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Mission debrief

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Four days later I was back in Washington D.C, having finished my mission reports.
The Iranian Government had decided that we were innocent of any wrongdoing. I had done my job and protected a citizen of the United States. All My actions were deemed as self-defense, or that of another. All actions taken by Snow Leopard, pardon me Natalie Achmed, were deemed necessary for self-protection. They escorted us directly to the airport where we were greeted by our luggage and immediately hustled on to a departing flight. We were told we were welcome to come back, but encouraged not to.
So now here we were in a small meeting room at Langley, in the section, that belongs to the department of assassinations (Dept. A). Here there are comfy chairs and a sofa. Even a t.v. well a closed circuit actually.
"Well, sir," I stated. "Thanks heap for the confidence Good to know how much I am trusted"
"Oh stop the fake humility Eagle, need to know I'm afraid."
"Oh I guess I didn't need to know what I was up against. Sorry to disappoint you by remaining alive."
"Eagle you crack me up," he laughed. "You would have been in no less danger if you knew. Look, you asked me how you could get out. That was the only way to, by making certain it was self-defense all the way. You were the real bait, you know and for that it was better if it looked real instead of acted." You do realize," I stated. That I am a lawyer, and that is synonymous with actor, Okay I get it I was the bait, he wouldn't have come himself it were just a wife. He had to realize that he questions her right there instead of flying her somewhere else. I did not realize I had such a dangerous reputation. But I still don't see why I could not know she was one of us."
It's just that it would have served no purpose. I wasn't trying to deceive you, it just did not matter"
" Okay, okay," I told him. I'll let that drop. One question though did Achmed die of a heart attack, or was he merely the first part of her assignment."
"When have you ever known me to leave anything to chance. Oh, and before you ask, her inheritance goes to the widows orphans of terror wars."
Ah, I should have known Dept. A motto nothing left to chance. Good one.

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