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possession of soleity, possession of power

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what happens when matsumoto steals Aizens most prized possession? What happens when Aizen gets control of the hollows,will the Gotei 13 be able to stop him?Ichiran,orishida,ichiruki,hitsuhina,yoruh...

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A/n{ This is a A/U. It will feature most main couples but its mainly a Ichimaru and Matsumoto fic}

Matsumoto's eyes flew open and in an instant she was sitting up, her breath coming in short gasps. Where was she? What had happened….more importantly she wasn't dead. The room was dark and she was alone.

A relived sigh escaped her lips as she peered around cautiously. Then it hit her, this wasn't her bedroom. It was dark and the colors were off. The bed she had been laying on was massive and the sheets were black and expensive.

What the hell had happened? The last thing she remembered was being chased… was she being chased? Nothing had been as it had seemed since she had escaped with soleity in her possession. Had she crashed… she remembered swerving to avoid a car rushing at her. Had that too been a hallucination?

She tried to rise and immediately the lights were switched one. She blinked against the brightness and looked around. The room was completely empty. Her bag was on the dresser next to her and a bottle of water sat half-empty.

She was in a hotel room of sorts. A nice posh looking one. She got up and only then realized that there was a sharp pain in her side. She looked down and for a moment there was a flash of blood. A lot of blood. Everywhere on her, the car… her clothes…

But she was not clothed, there was large bandage wrapped around her side. Except for that she was nude. 'Fuck…' matsumoto mutter. She didn't remember anything. What was going on? How did she get here?

She got up from bed and looked around. "Stubborn as always..." she turned quickly but couldn't see anyone.

"Whose there?" she lifted the sheet to wrap around her naked body. "Show yourself"

Seemingly from the shadows, his tall dark silhouette appeared from the doorway. Since when was the door open? How did she miss that? There was blood on his shirt but a smile on his face. "Gin…" his name escaped her lips and then she felt weak again. She tried to say something else but she was pitched into complete darkness.


Tessai looked up from the stack of paperwork that sat on his desk and then glanced at the clock. Was it taunting him? It felt as if he had been there for hours already when in actuality it had only been a few minutes, he made a gruff noise and glanced once again at the computer screen. He wished tatsuki hadn't decided to go on vacation. Desk work wasn't his forte. The door opened and in walked a well dressed woman she stopped at his desk and glanced at the name plate.

"Tatsuki..? " She pronounced it as a foreigner would "is Mr. Urahara available?" she glanced at the large double doors that led to his office. Why did she look familiar?

"Yes he's in, I guess you can go in" he said gruffly looking back at the clock.

She gave him an odd look but headed into the two doors anyways.

Kisuke looked up from his computer to see who had walked in, he had specifically told Tessai to refuse callers and tell visitors he was out to lunch. He stopped short of glancing back at his screen as he took in the woman who stood before him.

She was exotic to say the least. Long hair, beautiful brown skin, and legs that were long enough to give him improper thoughts. He followed those legs up to a pair of breasts that were, in his most honest opinion, shaped and sized perfectly for his hands. He didn't know who she was but he would do his damnedest to find out.

"Should I do a once-around so you can get a better look?" She said her arms crossing her eyes narrowed.

"If you wouldn't mind…" he said his eyes lit with laughter. She obliged turning slowly in front of him. She was fabulously built.

"business now?"She asked taking a seat in front of his desk.

He got up and came to lean against the side of his desk and peered at her. "Business now, dinner later" he said.

"I will consider it," she said pointedly trying her hardest to ignore the way his eyes were still roaming appreciatively across her body. "I have a large shipment that I have coming in from abroad and I need someplace safe to store it. I have heard that you have such a place."

"Yes I do, you have come to the right place. Oh forgive me my rudeness "he said extending his hand, "I am Kisuke Urahara and you lovely lady are?"

She refused his hand, afraid of what he would do if he touched her, "Yoruichi"

He smiled wide, "Yoruichi, very sexy "he thought out loud and then paused in thought. He would bet his fortune that her last name was shihoin. So this was the deadly 'black Kat'. She was infamous in her native land, not much was actually known about her in Japan though. She owned several legitimate business and probably a hundred more that were illegal. She was considered the queen of lost treasure. He had imagined her plump, with beady eyes. He was pleasantly surprised.

He of course was the same as her. He owned a large legitimate car manufacture that helped him balance his under the table work. He did pretty much everything. If you needed something he was your man. No questions asked as long as the price was right.

"How much do you want? I'll need a few months no more than 5 months storage time." She said almost impatiently interrupting his thoughts.

He regarded her for a moment and the said "1mil." She appeared taken aback and her eyes again narrowed to cat like slits.

Her full lips pursed in concentration and Kisuke could not help but imagine suckling them between his, a small smile lit his lips. Yoruichi was surprised to say the least. I million? She had come here expecting upwards 20-30 mil easy. He wanted something in return maybe? Smart men didn't just give away their goods. But then again maybe he wasn't that smart. She dismissed that thought as quickly as it came to mind.

He was worth more than her 10 times over, this man ran one of the world's biggest underground business. He had his hands in a little bit of everything, not to mention every person worth their salt was driving one of his cars. There was something he wanted in return.

"Does that seem fair to you, Yoruichi-san?" he had returned behind his desk and was quickly typing at his keyboard. She nodded getting to her feet. " Alright I'll get the preparations and contracts drawn up. I will have my attorney contact you."

Yoruichi pulled out her business card and set it on the desk. " It would be naive of me to think you are giving me that price out of the goodness of your heart. "

"And what if I said, you would be wrong? Cant a man want to help a lady in distress out?" He asked a languid smirk playing across his lips.

" Not when that man is faced with a pair of breasts and long legs" she said frowning, " If you think for one minute that you doing this is gonna influence me in –"
Kisuke laughed and she appeared flustered. " I'd be naive to think that that was not the purpose of your very subtle v-neck and the shortened hem of your skirt."

"Touché" Yoruichi said with a small chuckle. He was.. Hm… he was unlike the men she dealt with in her home land. It was refreshing and a bit welcomed. "I must take my leave now, I'll be in touch." She said and turned to go.

"Please think about my offer." He said as she opened the door.

She paused and looked back at him, " Maybe next time I'm in Tokyo ." with that she shut the door behind her. Kisuke chuckled. It would probably be months before she was back In Tokyo. Sneaky little devil.


She heard men talking, she heard her father and her mother screaming. She closed off her ears trying to make it go away. Tears streamed down her face as she burst out of her crammed hiding place. "Nooooo!" she screamed as she rushed to the lifeless bodies of her parents.

The men who had killed them looked at her and one drew his gun. His dark eyes glinting as he pressed it against her forehead and for a moment yachiru sat silent her eyes closed tears falling freely. She heard the click of the gun and felt the sharp sting of pain.

Her eyes flew open and she sat up. Her pillow was soaked again, she had had the same dream again. No it was a nightmare. She had gone for years without thinking of it, without the memories. She got up and walked silently out of her room and down the hall. She paused and knocked for a moment then stepped in.

Kenpachi sat behind his large desk and glanced up at her . He looked back down at his work and she laid down on the large couch that was in his office. This was the third time in a course of a week that she had had the same dream. It was frightening, and felt very real.

For a long time she had blocked it out, blocked out everything and went on as a normal girl, sure she lived with a bunch of hoodlums and gangsters but they had become her family. Taking her in and treating her as one of their own.

Kenpachi had been the one who had first discovered her hiding in the cabinet of her parent's kitchen. Her mother had locked her inside just moments before the doors were burst in and they were both killed. She hadn't cried then, she hadn't cried at the funeral. But now she cried.

Kenpachi grunted and looked over at the sleeping girl. He felt obligated. Obligated to protect her and keep her safe. He did a fucking good job while she was awake, it was just when her eyes closed he could do nothing. How could he kill something he could not see?

He stared at her for a while, her parents were killed because they had worked for him. If the killers had known they had a daughter she would have been killed too. He had been the first to find their bodies to hear her small sniffles to find her stiff body in that small cupboard. He took it upon himself to keep her safe from then on and vowed that he would rip the heart out of the fuckers who had done this.

She stirred and his eyes narrowed. He felt like killing something. It wouldn't help her but it would calm him down greatly. In the morning she would be smiling and laughing with ikkaku and yumichika. He looked back to his screen and again admired the large gun whose prototype he was now manufacturing.

Tomorrow he would call Hisagi and have him take her back to Isane. That was the best thing at the moment. Some fresh air and other stuff that girls enjoyed, he wasn't very sure of what that was. She would be happy there. She would forget about everything there.

Yachiru turned on the couch her eyes opened as new tears filled them. What made it hard, what killed her the most was the man holding the gun… the smirk she had seen many times…she struggled to get it out of her mind, but it burned her, her stomach clenched and she lay crying silently. She heard his sadistic chuckle again…it echoed through her mind, through her entire body…


Gin, stripped himself of the bloody shirt and tossed it to the bathroom floor. When renji had brought her to him she was hurt, she had been attacked. Had renji not gotten to her in time she would probably be dead now.

He had bathed her washing away the blood, cleaning and dressing it as gently as he could. He was glad he had kept tabs on her. He stood for a moment in the doorway and watched her sleeping form. She had gotten herself into a big mess.

Stealing from Aizen, soleity in that, she was asking for death. Gin felt a surge of anger run through his veins. Aizen. He had once been a friend. A trusted partner, but he got greedy and his sights had set on something bigger than money.

She stirred again and turned slightly in her sleep, she muttered something in her sleep and a pained sound escaped her. They had met a few years earlier. They had been engaged before. It had been almost too good to be true. It had been too good to be true…now her hatred for him had erased any good memories any thoughts of what they had shared before.

She had threw his ring on the table, her eyes narrowed blue slits of anger, "Fuck you! " she had said in a choked voice, "you bastard…you …" she had started to cry then and she turned and ran out of his apartment.

He hadn't heard from her since then, but he had watched her, always had someone tailing her when she left her apartment. He did it because she was in constant danger, even if she didn't realize it herself.

Gin sighed and took a seat in one of the large chairs beside the bed. Tomorrow the gotei 13 would be having a meeting of sorts. A coming together of what was left to be honest, a mere eight. The other four had joined up with Aizen liquidating all their assets to join him in his goal of domination. And what did they think they would get out of it? Once Aizen gets control of the hollows and harvests their power he would not need their constant supply of money, he would not need them at all. Fools.

He had instructed Renji to be ready promptly in the morning with a flight out to Kyoto. He had a small reclusive island there that he would use as her safe house. There she would be safe with the spirit barriers he had had Kisuke design and build.

He was not looking forward to what was to come. The top of the agenda would be soleity and its return to Yamamoto. He was the only one that knew matsumoto was in possession of it. And he would keep that fact a secret until he knew where she had stashed it.

She shifted under the covers and he expected her to turn and fall back to sleep, but instead she sat up and looked at him. Her eyes were clear now and dark. The drugs must have worn off. Good, they could talk now.

"I'm leaving, now" She said pointedly and moved to the edge of the bed. " Where are my clothes?"

Gin said nothing but watched her silently. That angered her and he smiled.

" What kind of game are you playing? What did you do to me?" She wobbled a bit on her feet and then sat back down.

"Game? I'm not sure what you mean Moto-san. You were hurt badly, I fixed you." She regarded him with a frown.

" You drugged me." She murmured looking around the room for her clothes.

" You were in pain. You know I hate to see you anything but happy."
"Don't give me that bullshit…"she turned on him, anger written clearly in her furrowed brow. " The only thing you care about is money. The only person you want to see happy is yourself… "

She sounded bitter she knew, but who cares? She was, she hated this man with ever fiber in her body. A man who would kill for money, for momentary gain ruin the life of someone he had claimed to love so much. He was a snake, as slimy as they came. He smiled at her still. That crooked tilt of his lips that she had found intriguing when they had first met. He had always been smiling, even when she ended their engagement she had not seen a look of regret or remorse of anything but smugness.

" Believe what you wish. But you are in my protection now Moto, and until I know the extent of the damage that will be done you will stay that way."

Damage? What was he talking about? Why was that day's events still so foggy. He had drugged her, but why? Again for what seemed like the first time she felt the sting of pain in her side. She had been shot. Yes that she remembered but when? By who.

"You should go back to sleep Moto, tomorrow we will take a trip and you will be safe and happy." Gin got up and came to sit by her on the bed, she made a move away from him, but he slowed her, laying her down and then laying next to her. She tried to scurry away but stopped as the pain in her side increased. 'I'm not going to hurt you Moto," he said softly. He lay there watching her intently.

She hated him, he had not known the extent until now as he looked down into her dark blue eyes."I hope you rot, gin ichimarou." She said closing her eyes.

They lay there silently for a while. There was a part of him that wanted to hurt her, to scold her for being so foolish. But he could never do anything willingly to hurt her, he had promised—

His phone rang and he glanced down at her, she was sleeping, peacefully. He carefully removed himself from her and flipped it open. It was Ichigo.

'what do you want kurosaki?" it was too early to be an idle call.

"Its Yamamoto. There was attack, by hollows." Hollows? Impossible. Matsumoto had the key to soleity. Had Aizen found out a way to summon them without the key? Fuck, gin thought to himself. "Sasakibe is with him at the hospital now. "
Yamamoto was the oldest of the gotei, he had founded the organization. He knew the secrets of the hollow world, knew how to control soleity. It was said that he was the forger of the key and the door itself, his age was unknown to any of them. He had kept it safe and protected the world it seems from the dangers of the spirit world.

Each member of the gotei was selected and put through trials. The gotei was much more than an underground business, more than the legitimate companies and manufactories that its members held—

''he's dying. The meetings being called now.' With that Ichigo hung up and gin began dialing another number.

"Change of plans.' He said before renji had a chance to ask what was up ' need you to get kira and take Moto away now.'

With that he hung up, he slipped on a clean shirt and made his way out to his car. He could make it there in less than an hour if he sped. The growing feeling of apprehension he had felt when renji had brought her broken body to him grew. It had not been a bullet that had hurt her. No he was sure now that it had been the poisoned filled darts of Suzumushi. Aizen knew it was her, he had sent one of his best, Tozen to handle her, and he had almost succeeded.

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