them. And to the right, Jessie, Christina, and Danniella, with Jeffrey and Stephen in between them.
It were as if they were dancin, their steps lithe and graceful. As if they were dancing for Elena. As the thought crossed his mind he sung a little louder, hoping his words would reach his Grandmother, wherever she rested.

And if you carry on this way.
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

The ground evened out beneath their feet as they took the last step and turned to the hearse a few feet away. The door was pulled open as they marched closer to it and carefully placed the coffin in the back.
This is it, she's really gone. The words echoed in Gerard's head as they pushed it farther into the hearse.
Mikey stood in silence, as he gently placed his hand on top of the coffin, realizing for the first time all evening that inside lay his Grandmother. Inside lay Elena. He rested it for a second and then slowly withdrew it as they gave it one more soft push and it lay completely inside the hearse.
As they backed away Gerard reached for the door and shut it staring through the window at the lid of the coffin, hoping that at any moment it would pop open, Elena would jump our and tell him it was all a joke. Just a way of having a bit of fun. Then Mikey's hand was on his shoulder and he knew that it wasn't, that this was real.
He lay his hand upon the window of the hearse and sent a single thought to his Grandmother.
I Love You.
Then he turned away, his handprint still lingering as a memory of his final words to Elena. His fingers curled into his brother's hand as they walked away from the hearse and the rain continued to pour, only reflecting the gloom that clouded their thoughts.
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